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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - The positive story about Dead Sea party and a car!
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The positive story about Dead Sea party and a car!

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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 10:36:49
Well...guys 'n' girls, this is right. A positive story in spite of the fact that party was closed. usual, me, CyberPunk and his gf are coming to almost all the parties together..sometimes you can see the little white car coming from somewhere)
The advantage of this little white car that it has FUCKING big subwoofer in it's lagguage section!

We went to the Dead Sea around 00.30 and as Noam already said the party had to move to another place cause some "museum" resons..
So we only "filmed" in our memory the place and moved on to the new location. The place was great and ppl too (not too many though) but it was only a beginning...entry cost 70nis and despite i personally was in the list, as usual i had to pay..but nevermind...
So we went in and put our tent and make couple of walks around..there some VJing system which was "inspiring" the nearest wall and GuyShanti who was playing the 1st set (he should play around 3 hours)
O! Personal thanks to GuyShanti for showing us live mixing and little bit explaining tips of CDJ
Well there were "bilush" (detectives) inside, and sure..1 hours haven't passed they cought someone..
It seems strange to me that party would be closed..this time we were ready to wait 1-2 silent hours and thought the party would go on the morning...but something wierd and strange happend. They did stopped the party and guys did started to pack all equipment and generator was stopped as well. Is there any difference between north-center-south police? Whatta hell i do say?
I don't give a fuck about those who brought some grass (was cought 0.5 gr. at all) But why da hell close the party and especially(!!) take the organizers to the station? Is there really some war against the trance/parties and whenever there were nothing found ..they could close it anytime cause any premade reasons?...They work kinda strong in this...nothing could made the party go on..
So lot of ppl opened their cars with speakers and started some little parties around. Some moved home, some kept dancing...we kept sitting and waiting. I didn't want dance to Infected or to Maskalin/Deedrah in around 3-4 in the morning while the moon was still shining (btw ppl there was full moon this night!!!!)
we brought our car, heh and near us another Jeep opened his doors and started music...
Then they suddenly stopped and came ours time
opened the car and started some heavy groovy (blt of course)
And guess what, those guys just couldn't let us play music..they wanted their own crown, so they opened music again and 2 cars were playing different music one near the other. As a matter of fact they also brought their Jeep closer to our car, just to let us "shut up"
We are not into those wars, we are shanti and no willing to "fight" for crowd or to argue with those (imo those was alike shimons..but not sure) anyway young guys..with BIG Jeep (like big balls))
Pity for GuyShanti, he only started entering the REAL set (great tracks were playing there!) and boom, again he was stopped in the middle (like last week in Ashdod) what a pity(( You had to see him upset soooo much...we drink some coffee together (we cooked there as well) and i said that "paam shlishit, glida" (third time he gets ice cream) some naughty joke..but what to do...
So..we packed all our staff and moved back..but where back? We came from North and it's about 4 hours of driving..were we ready to give up or not?)
and we said NO!!!!
We moved back to nearest Gaz Station and filled our car with benzin till the end.
Then went to the old place where party supposed to be in the beginning (remember it moved the place??)
We also called couple of our friends that were on the same party and also came from North. When we came we saw already some ppl out there ( probably they also didn't know before that party moved to another place and also came back to that place to pass the night hours and meet the beatifull morning and sunarise @ the dead sea)
Some music were playing, but those were super shanti and beatifull ppl..and also the music didn't fit so the atmosphere..We came to conclusion and they let us open our car!
Ocasionally same day before going to the party i was sitting @ home and mixing...made some mix for 2 hours and copied to we had premade mix with cool groovy tracks from BLT, Cosma & PsyCraft...hehehehe...and our SubWoofer started to give HOT))
we were dancing like crazy for around 2 hours..more and more cars were approaching and i think we got up to 40 beatifull ppl @ that place
Exactly when sun started to raise, the mix switched to morning tunes and you could hear cosma, some morning blt and PsyCraft. Partial Recall ended the mix and after short break, our neighboors gave us another disc with up to 150bpm morning noisy set...that was another blast
Well what can i say? I am not upset anylonger..I know we can do it ourselves, shanti shanti and quiet. I dunno if our small party was worse then real one, but i don't regret i came there and took a part in that morning boom
I think that maybe it was better from some points of view!!

Well there were no tent and we were tired so we went back, stopped @ beduin's cafe to drink some coffee, to take little rest and to play with very friendly and poor camel You had see that! when sun was up and real hit started..the poor animal appeared @ the road all around with little flies..
I hope that thousands of years they "fight" the sun's hit and that were only us thinking about him being poor animal))
Then we stopped to bye some shoko/vanil icecream (whatta experience) and some cold juice and finally got home after couple of hours of driving...(we came back around 11-12)

Beatifull place, beatufull/smiling ppl and great sunarise far far away over a dead sea!!
The lowest place in the whole planet, around
-1500 meters...
Well, I hope those who had to make conclusions (including Guyshanti- u know what i am talking about) exctracted them from the deep of their minds..
Those who participated the little "after" party, I hope you'll be here one day @ forums and will read this review, it was great time to dance with you and share couple of hours!!!
Special thanks to all our friends that came with us and especially to CyberPunk and his lovely gf (Lili) and the small but powerfull car!!!
You are the best!
(Thanks to me for preparing the 2 hours mix) I hope i didn't let you down, Yuli))

That's pretty all and no shadow of disappointent run through our minds...
Also i expect some photos soon to show you what i was telling you about)

Well we had some real BIG fun in spite of all happend and we wish you all not to give up!
And let the force be with you!
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 10:44:50
One of the best "Karahanot" I ever had in my life.
I will remember this sunrise till the end of my days for sure.

A huge thanx to all the beautiful ppl there for sharing this incredible experience. Special thax to ShivaS, very very great mix.

P.S. People, GO UNDERGROUND !!! This is the only way to survive !
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 10:50:35
it's nice to hear suvh things happaning ....

alex .

u became an organizer of car parties :) ;)
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 10:59:26
heh Tomer, not exactly but we had no choice
besides thet car's sound was quite enough for us;)
OO...and i forgot to mention that after sunarise the ppl shared with all around some good ice cubes from their freezer;))
Was kinda exciting;)
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 11:02:40
all i have left is to be sorry that i wasnt there

next time just tell me which junction....
i'll be there... :)
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 12:34:00
seems like u had a realy good time there ....

that's what i miss now

the unexpected , virgin, unorganized karahanot

cyber punk ,u r  right !

underground is where trance belong & there he is in his best ....
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 14:07:35
That's the spirit ppl!
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 17:38:11
well dear shivas & cyber....
its great to hear that u manage to enjoy even all of the horrible
i can almost imagine what u tell here...
abd yah better 40 good ppl than 1000 ugly ones....
the most important thing is spirit

and i cant understand too
what the hell the police start this ugly war again....
they should buy the retro disc
its for 10 years of trance
do they really think it will be over....???

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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 18:33:35
buetiful thing to do keep on.......
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 18:50:33
nice story! :)
man i need a party :)
i am waiting to see the pix... cool story... good spirit all the way there
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Posted : Aug 5, 2001 20:59:08
Really nice report, ShivaS .. really good mixes that you put for us. The sunrise was usual, cause i used to see that till 4 years already, but there was very nice and INTRESTING place to some dance. I'll send you some photos that we got from there and surprise that you lose .. We leave at 11-11:30 after one more car and there stay 3 or 4 cars.
I has a good weekend, 10x. Was nice to meet u :)
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - The positive story about Dead Sea party and a car!
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