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Posted : Jun 30, 2005 16:07
i would like to know different opinion about djs who make parties to play and to "launch" themselves in the "scene". And about djs who bring international artists and put them to play only if he plays too(sometimes its on the contract!)
We can see(most in Sao Paulo) parties that the Dj and owner of the party put himself in the best time of the party , in the middle of Artist like infected , astrix , for example. and sometimes they think they are trancestars with ultra ego
IMO : its a ridiculous attitude , its a shame for them and its disgusting for the people . they want to people like them FORCED heehhehe

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jul 1, 2005 05:08
This is really sad, but worse than that, most DJ here still play mostly Killarg unreleased mp3.

DJs should be respected for their skills, technic, the quality of their music and their musical taste.

But this kind of topic possible won't change anything, IMO it's better to work and exchange info about who to make things better.

Respect!           .
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Posted : Jul 1, 2005 17:24
u are quite right rob, i have the same thoughts as u on that matter ... ridiculous stuff î´ve gotta say ..
the worst thing is .. as they are not really good djs ... they are afraid to loose their place on the scene ... and then thats why u don´t see new talents around so often .. =/ thats sounds as a really childish attitude.. but hey ... thats brasil for u ..

anyways .. djs i really respect for both mixing technique and high quality playlist (hi quality= new and original music) :

°Du serena(when he plays the serious side of hommega and prog stuff)

°Noronha (when he plays for real,he´s got a strong set)

°Gabe ... the best of all , i´m serious about this .. he has the best case around i can tell u that .. everybody just know him for his live act ... but one ^can forget that this dude has produced with the best artists around .. and just hi tech stuff!

to u guys that are going to tribe ... watch out for du vs gabe ,should be nice

thats it ,
c ya later

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Posted : Jul 1, 2005 18:55
IMHO if the dj deserves this condition (it means the he/she MUST have a good technique, good feeling and the right music line-up for the hour), being the party owner or not, that's no problem.           [WE HAVE NO CONTROL]!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 1, 2005 21:30
hehehehe this is the trance scene nowadays man, even here in Araia dÁjuda we are here for 2 months now and man the dj´s just do not give a chance to each other and they play shitty sommercial trance. THIS IS NOT PSYTRANCE! No ego can belong in Trance! This is absolutely ridiculous and it has bugged me ever since i got here! We can´t have a good party because all the shitty dj´s want to play!! What is this a luna park!

Ganja           Your sound, is your music, is your soul keep them all on the right track!

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Wanka Tanka

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Posted : Jul 2, 2005 20:12
Hey Ganja mate !

2 months in Bahia and u guys still cant show your music ? Is it what you saing ? really sad to know that...

But this battle of egos occurs everywhere..true fucking sad and ridiculous too imho

I'm from sao paulo and right now living in the northeast of the country and I'm confronting the same problem over here...competitions between djs..and the worst part is that everyone here that call itself as a "DJ" only spins mp3 and shitty comercial stuff, its easy to note that the most of them dont even know how to beatmatch properly !! a bunch of GOOFYS is what I'm seeing here, its true its not psytrance its something else...
Freaked Frequency
Freaked Frequency

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Posted : Jul 3, 2005 04:01
ppl ... u hv to think like this ... now days everybody wants to be a DJ ... and most of them are traders and bad, not skilled, lets say, DJs ... so ... if u see the line up and u see something that interests u, just come listen to that and then sit somewhere else with some girl/boy and n-joy the rest of the night ... let the music be something in the back
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 15, 2005 14:57

They call it a TRANCE party...and sure...the emphasis is on the music.

But with all the differant styles.....not everyone will enjoy ALL the music.

Then you have a party with your friends....until the music gets better for you....and you go and dance some more!

I only like a very specific style....and only get to hear this every 3 or 4 parties.

This does not make the party shit for me.....i have my friends there!

          Beartrap - SA

RoMa Jr

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Posted : Jul 16, 2005 20:24
crap actitude.. its happen all around,even here in porto alegre where the scene is starting, but the good thing is that we got to regulate our selves by our consciouness... the problen of most promoter is experience, they go to a couple of festivals and think they know every thing about psy trance culture and business.. big mistake!!! do it for real or drop out to the dance floor !!!

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