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V.A - Accelerator.2 | Turbo Trance Records (June,2005)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2005 04:31
CD: V.A – Accelerator.2
Label: Turbo Trance Records
Date: June/2005
Label WebSite: (looks like it is not available)

Track #1:

*Triptych – Here I Am (8:03)

Nice track... Triptych speaks for him self... always releasing some great stuff… Nice introduction, with a coll voice saying “Here I am…”! A very psychedelic track, many acid-pumping sounds, with a bass-line filled of joy… a wonderful quiet smooth sounds sweeps in the middle, like if it was the ending… far from that. Nice job from Mr. Charles Michaud… go Turbo Trance…

Track #2:

*Polaris – Unity (7:28)

Polaris are Arno Stengel & Matt Drouillet (Absolum’s younger brother). Very talented artists… a very speedy track, has a fast bass-line, followed by many psy-trip sounds… very energetic track… than it just flows… in silence, with a voice “Unity… tering down the walla between us to recognize we are one… I’m talking of the thing that makes us the same… peace… we want peace…” very nice… loved the track… very psy one… good track!!

Track #3:

* Overlap – When Dreams Come True (8:04)

A quiet beginning, than the bass-line just raises to its middle level… keeps like thar for while, some groovy noises, a nice melody, and than it starts to bomb… nice track, very psy… lots of groove… a nice stop, some dark trembling, a nice distorted voice sweeps on… very nice touch… a love vocals… back to the groove than… very nice track…

Track #4:

* Alternative Control – Hijacka (6:40)

Watch out for these madmen form Serbia… the guys are explosive… it’s a bomb… very high quality music… they put so much energy to the tracks… very pump-it-up bass-line, which makes u jump like a madman. So much groove, so much happiness, joy… and more…. vocals… reminded me of the track “Mtv”… what a wonderful bass-line… oh my… they love this stop and raise a bit turn, bombing everywhere… SO MUCH GROOVE!!!! HAPPYNESS!! Great shit…. Became a bigger fan… go Alternative Control…

Track #5:

* Interactive – Psycho Entertainment (7:25)

A very impressive beginning, vocals, as usual… than a very interesting female voice… than… BAAMMM!! That most appreciated bass-line, that makes u trip in to it… lots of groove… “Evolution… evolution… evolution…” nice… loved it… a unexpected turn, than gets back on it… a quick stop, raising up again… with harmony… peacefully… a very nice nice re-enter… I loved this part… in the 5th minute… what a bomb… great track indeed… one of the bests IMO…

Track #6:

* Aphid Moon – Do What You Want (7:34)

Quiet beginning, than suddenly, the bass-line appears… and what a nice one in fact… very deep, distorting, brain taking bass-line… “Let’s try that…..” vocals… oh my, is it just me, or it makes the track much more fun??? It loops… than “ Do what you want…” bang… very good track… energetic one also… very groovy!!!!!

Track #7:

* Mekkanikka – Booyakasha (7:46)

Always liked Nikka’s job… very up-lifting, quality music… strong and continuous bass-line… very groovy track… like all… the bass-lines changes its tone, I love this trick… it’s very creative and good… very nice loops, gave the track originality… liked it a lot… it raises, than suts down, and keeps only on the melody… without bass-line… round, round and round… stops… raises up…, you think it will bomb, but he still pushes you… for finally… BANG!!! 4:30 min has a wonderful bass-lines… flowed by vocals… “Booyakasha…” (anyone know’s what that means??)… very nice track… good one… mad/tripping/delirious track… very good Nikka…

Track #8:

* Point and Quantum – I Am So…… (7:39)

A very fresh starting… just pumps up… and goes on a great Full-on trance… the usual one… but quality tones, great bass-line… and once more…… vocals… nice !! Lots of grove and joy on it… very energetic… lots of acid-psycho sounds… “ I’m lost, I’m scared, I’m disappearing…” nice one… than it loops back, and booom. Nice re-entry… energetic one… “Hey, lets go dancing…” great track.. deep bass-line in the middle/ending… changing tones… great!

