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Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Tribal City @ Seone (Friday 01 August 2003)
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Tribal City @ Seone (Friday 01 August 2003)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 29, 2003 13:43
Antiworld in collaboration with Chichime Presents:
Tribal City @Seone (London Bridge)
Friday 01 August 2003
@Seone - London Bridge (under the tunnel) 41 -43 st thomas Street

Antiworld Arena:(hi-NRG, Uplifting hard acid techno trance)

Eduardo Herrera (Brazil / too much / antiworld / milk)
Simon Eve (recover recs)
Paul Gaarn (antiworld)
LAB 4 *Live on stage* (first antiworld set in 2003)
E-303 vs fabry (antiworld / time machine / electric panik)
Nuw Idol (live on stage) (
beamish (antiworld / mesh recs)

Psygate vs Chichime: (full-On Psychedelic trance)

Nigel Photon (Chichime)
Vinny (Enlightenment)
Talamasca *Live on Stage* (3D Vision - France)
Simo (Fairy Tales / Alchemy recs)
Kristian (Chichime / Transient Recs)

Acid Park Zone:(London underground hard & acid techno)

Mark Axel (Chimical warfare)
DJ Gas (acid park)
Mikelangelo (teknoworld)
Zebedee (trancentral / underground sound)
chris liberator (teknoworld/minimum/maximum)
jerome vs rob staw (Hydraulix / groove asylum)
Animatek (acid park/teknoworld/antiworld)

Clock prism vs ambient all stars: (chill-out)

Dave arc-I (ambient all stars)
tom fu (liquid connective)
mandy moore vs jonty (clockwork prism)
xtensa vs green al (clockwork prism)
greg (clockwork prism)

Cyberdog vs swear: (hard dance & psy hardcore)

nic no name (frolic)
moni (time machine / cyberdog)
phil able (cyberdog / antiworld)
Soylent (cyberdog / electrik panik)
orpheus 2 *Live* (
oberon dj set (logic / mesh recs)
Sexstazy vs green vapor (swear / psygate)

Synchronicity Area: (Progressive and funky house)

Fox (synchronicity)
Fortu (Chichime)
Deep Psy (Chichime)
Grewg Lunar (Transient / automatic)
Phil Chichime (Synchronicity)

tickets will go on sale on Monday 23.06.03 in all usual outlets 15 plus bf
chichime: 07944 933 762 ,
          (-:"The Psychoactive Is So Powerfull
Since The Discovery Of L.S.D"
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 29, 2003 13:46
looks cute.           Believe your soul !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 4, 2003 17:47
went along to this one.... had a fun time chatting to people I havent seen for a while ...

The two rooms I enjoyed were the chichime room and the synchronicity room. To be totally honest the part i enjoyed most of all was Greg Lunar's set. Really enjoyable prog psychedelic trance seamlessly mixed with progressive house.

Part of the reason that my highlight was in the second room was that the sound quality in the main room was really very bad indeed..... coupled with the extreme heat I was not really able to spend more than a few minutes in there.....

I mean everyone was playing well.... I heard Kris and Simo's sets a fair bit and they were very good but I couldnt spend much time in the room....

Heard a bit of talamasca who was ok.. i always think he does a good Live set cos of his waving his arms around etc:) hehe... again though... i remember saying on the night how Id really enjoyed seeing him at the rex last summer. I remember the basslines grabbing at the inside of your stomach etc. Not on Friday, unfortunately....

The party was much more antiworld than chichime unfortunately.... e.g. no tea on sale at all (of any description). Sounds petty but you get the idea... you can forget the synergy project right now - it was the opposite. Also the crowd was more of an antiworld crowd, although the psychedelic room was reportedly the busiest.

Security was much better this time, at least I heard zero complaints.....

Oh yeah i remember : the visuals in the main (psychedelic) room were SUPERB .... as they always are when done by Inside Us All. I am not kidding those guys kick ass! They take care over production as well as content so you get awesome twisted images, but projected really crisply... on twin screens....

yeah so the best parts were Greg Lunar's set and the Inside Us All visuals i reckon

Hehe so my buddy kevin came along who used to be my boss. he used to go out a lot 10 years ago or so and he said that promoters used to boast on flyers about the power of the laser (maybe still - i dont notice) . E.g. 5W laser!!! or 8W laser!!! but that sounds shit so someone had the idea of saying 5000 mW laser!!!! which sounds much better. .... sorry it just popped into my head:)

Thanks for a fun night kristian!
Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Tribal City @ Seone (Friday 01 August 2003)
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