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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 3, 2004 00:10


Type: Compilation by Chromosome

Style: Morning Full On Trance

Format: Jewel box

Release date: 06/2004

Title: “Trance SCANDINAVIAN Express”

Track Listing :

Alternate Vision vs. Z-Man Back to reality 7:19 min 130 BPM

Andromeda Hypnotic meeting RMX 6:51 min 140 BPM

Artax Mysterious virus 8:13 min 140 BPM

Son Kite On air (Deedrah Remix) 7:15 min 135 BPM

Tranan Vs. Z-Man Who’s Who 8:43 min 142 BPM

Chromosome Big fat giant phantom 6:46 min 144 BPM

S-Range Hypermental 7:36 min 144 BPM

Logic Bomb Tales from the basement 7:18 min 146 BPM

S-Range Testones 8:08 min 145 BPM
(Chromosome remix)


Launched by Accelerator 1.0, Turbo Trance is ready for its first psychedelic world tour, in search of the last musical pearls around the globe. Ready to take a tour?

First step: Trance Scandinavian Express, a journey through the land of fire and ice, guided by a well known ambassador, Anders Nilson aka Chromosome .

Our next destinations? The so exotic Brazilian trance, the most beautiful sunrises of Israel, the brand new albums of both Triptych and Psypilot, and the first album of the electrics Elec3, latest members of the Turbo Trance sonic ship.
Turbo Trance is also proud to announce the arrival in his team of a famous French Dj, welcome Senix !


Trance Scandinavian Express, or the greatest names of the psychedelic trance, chosen for the quality and the creativity of their so unique Swedish sound by Anders Nilson, well known as Chromosome and already released on Spiral Trax, Transient, Millenium records and soon on Flow records for a first album.

The flight begins with « Back to reality », leaded by the side project of Logic Bomb: Alternate Vision vs. Zman. 130 BPM: Trance Scandinavian Express is on its way.

Then Andromeda, new Swedish project of Anders Nilson himself, drives us through the remix of the Chromosome’s « Hypnotic meeting ».

Younger brother of Jonas Bergvall aka Z Man and member of Logic Bomb, Artax joins the party for his « Mysterious Virus » just as tasty and coloured as his recent productions on Transient… and his album in progress for Glowing Flame.

No need to introduce Son Kite, leader of the Swedish progressive scene, who burns the dance floor with this new version of the world hit « On Air », remixed by the Trance Godfather : Frederic « Dado » Holyszewski aka Deedrah.

After Tip World and Solstice, Tranan vs. Zman aka Logic Bomb have chosen Turbo Trance to bring people their powerful, mysterious and so Scandinavian « Who’s Who ».

You love guitars, you get guitars: Chromosome is ready for a strongly Full On « Big Fat Giant Phantom ».

Time for S Range, masterpiece of the Swedish label Spiral Trax driven by Anti, with a track of a brand new taste: more Full On than ever!

The end is near: it’s now time for Logic Bomb! The world renowned artists offer us their brand new « Tales from the basement », 146 BPM of pure (and how rare!) musical pleasure.

The journey ends in a fantastic landing: S Range and « Testones », hit of their last album released on Spiral Trax, here remixed by the instigator of this precious musical travel, mister Chromosome.

Ready for the Scandinavia experience? Welcome on board!

Turbo Trance Records

3 Rue St Exupéry
13580 La Fare les Oliviers - France

Tel/Fax: 0033(0)490.425.019
Mobile: 0033(0)603.561.965
Online webshop :

Arabesque Distribution

29-39 Stirling Road
London W3 8DJ - UK

Tel: 0044(0)20 8993 5966
Fax : 0044(0)20 8992 0340
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 3, 2004 08:43
Heard the samples at psyshop, and i cant wait to get this one, huge lineup and great morning stuff... i specially looking forward to hear the full leight track of artax, hes hot nowdays

hope this will spread some psychedelica on the floor this summer!!

BooM..           i live for this moment here...
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  12
Posts :  30
Posted : Jun 24, 2004 17:46
Hi everybody,
Trance Scandinavian Express is finally out,
we hope you'll enjoy it....
We wish you a good trip in this frozen paradise

Turbo Trance Crew
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  56
Posts :  3074
Posted : Jun 24, 2004 18:43
Looks like a deep and colorfull album here

Logic bomb guys 1 of the best things on this planet
(+z-man and artax and tranan etc etc..)

S-Range one of my favourite scandivan artist for sure hs new work just perfect for the danceflororzzzz

good luck with this 1

          Happy Happy,Joy Joy.
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  164
Posts :  2510
Posted : Jun 24, 2004 20:29
hey dude
realy nice cd !!
i like from there --S-Range - Test Tones (Chromosome Rmx)....kilaarr track !
Artax - Mysterious Virus -- good 1 from artax!
and the deedrah rmx to son kite roxxx
keep it proogy!!
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