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Tzolkin Records (mexican label)


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Posted : Jun 19, 2017 14:08:52
Hello people,

This is San Isidro from Tzolkin Records. I founded this label with my friend Glink and Hada in Canada. We are from Mexico and we met there in Merida, Yucatan on raves parties.

Glink is some of the most important DJs and events producers in this city. He organized many events with renowned DJs and producers of psychedelic trance. I started to spin psychedelic trance in Mexico 10 years ago when we share the stage in many parties and festivals at the south of México. Years later we met in Canada and we founded Tzolkin records. Our first compilation was Tzolkin.

This compilation is available on CD or Wav in our Bandcamp store. Later we compilated other 3 CDs. That you can download in our store also.

Nowadays Tzolkin is organizing events at Mexico and the label has ceased to run intensely because life demands money and if it does not reach, energy is focused on other projects that guarantee our economic survival. Unfortunately, we can not create the sustainability of the project. But we are happy with the good musical material that we released for the lovers of this style of music. If you are a DJ probably you will find good tracks for your sets on our Bandcamp.

In the present Time, Hada is working on a Disney cruise, Glink is organizing events and spinning psycho in Mexico and I am producing other music style and spinning Techno in Europe.

Was an amazing journey with Tzolkin and all raves and parties we organized together. Supporting producers around the world was great. Tzolkin is a great experience for me, San Isidro.

For 10 years I have been Literally in thousands of events, I dancing Hundreds of hours. Since 15 years old I am a raver.

Currently, I am producing this kind of music.

I had the ardent desire to publish a song on some cd compilation of Tzolkin Records, that dream was never realized, but currently I produce other musical styles that I released on Nomad Wave. Berlin-based label.

Thanks to all the people who supported Tzolkin records !

Today we live in complete happiness and peace.

Trance Forum » » Forum  Promotional Media - Tzolkin Records (mexican label)
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