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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 26, 2003 15:59
Two weekends ago Stargate did their Utage party. Absolutely incredible sound system, fantastic location in nature with a totally flat dancefloor with brilliant accoustics, nice ambient line-up with Spiritjack and Ooze and Omnimotion (and me too!), and good main stage line-up with Son Kite, Emok, James Monroe, Marc Allen, and others. The organizers did a great job, but they got less than 500 people. The party was actually brilliant for the people because few came, and everyone who was there was a happy smily person! But I was wondering if you had any ideas why so few people came? They had over 1500 last year. Did any of you consider the party? And if you decided not to go, I would be curious to hear your reasons: afraid of the cold, too progressive, not in niijima, etc. I would especially like to hear from people who went to last years's utage but decided not to go to this one. Cheers!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 26, 2003 16:35
i heard that stargate is in mad debt. was wondering if they won`t be able to organize a party for a while
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 26, 2003 20:05
My girlfriend and I were planning to go, but for personal reasons (only) we had to change plans at the last minute. In spite of the cold and wet weather, we loved the party last fall. We especially appreciated the vibe of the crowd and the organizers. The music itself was good.
This year, we were really keen on the original plan of Niijima Island. That would of been out of this world. However, when that venue was changed to Niigata, we were suspicious that the location was found on short notice and would have been a let down after the Niijima image (mind you that is not the reason we ultimately didn't go). The line-up was a little weak from my point of view (entirely progressive and ambient, and lacking a big draw like Total Eclipse - who floored me last year, btw). Also, though the weather turned out to be nice, the forecast for Niigata that weekend was not good.
Anyway, I'm sad I couldn't make it and feel badly for the Utage organizing team. They truly deserve support. I hope they can recover and put on some more great parties.
mad factory
drap drop

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Posted : May 27, 2003 06:03
well russ...i planing to go also,but i have other personal
thinks,so i didnt cant go!but i hear also,many ppl dont
need to because the place change,and its much cold!
u know progressive russ,i know this verry well 2!i love
this!but i think if was in the summer more ppl coming!
about this season,april,may we need more full on music
to made ppl jumping on the party!maybe if the guys mix
i like all types of music!i told you this 1000 times i think!
i like to play progressive music!full on music!psychedelic
music!ambient music!but every think have your time...
so i prefer partys have all types of music!and every body
enjoing!u know,when g-moloch start doing partys,many
ppl start saying and i think still saying,why you guys all
ways bring diferent styles,diferent artists?well i think,
if we bring few artists playing same type of music for
ex:earthling,gms,bushman,shanti!wow its killer artists
i like all!but not to hear @ same party!i get boring!its like
same music!so what i try to explend,is we have to mix!
when we bring psyside and sub6,many oganaizers saying
g-moloch need to have style,all ways bring diferent
artists!i dont think like this!
this june,u have check we party?we have:
manibus(great hard psychedelic progressive trance)
opsis(other hard psychedelic progresssive trance)
vibra(verry power full on music)
drap drop(good groove psychedelic trance)
and many other good djs 2!like tonio,sal,edoardo,e-l5,etc...!check it!

all my best!
drap drop!

ps:i really miss this killer party!i was supost to go!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 27, 2003 12:29
Well its very sad. I heard about the debts at this party. I had practice for my dance performance coming up. I was very sad to miss this once in a year dream come true.

Well I hate to admit it, but Psychedelic Trance will be going down this year!
Russ and Everbody else, There are 5 or 6 parties every weekend with big artists. There are also small parties everyday.
Since not many people go to parties every weekend lets say, a person goes to one party a month. Now you have about 1200 party people a weekend. Divide that by about 5 or 6 organizations and there we go about a turn up of about 300 to 400 people.
The organizations in Japan are just destroying each other. THE only party to get over a 1000 recently was the Solstice party. Everything else is getting less.
Also Utage is Proggresive, I love proggresive but to state the facts theres less than a 1000 people in Japan that trully love proggresive trance.

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Posted : Jun 1, 2003 00:27
I agree with Kaatisu the line up seemed pretty weak. or not necessarily weak but a bad combination of artists togther. I guess more consideration should have been put into that. I went to a Utage party in 2001, it rocked, I loved it.....All the best of luck to them in the future
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