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Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Toadstool - 15th December - Masked Ball
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Toadstool - 15th December - Masked Ball

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 3, 2006 00:18
With Guest DJ Sutekh

dj sutekh



Introducing DJ Sutekh , the crazy resident psychedelic nutter from one the
UKS largest party organisations ANTIWORLD.

As one of the most promising talents in the UK Psychedelic scene, Sutekh has
already proved himself worthy of the title, by securing himself residency
and employment at the UKs largest psychedelic party and organisation -
Antiworld has already proved to be the most exciting event in the UK and has
worldwide notoriety and has been involved with the largest producers and
record lables in the world ( www. hommega .com).
To be resident at this party you have to be something extra special!

As a major part of the Antiworld team and workforce Sutekh has played and
worked along side most of the worlds largest and most prolific acts, such
as Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Domestic, PsySex, Oforia, Talamasca, Xerox and
illumination, Black and White, Eskimo, X-noize, Alien Project ..the list
goes on and on.
He has a huge passion for the music and the scene surrounding it, and can be
found at most parties and festivals supporting all the talent and promoters
, helping out when possible and of course partying hard. It is this effort
and passion that is so obviously brought to his sets.

Sutekh has gained respect from many noted names within the scene such as
Kristian , Simo , Spencer and many more and has become good friends with all
these guys, he is also curently a label dj for the new london label
Pointzero Records.

He has now secured himself firmly on the psychedelic scene and is playing
main time and closing sets at some of the uk's biggest parties and clubs (
SeOne , The fridge , The Coronet etc ).He has played for some of the most
respected nights in the country such as Chichime, Pendragon, Logic ... and
is one of the only psy Djs to start taking this style to the hard dance
clubs and introducing a new range of people to the high tech sounds of
He is equally at home at these hard dance events as he is at pure psy events
indoors and outdoors and it's the versatility of his dj'ing that has allowed
his wide range of music styles to be aired.

It is not only the London dance floors that this fresh new DJ has destroyed
with his energetic sets, tight mixing and insane stage antics, he has played
up and down the country from Birmingham, Cornwall, Cheltenham, as well as UK
nights such as regulary performing at Toadstool ( Gloucester ), and is a
semi resident at 666 in Bristol along with good friend and promoter Sean
This reputation within the UK has progressed so much that now Sutekh has now
gained respect across the world now, and after some exceptional headlining
dj sets at parties in Paris, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Denmark, it looks as if
plenty more international gigs are in the horizion.
Already booked for the massive Freedom Festival, many european events , The
mighty 070707 party and hopefully brazil in 2007, the future is bright for
this crazy DJ.

His style can vary from exceptional warm up to floor stomping full on, and
it his impeccable tune selection and careful piecing together of his sets
that make him stand out above the rest.
He is also slightly nuts !! So beware anyone behind the decks at the same
time !!. Sutekh is rapidly now becoming known for his insane hair cuts and
entertaining the crowd , be it with make up , crazy clothes , masks, props
or just generally acting the fool, what ever he does , it always seems to
get the crowd going and leaves a lasting impression on those who witness it.

With production the next step forward for Sutekh it appears as if things
can only get better, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for this really
friendly and exciting DJ.

See for all the info, mixes and more
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  27
Posts :  75
Posted : Dec 5, 2006 02:24
Its going to be a stomper of a party.
With residents Toad, Boris & Fungi-Psyd, fast making their names good in the Psytrance world.
We always 'av it!!!!

See you on the dance floor.
Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Toadstool - 15th December - Masked Ball
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