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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - tHE sOURCE.....rETURN tO aNJUNA bEACH...Ny 6th June!!
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tHE sOURCE.....rETURN tO aNJUNA bEACH...Ny 6th June!!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 6, 2003 11:11
Three Indian Goa Trance Dj's debut In New York

Dj Sets:

10Pm : Opening ceremony
10:30 Pm : Mayura(The source Ny)
11:30 Pm : Kamal (Nj)
12:30 Am : Shammy(Bombay)...Full on
2:00 Am : Asad aka Freeatma(Paradiso anjuna)....Dark Night Music
3:30 - 5:00 Am : Karan Bhoj(3rd Eye Records/Bombay)....Absoultely smashing Dancefloor

Location: At Boom(152 Spring Between West Broadway and Wooster)
Admission : Free Before 11Pm.....$10 After
Free for those with Drums or In Indian Clothes!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 6, 2003 19:36
indian clothes? 

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Posted : Jun 7, 2003 00:15
Yo DJs

are you'll going to play in Los Angeles?? i would like to see you'll play here in Los Angeles.

love and light,

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Posted : Jun 7, 2003 23:51
Full on... ya come over to the west cost Bhoj and Asad
bully aka (raveoholic)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 8, 2003 03:03
it was a good night
all played well. The place was small and the people were quite a lot. It was a good night. Karan mixed really well. Shammy and Asad too.

boom to all!!@@

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Posted : Jun 9, 2003 07:22
friday - @ BOOM. I agree the place was small but that helped in making the night a big success. wow!!!. what a night. kudos to the organiser and the manager of the place(BOOM) for keeping it going till 5 am. i had a fantabulous time. the people at the door were excellent. i loved the idea of the bindis. i walked in to find the place extremely well decorated. fine paintings and sound just right for the place. the djs were amazing. what an idea to have an all indian line up. i walked in when dj shammy had just started his set.(nice one for a first timer). though i personally enjoyed dj asad (paradiso rec.) the most. what a banging set , soundz and tunez i haven't heard, and an extremely psychedelic set. his mixing was clean and the journey was unstoppable. not heard a set like this in the longest. we gotta hear him again. does anyone know where he is? then after him was dj karan. again a very nice set but i had heard him the night before. thank you jeff. must add that all the djs did mix very cleanly and a very good night overall. the mix of people at the venue was just right. the staff at the boom excellent. thank you everyone for making it such a positive event.
Third Eye Records

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Posted : Jun 11, 2003 11:51


was great... had a killer time... people seemed to love the indian sounds and energy.

thnx to all for positive comments. and to jeff also for putting it together.

nice to see brown men do well in New York hehehehe lol

bom bom
dhamma walker

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Posted : Jun 12, 2003 10:38
thank you for the feed back and for being supportive . great experience spinning for a whole new set of people and their response as a dancing audience was phenominal...i enjoyed every bit of the set i played and the brother hood amongst the djs was another positive and story... decor was kamal, shammy and karan spun extremely well to make the night a comeplete success...the whole night passed by so quick... i guess time flies when ure having a good time... thank you pooja, jeff and the ny604 family.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2003 02:15
Thanks all for the kind words, I had a blast spinning in front of such a lively and high energy crowd. Asad as expected was too much. His music (I thought) was nice and really dark, which is something one doesnt get a chance to listen to much in NY. Karan (Very unexpected - since it was the first time i was listening to him play) was very good. I thought his mixing was very clean and ofcourse the tracks were full on dancefloor stuff. I agree chais decor was very good ..... cheers!!
Shamsher "I think I crashed my spacecraft" Sachdeva
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - tHE sOURCE.....rETURN tO aNJUNA bEACH...Ny 6th June!!
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