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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 24, 2013 20:02:53
hello u all...

we a small comunity from brazil that lives in small EX hippie/mining village called Vale do Capao. Nowadays a protected ambiental area.

its been 1 year and half now since we restarted the trance scene around here. WE dont have a schedule for the parties. But its happening pretty often.. sometimes twice a month sometimes once.... It s always free parties and People take what they ll drink and eat.

Our parties are based on the more underground sounds from the psytrance scene. Althrough sometimes happen some full on or progressive.

so we invintin every freaks that are passing through brazil or you brazilians that are reading this to come TRANCE with us to celebrate the new age.

Vale do capao is placed in the heart of chapada da diamantina. one of the most beutiful place from brazil. you can easily find more info bout that place in google.

For a few years the eletronic music here in capao had problems with the native people because of prejudice bout the drugs , bout the freaks, but now it seem we have reverted that situation. now we have even some natives trancing in our parties

So if you get in vale do capao and are interested bout the parties you can easily get more info bout whats up with us in the center of the village in the PIZARIA or MASALA RESTAURANTE.

Also we are welcoming Djs that want to be part BUT WE look for people who plays SUCH RECORD LABELS :


Depending of the days we also will be opened to OSOM , NOISE POISON RECORDS and also some prog dark. or if you think you even more underground stuffs like anomalistic records, Suomi stuffs etc... you are pretty welcome aswell

same for the lives.

Since we are a non profit non corporation organization we try to keep the quality of the parties with the music. we focus on the trance not necessarily on the fun. we believe there are enough parties out there just for the FUN feeling so we try to keep the different approach of psytrance that has suffered prejudice throughout this last decade.So thats why we focus on those type of record labels. BUT if you are into full on or progressive or goa and think u have something interestin to provide... dont be shy... let us know.

so you people who are interested in playin around here .... we can help you offerin u a place to stay. or whatever needed.

i can assure you that we are REALLY booming around here... specialy after the new age began.

Feels like the non comercial side of psytrance has flowered again ( nothing against the commercial stuffs coz i LOOOOOOOVE UNIVERSO PARALELO )

ANYWAY here s the invite for the flying

. : .


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Posted : Mar 25, 2013 19:38
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 8, 2013 00:31
Great to hear about it!

I was looking for a party, maybe you could inform when there will be a party there.

Lucas Aly
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 5, 2013 23:55
Hope to visit the Chapada asap! Maybe after UP...           we are one.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 11, 2013 21:28
we dont do parties in holidays.
many people gets here in holiday time and expect us to open our lands , turn on ourr speakers for all that crowded unknown people that are spendin the holiday in here specialy some people from salvador that frequents the trance scene. we realy dont do this and will never do , no ideia how this can put us in trouble to gather all the turists in a land so they can get drugged ....... its a not go......

also for the djs that arrives in here with the ego higher than the sky because they play in comercial parties outside we realy dont give a fuck in what party u have played we care for the music ,nowadays most of the people playin in the named parties outside realy suck..

and the WORSE CASE THAT HAPPENED OF ALL.... when you hear about PARTIES HERE IN CAPAO BEWARE on who s realy organizin it coz one of the last holidais we had a realy weird happenin here in capao....

some people from salvador from those local organization arrived here at capao and started to tell everybody that they would make a party and so all their pseudo star crew and little friends would play but guess which equipments and land they were expectin to use ? and we dont even fuckin know them we dont even leave our home in holidays but only because one of them already been in one of our parties he thought he had the right to call his pseudo star friends to play their mediocre generic music. its realy incredible how some people has no sense of reality .... and then many many many people stayed there in the village waitin for a party that obviously would never happen. and we become the party poopers because of some people that has no sense of reality...............

what kind of drugs those people are takin nowadays? damn...

so many people ask when will have a party ? we dont organize in advantage. we just do . so if you are comin to capao to spend a few weeks as most people do prob you ll beable to get a party if u are realy into it and get to known the right people . if u are just coming for the weekend. yo gotta be lucky..

this week will prob have one coz we have birthday of one sister.

..we dont charge anything but still people have the oportunity to listen to good psychedelic music in good nature and good sound system ( teh same used in berlin squats QSC ) so we realy dont need anything else from outside unless you realy have something to offer like the musics that i have said in the first msg etc...

otherwise enjoy ur place in the crowd or just leave.

the focus here is the dancefloor not the stage.
Lucas Aly
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 29, 2013 09:25
I've been to a partie today and they gave me the flyer for a festival in the chapada on january 2014.

          we are one.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 8, 2013 02:04
yea its a local friend who makes drug free festival.... but its not in vale do capao...

in January 2 festivals in chapada.... klimfestival and resonar  
Lucas Aly
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 5, 2013 19:48
just for the info there will be an after partie in Taipu de Fora.

After UP you will find a great after party here:

KRANTI's alternative festival. 14 years of existence and resistence!

Celebrating Nature, Friends & Life !!!

DATE: January 6th to 8th/2014.

PLACE: Praia Taipu de Fora, Barra Grande - Bahia - Brazil

48 hs músic and 3 days camping infrontof beach.


Abertura do Camping: Segunda-feira Dia 6 de Janeiro as 18:00 horas
Inicio da Musica: Segunda-feira dia 6 de janeiro as 18 horas
Fim da musica: Quarta-feira dia 8 de janeiro as 18 horas
Fim do Camping: Quarta-feira dia 8 de janeiro as 18 horas.



► .:: LINE UP ::.




É Proibido a entrada de bebidas alcoólicas e energéticos.
É Proibido a entrada de armas de fogo e arma branca.
É Proibido a entrada de qualquer tipo de droga ilícita.
LIBERADA a entrada de água lacrada.
LIBERADA a entrada com comidas.


Preserve e respeite a natureza =]

Equipe FAK           we are one.
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