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The Void Diary


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Posted : Mar 13, 2008 20:42:20
This is part of our online diary of our exploration, you can visit here


We start this diary in order to guide our investigation throught the depths of conciousness and the universe we live in, using psychedelic trance as our navegation system, we plunge in the adventure of crossing the abyss and leaving an artistic record of our exploration. This hypersigil will be extended in all directions, we will record all the theories, experimentations and results. When possible, we will include a list of references, influences and other models of explanation for the process we wish to map.

At this moment we have only the scaffolding for our theory, and as our experiments continue, our main hipothesis will change inevitably, we are dealing with information in a fluid-psychedelic-shapeshifting format, there is no way you can take our word as true . As Robert Anton Wilson said, the map is not the territory, we came across the same questions and our post-post modern minds simply do not trust one anwer, we want all of them, we will look for all of them.

After several massive downloads, travelling around the world and in inner space, we received information we do not fully understand, or we even doubt if it was intended for us on a personal level or for humanity on a global level. Most of it has been explained before and seems to fit the typical model of a psychedelic experience, what we are interested in is bringing this information to the world using the psychedelic trance music/culture which we live in. We consider this music the via regia of the information download/upload process and we believe it can be a a new paradigm for the understanding of the universe we live in. We wish to combine magic, alchemy, science, music and visual arts to trigger a transformation in our minds and hopefully in our universe.

The first experiment will be of course a musical one, but extending the idea through drawings and poetry, we hope to create a work of art that will transmit this concept in an aesthetic way, leaving the rational mind far, far away. This adventure will be pleasent and unpleasent, there are always dangers, and there are always rewards, we feel it's time to start our journey.

We invoke the alien presence within us, we wish to become one with the other side, we wish to cross the abyss...

Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada, Zazas.           Psychedelic Trance from Argentina

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 14, 2008 06:43
Wow ..
Nice one ..
Didnt get the time to read it all on the web ..
Will read in leisure ..

Took a peak at the samples ..
its too intense ..
Makes my mind run in directions i cant think of .. lolz...

good one my friend !!!
Awaiting this ..

          'Let's meet on the Otherworld - let's speak about the unspeakable'
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 15, 2008 16:01
great site and nice work

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Posted : Mar 19, 2008 21:05
Entry II : Mindframe

(1) The Void/The Abyss

The Void has been described by many cultures in many different ways, but its basically the same idea: in western culture its called chaos, but not chaos as negative force, but as the raw energy that creates life and brings change and that contains all possible expresions of this energy, Shunyata in Budhism is where energy and information flow together to create transformations, where everything is co-dependent , The Abyss in the Thelemic system is the gap between the phenomenal world of manifestation and its noumenal source, Grant Morrison talks about a 5th dimensional sea of information where aliens grow our universe, the plane of immanence in Felix Guattari's schizoanalysis, etc, etc. As you can see the information takes different forms through each individual that channelizes it, but the core of the concept seems to be the same, this plane where energy and information is stored and transformed to create existence, it combines the raw energy and the same time the material expressions for this energy, order out of chaos, chaos out of order, the never ending discussion between Sheldrake, Mckenna and Abraham. We are not interested in the whys or whens, we are more interested in the hows, how can we play with the similarities in the structures of the universe, how much can we interact with this jelly-blob-ooze. We do not know if chaos came first and then order appeared, maybe its the other way around, maybe they are both part of the same process, what we are interested is in this seemingly endless information and all the ways it can be expressed and how this ties the whole process together.

(2) The Methods

The methods to enter this plane have also been discussed and analyzed by persons around the world since the first paintings in the caves. There are different models, on one hand you have the rites of initiation of tribal or magickal systems and on the other one you have more elaborate spiritual systems such as the ones described in Budhism or Hinduism. Aside from the superficial differences, the idea again seems to be the same, you leave your old self to be born again, and as Phil Hine describes, an initiation never truly ends, how can it end if it takes place outside time?. It's a process that once that is triggered, it never stops transforming the host, when you think it's over, its just starting, when you get used to it, you are back on earth and you have to start taking responsability of your actions in the real world. It is a tricky process, but one needs to trust it, it always works. This aspect is usually the most unpleasent one, where you have to face your demons and fears, when the mind finally surrenders, when you cry or laugh, dance or throw up, when you finally let go. It can be through meditation, through plants, through exhaustion, through chanting, or it can happen in the bathroom of an airport in the most bizarre and unexpected situation.

(3)The Trance-state

The state that you enter to access this plane is also discussed in many spiritual belief systems, its called Enlightment or Samadhi in Budhishm and Hinduism, Gnosis or the Knowledge of the conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel in Magickal circles, Satori in Japanese tradition, Alien abductions in our modern culture, Spirit possesions in Voudon traditions, being eaten alive in the Tibetan Chod Ritual and the list is endless. The whole point is that you need to get to a state of non-ordinary conciousness, where you are can experience information directly, instead of having your mind break it into pieces in order to be able to swallow it. This means that you leave aside your ego and body to enter a trance state where you can act as a antenna that actually works both ways, as receiver and as transmitter. We believe that human beings have a crucial part to play in the development of evolution and that this capacity we have of receiving/sending information is actually designed to aid the universe in its transformation processs. We even propose the idea that enlightment is something that all entities in all dimensions are looking for, and that we have a part of the puzzle they are looking for and viceversa. (Who are they? We have no idea, aliens, gods, spirits, xenodimensional entities, manifestations of our unconcious, who really knows?).           Psychedelic Trance from Argentina

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Posted : Apr 18, 2008 13:15
thanks for sharing this!
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