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The Cure presents: VA - "Fleinheim" - OUT NOW


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Posted : Jan 18, 2019 13:07:59
The Cure collective are honored & excited to present our new charity compilation V/A "Fleinheim".
Fleinheim freely translates as home of the magic mushroom.
Flein is the Liberty Caps that grows around Scandinavia and were loved by the vikings for its psilocybin properties.
Heim is a norse word meaning home.
The journey features purely innovated deeply psychedelic forest trance music by various inspired artists from around the world.

V/A "Fleinheim"
01. Purosurpo - "Deepwake Hypno-Mountain"
(01:31min, Intro)
02. Nicr & Fugu Cans - "The Other Day"
03. Ugler I Mosen - "Krudtuglen"
(07:40min, 149bpm)
04. Forest Bamp & Ecko - "The Doors of Perception"
(07:46min, 148bpm)
05. Kedros - "Mora"
(09:19min, 150bpm)
06. Shiibashunsuke - "Spores of truth"
(07:26min, 152bpm)
07. Igboogã - "Death Moss"
(07:31min, 155bpm)
08. Del Torto & Photophobia - "Prisoners Of The Present"
(15:18min, 150bpm)
09. Adansonia - "Rana Del Saco"
(08:43, 150bpm)
10. Smuds - "Behelit"
(09:32min, 147bpm)
11. Foggy - "Vi Ses Senare"
(09:44min, 148bpm)
12. Purosurpo - "Deepsleep Hypno-Mountain"
(05:25min, Outro)
Total run time 1:37:11

All profits from this compilation will be donated to the Heffter Research Institute advancing studies on psilocybin for cancer distress and addiction with the highest standards of scientific research.

Compiled by Trabalder & Namroll

Mastered by Tim Schuldt

Artwork by Mantis Mash

Support the compilation available as:

Digital download

Fleinheim T-shirt by Plazmalab (comes with a free Digital download)

Wooden USB leaf shaped 32gb memory stick including V/A Fleinheim and all The Cure digital discography in 16bit & HQ 24bit

Follow us and listen to samples on soundcloud:…/…/va-fleinheim
Release date: 19/01/2019
Tr.1+12 w&p by Jens Eriksson @ Malmö, Sweden
Tr.2 w&p by Alexey Mishin & Yury Korolkov @ Moscow, Russia
Tr.3 w&p by Martin Frost @ Aarhus, Denmark
Tr.4 w&p by Bam Verdugo & Kleber Colombini @ Madrid, Spain
Tr.5 w&p by George Gidakos @ Athens, Greece
Tr.6 w&p by Shunsuke Shiiba @ Miyazaki, Japan
Tr.7 w&p by Ilarí Papá & Diogo Reyes Silva @ Bahia, Brazil
Tr.8 w&p by Pablo Botelho & Thiago Del Torto @ São Paulo, Brazil
Tr.9 w&p by Ramiro Martinez Hermet @ General Roca, Argentina
Tr.10 w&p by Rasmus Leth @ Copenhagen, Denmark
Tr.11 w&p by Alex & Leon Burshtein @ Tel Aviv, israel
Trance Forum » » Forum  Promotional Releases - The Cure presents: VA - "Fleinheim" - OUT NOW
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