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Trance Forum  Forum  Italy - Trance in italy ? where ?
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Trance in italy ? where ?


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Posted : Nov 15, 2010 23:25:44
Ho aperto questa discussione perch vorrei sapere cosa n pensate voi che, come me siete appassionati di musica psy-trance e party.....
La situazione italiana sempre + critica, siamo sempre piu' lontani anni luce dai nostri amici europei, un grosso peso ce l'ha sicuramente molto il governo(di destra o sinistra che sia),provincie e comuni che stanno portando avanti questa politica di repressione dove l'unica cosa che la gente potr fare(per la gioia dello stato) di stare a casa a rincoglionirsi davanti a un PC....
Accantonando il problema principale della legge qua ragazzi c' da stare poco allegri.....
Il movimento zero !!!!
Cosa n pensate ? che idea vi siete fatti.....
Per me i party e la musica trance sono molto piu' che andare a passare il weekend da qualche parte, per me vera e propria passione e ci credo in questo....
Non giusto che io debba cambiare paese....l'italia un bellissimo paese, ha montagne,colline,mare e sole....

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Posted : Nov 17, 2010 12:24
hi man,
italian language is not allowed in this forum.

back to your topic you are extremely right. repression is the only purpose nowadays in italy.
outdoors parties are just impossible (maybe 1 or 2 left in a year)
i really hope the Berlusconi's government is going to falling down in these days because we need, we really need, a much more permissive government because the new italian generation is just xbox, playstation and payperview tv. And i think this is the practical consequence of the unmotivated repression of our police state.
If you stay at home you are safe, if you play your position you are in danger. they just want a big flock of sheeps, dumb and without purposes... your position!!!



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Posted : Dec 13, 2010 13:28
Hi Ganapati....

sorry i don't know !!!!!

We hope it will change air ....... even if at the first opportunity i go away....


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Posted : Jun 30, 2011 19:16
Hi peace & music people !!

I'm here just to ask if anyone in italy will go to Sonica 2011 ... Because i maybe could be interested to meet new friends in this journey.. I will go from where i am, in Portugal.. In the end of July month..

I dont know yet how i will reach my destiny.. but with my hope i know that i will be close !! ehehe

If anyone in the midle or in the end of my destiny would like to help me in some sort of way (ride, translation and etc) i will get very happy for that !! and for sure we will enjoy that time !! Im a funny guy, and still young !!..So dont get bad toughts!!

thanks for all!!

Amen !!!


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Posted : Apr 8, 2013 18:18
You guys should all join me at Sonica Festival at south of Italy this August the 1st onwards.
Listen to my mix to get on the groove.

Trance Forum  Forum  Italy - Trance in italy ? where ?
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