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Trance Forum » » Forum  Greece - The new Opsis album “The Man And The Machine” out !!!
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The new Opsis album “The Man And The Machine” out !!!


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Posted : Mar 20, 2005 22:45

The new Opsis album “The Man And The Machine” is finally out on planetary record shops through Headstick Recordings and distributed by Cosmophilia Distributions.

This album will give you the unique test of melting metal basslines and diamond sharp percussions. Contains 11 new tunes Mastered at the “Dub plates studio” in Berlin from the best engineers of mega sound. The first eight are four on the floor technick extreme dance music, audition recommended with massive loud sound systems. The last three are more down tempo, with less dance attitude suggested more for home listening. The cd case includes an eight page booklet with more than twenty photographs from “the Machine” operation. .Opsis internet sticker is included.

Visit opsis home page @
And you will find free music to download, lots of photos , videos, news and more.
Also u can find opsis @

Here are some comments for this release

Arne Schaffhausen- MidiMiliz/Spiralianz (G+/Boshkebeats)
Dr.Opsis in full effect! Probably his best work up to date. The Man and the Machine is a heavyweight
tech-trance release which will knock you out! Industrial and aggressive beats meet sci-fi sentimentality...

Jan Muller- X-dream/Prime Suspect (G+/Solstice)
The Man AND THE MACHINE is an album who's name is a diffident reflection of it´s sound.
With an interesting combination, OPSIS injects stompy machine like loops juxtiposed to unique melodies and
4 Sure, Opsis is an artist with a promising future

Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats/G+)
" Opsis's new album is into more industrial direction of the classic techtrance standarts setted by the genre's godfathers such as The Delta and X-Dream ."The Man and The Machine" is a minimal cinematic traditional psytechno album that takes you to the journey to both industrial and psytrance worlds."

Holeg- (Aurinko)
"Travelling without moving might be where the Machines lead Humans. Actually, this is what happened to me listening to OPSIS new album.
Some may say it is dark but in my opinion one should not talk about darkness for deep music. This album is definitely deep and I will support
it with the killer dance floor waves produced by this talented composer from Greece"

Triac (Moonflower)
A great tech-trance release by Opsis from Greece. Perfectly blends powerful dancefloor-techno-trance ,experimental downbeats , electronic and great mastering job .A few of Our Favourites Tracks : 2 - Hotel Real - very power dancefloor stuff there.4 - Cash machine - another groovy fatster tekky beats.7 - Fat Bastard - indeed a fat bastard, would rock hard your ears 8 - C.O.D - great groove and freaky atmospheres which will shake you!10 - A Place Called Birth - Amazing downbeat grooves, our most favourite.Highly recommended for all lovers of the genre.

Yaniv Tal (Cosmophilia /Hadshot)
Strong tech trance in the tradition of X- DREAM, MIDIMILIZ, THREE POINT TURN, DELTA... the market have a big hole when it comes to this style what makes this release vital.

Buy “The Man And The Machine” now online:


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Posted : Mar 20, 2005 23:13
it is a nice album, good luck m8           .
Respect is earned, not demanded...
Candyflip Records
|Candyflip Records

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Posted : Mar 21, 2005 03:39
Good luck mate !!!!

Amazing cover !!!!

Your music its not my style , you know it
but always it
works to the dancefloors !!

          Out Now !
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 21, 2005 10:18
it is a nice album / good luck opsis

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Posted : Mar 21, 2005 10:19
Konstantine (Freeze magazine)
Love-Man-Technology.The new Opsis album a true dance killer.Industrial tech-trance minimal beats opening the paths to mechanical age.Be prepared
Supported by Freeze magazine.101/100!!!
Big bravo to the Man behind the Macnine
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 21, 2005 12:58
that great........
good luck guys
wait to hear it           [b]osobuko/b]
Harmonia records
Harmonia Records

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Posted : Mar 21, 2005 20:33

Good luck to Panagiotis!!!! and to Headstick recs!!!

The artwork is really amazing!

I wish the best as well!!!

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Posted : Mar 21, 2005 21:26
nice album mate not exaclty my style but as stratos said it must work a lot to the dancefloor good luck to both ... u and headstick
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 03:02
your style not my really my cup of tea
but you try for your project
I don't wish you luck
when you believe, luck is with your site           Aåé ï èåị̈ ï ́åăạ́ ăåù́åôñåé ôï óớđáí = 3,1415926
Free Frequency
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 13:10
Great cover and very good work..Keep going!!!Wish you all the best!!
          Djane Zoi
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 23:11
i just listened to 1-5 of this cd and was blown away... eagerly waiting the next time i go in my car so i can complete the journey...
fresh serious music - way to go mr.opsis!           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."

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Posted : Mar 25, 2005 18:42
this is an amazing release!
first i was really suprised from the original and inspiring idea of the cover. I truelly dont think we have seen anything like this before.
Then with the music i got an idea of what the sound of the future will be like...machines!!!!
150/100 for this one.
Great idea on the website also !
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