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Ultravoice – The Star Alliance Vol.2 (Com,pact Records)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 3, 2008 18:34:02
Artist: Ultravoice
Title: The Star Alliance Vol.2
Format: CD Only
Cat No: CPCD-IL039
Release: 03.2008
Style: Full-On Trance, Hard Dance
Barcode: 4518575731657

Com.Pact Records is delighted to announce the Ultra Magnetic, hell rising, second chapter, of the highly acclaimed release - Ultravoice – The Star Alliance series.
Ulravoice, known international producer & Dj, Avi Levi, is back stronger than ever with a brand new release, cutting edge & highly innovative.
Ultravoice presents: The Star Alliance Vol.2, packed with 9 blasting tracks, loaded with power, drive & juice, the second chapter in this marvelous expedition throughout the various tastes and color of Trance realms, known to man.
This high energy compilation captures the heart & soul of uplifting Full-On trance music.
The Star Alliance Vol.2 release incorporates 9 blasting collaborations between Ultravoice and a record number of leading international producers.
The album includes collaborations with Tactic Mind (Toxical RMX), Mahamudra, Cosmic Tone Vs. Visual Paradox, Indra, Michele Adamson (Sesto Sento RMX), Bizzare Contact Vs. Dj Feio (Bizzare Contact Vs. Electro Sun RMX), Michele Adamson Vs. Intersys, Rizo (Azax Syndrom RMX), System Nipel (Intersys RMX).
With a Track list as such, Ultravoice proves yet again his domination of the Craft of dance floor oriented Trance music.

We are now boarding Star Alliance flight No.2 … You better be on it >>>

Track List:

1. Ultravoice Vs. Indra - Future Call – 145
2. Ultravoice Vs. Michele Adamson – Electronic Playground (Sesto Sento RMX)
3. Ultravoice Vs. Mahamudra – Scratch
4. Ultravoice Vs. Bizzare Contact Vs. Dj Feio – Nasty (Bizzare Contact Vs. Electro Sun RMX)
5. Ultravoice Vs. Cosmic Tone Vs. Visual Paradox – Stop the Beat
6. Ultravoice Vs. Rizo – Keep It Real (Azax Syndrom RMX)
7. Ultravoice Vs. Michele Adamson Vs. Intersys - Filthy lies
8. Ultravoice Vs. System Nipel – Ultranipel (Intersys RMX)
9. Ultravoice Vs. Tactic Mind – Mind Control (Toxical RMX)


Label Website:

Com.Pact Records @ MySpace:

Ultravoice @ MySpace:

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Mad Purple State
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 3, 2008 18:43
Hey man ... I love his sound... and I respected that album... good to see its coming up with Vol.2

Very clean sounds!

Althought I dont like most of the artists he΄z collaborated with... I trust UV΄s insticts.

Good Luck Ultravoice...
          No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness...
Virtual Attack-Nir
Virtual Attack

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Posted : Mar 3, 2008 18:44
Hey avi just finish Listen the demos !

Great work !

Rotem Toxical ! my brother good work killer remix to Tactic !

Good luck to all the artist are involved !

Breaking News Compiled by Virtual Attack Out NOW !

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Posted : Mar 3, 2008 19:18
hi finaly its coming! looks great!! we are glad u take part of this massive releases!! great work evryone and specialy to avi           PsyTrance The sound track of our life... (electro/minimal)
DMT productions

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Posted : Mar 3, 2008 19:38
definitly killer album
all the artist make great job
Avi , wish u all the best
Zack Phobia

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Posted : Mar 3, 2008 22:52
Hi Avi
Big respect!
Great album

PhObia - Alon & Zack
Boundless music

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Posted : Mar 4, 2008 01:33
Cool to see Toxical in this great album.
Keep on your good work.
Boundless crew!!!!!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Mar 4, 2008 08:07
great CD! it has some quality killer full on stuff!

Nasty Rmx is strong!
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Follow your heart, not the people around you"
Mahamudra (Sagiv)

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Posted : Mar 4, 2008 12:27
Mabruk Avi
goodluck with the album looking sharp           --------------------------------------------

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Posted : Mar 5, 2008 16:04
UltraVoice Rules!!

Big hug from Portugal!

Cya           Web Page: (coming soon)
tactic records

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Posted : Jul 6, 2008 13:26
dear avi ultravoice great va keep rull the2scene
Infinity Loop Music

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Posted : Feb 3, 2009 05:45
wow, excellent album!
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