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Trance Forum  Forum  DJ Sets - THE EDGE OF TRANCE - Ep 011 - ft. SINERIDER & KAHN - June 5th, 2015 - on DI.FM
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THE EDGE OF TRANCE - Ep 011 - ft. SINERIDER & KAHN - June 5th, 2015 - on DI.FM

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Posted : Jun 6, 2015 02:13:33

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Kahn in association with Pulsar Music & Digitally Imported present...

( Every First Friday of the month @ 11am PST / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT)

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The Edge of Trance is a new monthly radio show/podcast presented and hosted by KAHN in association with PULSAR MUSIC & THE DIGITALLY IMPORTED GOA-PSY CHANNEL. The show will air the first Friday of every month @ 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time. After it airs, each episode will be available as a FREE download online!

The Edge of Trance will showcase the most spectacular and cutting edge Trance music from around the globe; along with the artists who create this music. As the edgier sounds of Trance continue to gain traction in the US as well as abroad, we will take listeners on a journey into the sounds that are driving this revolution in Trance music. The Edge of Trance will feature guest mixes from today's most cutting edge DJs/Artists. Each guest will be carefully selected for their extensive experience in driving, uplifting, and influencing dancefloors locally and abroad.



Friday, June 5th, 2015
(11am PST / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT)


(24/7 Records, UK)
----> Sinerider has been releasing quality music since day one. In June 2014 Sinerider released his debut album, "Pure Tones". The highly anticipated full length release was met with a high degree of critical acclaim, and lifted Sinerider's career to new heights - making him one of the most in-demand artists around the globe! The album was an instant hit with crowds, and many of the tracks became festival staples. Sinerider delivers smooth yet hard hitting Psytrance, with careful execution assuring that every track shines with its own breadth and identity. He has collaborated with and remixed many of the scene's finest artists including: Sonic Species, Materia, Rinkadink, EEon, and Criptik - among many others! Look forward to many new releases from Sinerider in the coming year including EPs, tracks on compilations, and more to come! Sinerider is locked on and loaded to blast...

(Pulsar Music // Solar Tech, USA)
---> Coming to the dance floor with a diverse background of musical experiences, Kahn conveys a unique vibe of melodic, intelligent, and seductively aggressive beats; framed by pulsating stimulating basslines, and powerful Full-On leads. In his DJ sets, the dancer can expect to hear the only the most modern and technical electric sounds from around the globe with an emphasis on heavy and funky, "Funkadelic," "Hi-Tek," "Full-On" Psytrance and Progressive.




01. Sinerider & Eeon - Light in the Dark
02. Sinerider & Escape - Aftermath
03. Rinkadink - Anyone seen bender (Sinerider RMX)
04. Sinerider & Materia - Supercell
05. Sinerider - Silica Pathways
06. Sinerider & Sonic Species - Alien Technology
07. Sinerider - New Horizon
08. Sinerider & Touch Tone - Hypersonic Sound
09. Sinerider - Restart the Sun
10. Sinerider & Cryptik - Tonal Recall

Second Hour: KAHN

01. Triceradrops - Dandrop
02. X-NoiZe & Volcano - Volcanoize
03. Domateck - Essence
04. Sesto Sento - Disconnecting (Mystical Complex RMX)
05. Anatomic - Imagine
06. Virtual Light & Manipulation - Lick The Future
07. Escape - Intruder
08. Spirit Architect & Djantrix - Liberation
09. Mystical Complex & Dapanji - Distigma
10. Outside The Universe - Aliens Attack
11. ESP - Intricate Web

Background Music: John Dopping - Malady

::Past Episodes::

EPISODE 1 ft. VINI VICI & KAHN - Aug 1st, 2014

EPISODE 2 ft. VERTICAL MODE & KAHN - Sept 5th, 2014

EPISODE 3 ft. OUTSIDERS & KAHN - Oct 3rd, 2014

EPISODE 4 ft. MARTIAN ARTS & KAHN - Nov 7th, 2014

EPISODE 5 ft. PAINKILLER & KAHN - Dec 5th, 2014

EPISODE 6 ft. SONIC SPECIES & KAHN - Jan 2nd, 2015

EPISODE 7 ft. LAUGHING BUDDHA & KAHN - Feb 6th, 2015

EPISODE 8 ft. FLOWJOB & KAHN - Mar 6th, 2015

EPISODE 9 ft. CHAMPA & KAHN - April 3rd, 2015

EPISODE 10 ft. MAGNUS & KAHN - May 1st, 2015 
Trance Forum  Forum  DJ Sets - THE EDGE OF TRANCE - Ep 011 - ft. SINERIDER & KAHN - June 5th, 2015 - on DI.FM
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