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V.A - Amazonia - compiled by Bishop & Analogic ...


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Posted : Jul 16, 2004 03:03
New compilation out on Ajuca Productions...

Ajuca Productions is back with a new compilation, this time focusing on trance from Brazil. In fact, Brazilians is involved in all of the tracks on this compilation! It is compiled by Bishop and dj Ziad. Here we get new fresh Brazilian artists, and already well known ones.

Amazonia (Ajuca Productions) 2004 (AJUCD003)

1. Spectral Skunk Vs. Echotek – Metaphor (Explorer Rmx)
2. Wrecked Machines Vs. Atomic Pulse – Angel Dust
3. Setherian Vs. Perplex Vs. Ultravoice – Cocacabana
4. Analogic Vs. Sequipa – Mountain Doom
5. Bishop & Gataka – Guarana
6. Vibra – Freeway
7. Burn In Noise Vs. Quantic Fusion – Waking Dream
8. Sesto Sento Vs. Sequipa – Online
9. Project 33 – Fifteen Days Of Lesson
10. Oxyd Vs. Dj Oli (M.O.S.) – Doctor Disco Rmx
11. Viktan Feat. Sublunatiks – Do Not Dance

First out is a collaboration between Spectral Skunk (Roberto Pampoch) from Brazil and Echotek (Micha Yossef) from Israel, but remixed by dj Beto. This is a pretty drifting track, with a groovy bass line, some light sounds and melodies above. Trance for morning or daytime. Track 2 is a collaboration between Wrecked Machines (Gabriel Serrasqueiro), who is the most well known trance act from Brazil, and Atomic Pulse (Tamir Ozana) from Israel. This one starts really deep and floating, before their totally massive, groovy bass line starts rolling. There could easily have been some more variation of melodies and sounds in this one, but away from that, it is a pretty strong full on track. Track 3 is an interesting collaboration between three artists, Setherian (dj Seth) from Brazil, Perplex (Ronen Dahan) and Ultravoice (Avi Levi) from Israel. Setherian has just released his debut album this year. This track has a massive, pumping bass line and some great sounds. After a while we get some pretty nice melodies too and a floating, mystic sound, which makes it kind of trippy. Track 4 is a collaboration between Analogic (Carlos Ziad) and Sequipa (Stefano Braggio). They are not very known in the trance scene outside of Brazil. The track they give us has a full on style, but the sounds and melodies sound quite clubby to me. You might recognise the voice samples in this one, which is already used my other artists. Not among my favourites on this compilation. Track 5 is a collaboration between Bishop and Gataka. This one sounds better. Massive full on with a drifting vibe, but there could have been some more melodies in there too.

Track 6 is by Vibra (Daniel Costa) who has released many strong tracks already, on various compilations and on his debut album last year. Here he gives us another massive full on track, with several trippy sounds and a nice drift. Strong, heavy bass line all the way through. Track 7 is a collaboration between Burn In Noise and Quantic Fusion. This one is a bit more melodic, but doesn’t sound as massive as most of the other tracks on this compilation. I find the melody quite simple too. Track 8 is a collaboration between Sesto Sento (Itai Spector, Aviram Sahari and Matan Kadosh) from Israel and Sequipa (Stefano Braggio) again from Brazil. This one has no intro, and starts pushing from the first second. Massive rolling bass line and a pretty cool melody, but I would imagine that four people would be able to come up with something more interesting than this. Track 9 is by a new upcoming duo called Project 33 (Daniel Romano and Pedro Xavier) from Brazil. This one starts with a scary vibe before the massive bass line hits in. You get that horror movie vibe with some voice samples and a mystic sound in the back ground. Pure night time trance, but after a while we get some sort of hard house vibes, which I can’t stand. Think of Skazi… Track 10 is a collaboration between Oxyd (Rodrigo Carreira) and dj Oli (Olivier Tietz). This one starts nice and floating, before a really groovy bass line rolls in. This one moves away from the night time trance and brings us right back into a morning vibe. Nice one. The last track we get on this compilation, also called a bonus track, is made by Viktan with and Sublunatiks (the guys who compiled this compilation). This is actually my favourite track on this compilation. Very melodic full on trance, but not in a cheesy way.

On this compilation you can check out most of the Brazilian trance artists, so if you want to explore what they go nuts to in the Brazilian parties, you should probably check out this compilation.

Mukunga Umbura

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Posted : Jul 16, 2004 18:27
great job on this one from all brazilians crew , fresh sounds ...
for sure a compilation with all new up coming rising starts from brazil , this cd is for sure to hv in all cases

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Posted : Jul 21, 2004 02:15
thanks for the nice review!
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