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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V.A. B.P.M. (Agitato) compiled by Sesto Sento
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V.A. B.P.M. (Agitato) compiled by Sesto Sento


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Posted : May 7, 2002 18:35
Great Album!!!
1.Atomic Pulse-Elements
nice track to get you going! Full on
has to say better than any of the tracks from their debut album
3.Wizzy Noise-Painful Memory
Track from cyclotron. gets u into a dawn-ish mood.good one
4.B.L.T.-Cruise Control
wonderful. nice melody.feel the sun!
5.Insect Sun-F.O.R.D.
"Faces of Angels Destroyed".like the man says we are now heading into a dark hole.
6.Gataka-Moon Child
Now we are in business!!! killleeeer
7.Sesto Sento-From Led to Gold
and leads to this awesome track from Sesto
8.Perplex-BBC 2002
nice tune to finish everything off

What an Album!
Get this CD, has something nice to say inside the cover.
fav.1,2,6,7 but all in all a nice trip from tr.1-8
short, but Great!!
Betty boom
Sesto Sento

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Posted : May 7, 2002 19:23
I must agree with you, I'm very pleased of Oscisonic, true, it's much better than rest of their album work.

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Solid Snake

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Posted : May 8, 2002 09:28
SO now u are compiling to wow d00d! keep it up

Wako Jako
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 8, 2002 14:36
yes itay....
you guys started rolling down the hill and you just keep speeding up.........................
good job !

          SMILE ! and the whole world will smile right back at you !

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Posted : May 8, 2002 15:36
well as always the Sesto gang is blasting our minds with top notch music . just keep on doing what you do !

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 8, 2002 16:21
I've heard only few of those tracks, but it is pretty nice and promising line-up           Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 9, 2002 07:40
Is this released? or if it isnt when will it be released?
Purple Passion

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Posted : May 9, 2002 07:45

cd of the week
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 9, 2002 08:14
thanks purple passion for the info. will buy it for sure.
BIG congrats to SESTO SENTO!!!!!!!!!

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Posted : May 10, 2002 10:02
Finally this comp is out. I got a promo copy of it few weeks ago, and still i am impressed with the work on this one.
Opens up with great new tunes from the upcoming success Atomic Pulse.
Up next you get Lemurians with a track that tops any of their work on their debut.
Wizzy noise makes it alright always...
Yuli,BLT, delivers us his cool melody tunes in track 4, and does a great job.
Track 5turn things up abit with the great Insect Sun...followed by Gataka, which keeps the mood on.
Track 7 gives us the rising starts from Israel.
A great track,again, although i know they save their better stuff for last....Commo'n guys give us some more tunes, WE NEED It!!
Closing track by perplex from their last work calms you down and gets yoou back to earth.
A very recommended album, so you might wanna visit your local area cd shop.....
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 19, 2002 15:36
i'll be brief:
good work done by *Atomic Pulse, *Lemurians as well. they open the cd perfectly, IMHO.
*Wizzy i didn't do the job on my head,
*BLT was total sababa, Yuli's got got it going with the melody....
*Insect Sun! one hell of a sample, first of all. i liked this track ALOT!
*Gataka's moon child is a digger, and
*Sesto Sento's metals are still pounding in my ears, those guys sure know how to was a brain. BOOM
*Perplex is a good closer, but not my cup of mineral water.
good editing, nice mixing.
take care, ppl, i'll be back have fun

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Posted : May 19, 2002 17:48
Compiled by the best rising stars out there, SEsto Sento, this compilation sure rocks!!
Highly recommended and worth every penny.......           I wish that one day black girls and white girls will play with each other...
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - V.A. B.P.M. (Agitato) compiled by Sesto Sento
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