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Trance Forum  Forum  DJing - Timecoded vinyl?
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Timecoded vinyl?


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Posted : Feb 2, 2011 20:44:30
So, I prefer DJing with proper turntables and vinyl...I mainly DJ acid techno (Stay Up Forever!), but also psytrance. My problem is the lack of psy being released on vinyl these days :/ I have some old tracks, mainly classics off TIP...but nothing modern, that I would play at a gig nowadays.

However, I don't own my own CDJs, and can't really afford them at this moment in time. I'm sick of laptop DJing, and I know that there is a way to use turntables/records to control Virtual DJ.

I was just wondering if anyone here has any idea of how this works, what you'd need to buy, and if its any good?
IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Feb 2, 2011 22:09
you don't need to own your own cdjs, if you can mix on vinyl and virtual DJ then you should be able to use CDJs without any practice at all
Mikkel Pihl

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Posted : Feb 3, 2011 03:03
Get traktor scratch and a couple of turntables (if you dont already have those), then youre set. Digital mixing with the vinyl feel Just because youre using software doesnt mean you HAVE to use the sync button

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Posted : Feb 4, 2011 18:48
Yeah I have my own decks, for sure. Traktor

Is it that simple, honestly?

@Shiranui - I can use CDJs...its more just so that I can DJ psytrance more, and improve my sets etc...rather than simply listening to the tracks a few times before hitting the decks. I'd like to do a bit more preparation.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 4, 2011 23:16  - Midwest based psytrance group
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 7, 2011 22:16
on a related note: i'm trying to do the same thing with denon dn-s1000.

i have traktor, and i believe i need some timecoded CDs, but what else would be involved??

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Posted : Feb 8, 2011 06:04
Virtual DJ appears to support serato, traktor, and their own timecodes.

With Traktor Scratch (must be the scratch version), you need a compatible audio card or mixer. I know NI's own Audio8 USB box does, possibly others as well...

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Posted : Feb 16, 2011 16:14
^for 2 decks go for audio 4...much cheaper but same quality...whith traktor scratch duo on,but i'd wait for the new products to come out...
Trance Forum  Forum  DJing - Timecoded vinyl?
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