Track #9:

* Intelabeam – Power Puff (7:23)

Dan is a very talented artist, that is already working in his debut album, soon will be released by Spun Records… the starting is calm, some noises, very silenced, very spooky… than u start to get used to it, than the fun begins… someone says: “ Seem quiet all of a sudden ….” Than a deep bass-line pumps in… and a good tap noise, follows it… than it gets groovy… ihhhhhhhhh… very happy, dance floor oriented… I reminded me Quadra’s song “ ¼ of a mile” from the Vaporize Comp… the bass-line… very nice… nice work from Dan…

*Short Overall review:

It’s a great album, IMO… very groovy, and with many vocals, which I love… it´s very well mixed, and the quality in the tracks is great… this one will pass over many cd-j around the world… dance floor stomper… nice Turbo Trance Records… u guys kept on the Accelerator.1’s reputation… good shit…. If I may say so…


2, 4(!!!!) , 5(!), 7(!!) and 9…

Till the next one…
That’s all folks…


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2005 15:45
Just one correction to make...
The albums name, is "V.A - Accelerator 2.0"!


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Posted : Jul 5, 2005 06:59
hi it_peiote_killer , thanks for the review , just a small corection : i am doing alone polaris ... i did only one track in 2001 release on 3d vision with cristophe ' s brother .
anyway , it should be a nice compilation , though i didnt have the chance to listen to it yet ...
ate ! arno
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  193
Posts :  3858
Posted : Jul 5, 2005 14:18
Thanks for the correction dude!!
And congratulations on your work...
Very good stuff.
I loved the vocals in your track!
Keep up the good work!


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Posted : Jul 5, 2005 19:39
where can i get this? i hasn't been released yet, has it?
Neogen / Overlap

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Posted : Jul 5, 2005 19:56
yes,it hasen't been released yet:)))           Planet Ben Records

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Posted : Jul 6, 2005 02:28
Hey there,

Sorry to all those people waiting patiently,
release was due 4th July but there has been a delay with the manufacturer and the compilation will now be available next week

IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  193
Posts :  3858
Posted : Jul 22, 2005 09:00
It´s on!!!

Great album!!!

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Posted : Jul 22, 2005 19:22
A really nice compilation Accelerator 2 is better than the first one.

Alternative control hijacka



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Posted : Jul 25, 2005 18:37
Sounds sweet as to me, will keep my eyes peeled for this one.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 25, 2005 23:28
killa comp
these interactive dudes are killing people like this, they should be arrested man! nice bomb, i bet some mean people out there looking for you guys!
alternative control- no coments, these guys are also mad, somebody stop them.
i luved hearing these trakcs
stay true
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 28, 2005 19:22
hi theerre,
now.. its my tiiime hehehehehehehe.

IMO its a very nice compilation with a lot of good artists composing it.
tracks by nikka, charles, caio and fernando, and the alternative control.

And very surprised with Interactive's track. They are killing the ppl here in Brasil with very good stuuf and new ones productions.

Emmanuel... congrats... !!
keep in touch.
best regards

          Anderson Rago
Wild Artists Management.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 30, 2005 23:01
Great compilation we have here.
The first track is amazing to start the day , very groove , Tryptich style , the sun is rising... the girls are dancing.... just love it !
The second one is a great track from Polaris , nice synths , nice melodies , I like it ... Is one of my favourites here.
Third track from Overlap good job , groovy groovy ! Well done !!
Fourth track my sound is pumping , Alternative Control just rocks , but this track is like one track I heard... MTV I think.
Fifth track great job from Interactive , I like a lot , one of my favourites too.
Sixth track and Aphid Moon show us his power, very grooviest track , I like it !
Seventh track , Mekkanikka sounds good for me , I like , melodies , basslines , vocals ! Good job !
Eight track and the best is comming ... a killer track from Point vs Quantum ..... I'm soo....excited to listen this ! ! Great job guys !
Nineth track and this is my favourite , Intelabeam just rocks , his style is amazing !! I like , bassline just pump pump pump pump........ stop....and pump pump pump....... :cool:

Great album ! ! I like a lot !           Tantra Porn Music

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Posted : Aug 31, 2005 01:51

That`s right Beka make a good work in the compilation, the whole CD is so tasty with Quality wich is the most important, they delay the compilation a bit because they got a problems with the manufacturer in the cover part but now is OUT . . .

Im so happy to see good response and comments for one of the projects im handle :: Interactive, Caio & Fernando are ready for kick and you can expect more for shure they coming soon in:

Crystal Matrix, Pukka Music, Midijum Records & Catalyst Records watch out. - Under Construction
Artistic Managment :: Hux Flux :: Interactive :: Visua :: Dizzy Mind :: Nazuk :: Spiritual Enhancer :: Energetic :: Hyperceptiohm :: MANDALA RECORDS ARTISTES ::
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