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Taruna Ė World Fusion 2 (Shiva Space Technology)

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 26, 2003 17:47
Artist: Taruna (aka JŻrgen Eppinger)

Album: World Fusion 2

Label: Shiva Space Technology

Release Date: May 2003

Cat: SSTCD015

Total playtime: 74:22

01 Rainbowmothers First 09:55
02 Pardesi 06:38
03 Emerald 08:21
04 Biosphere Terra Gaia 08:24
05 Cosmic Devotion 07:25
06 Arcturus Dominion 2012 07:51
07 See The Prophets 05:53
08 Regulus 08:02
09 Orinoco 07:42
10 The Truth Will Come Back To This Planet 04:11

Here I am. Here being a ďmountainĒ around 20 kilometers away from my home. Must have been about 2 hours ago that I recorded ďTaruna Ė World Fusion 2Ē to a minidisc, grabbed the player, a blanket and my laptop and drove here. That took maybe 40 minutes, but was just the beginning. After some furios climbing I finally reached the top. While doing that I nearly died like 5 times. So now, infront of my very eyes thereís the gulf on Finland. This ďmountainĒ is surrounded by a meadow. Itís pretty scary for thereís like the mists of avalon hanging just over it. As Iím on the northern altitudes itís not too dark. The sun can be seen behind the horizon, though itís very, extremly distant. Itís 2 oíclock. The sky is very odd. Huge cloud armies marching across it. The colours are wonderdful. If you know what the ďShpongle Ė Tales Of The InexpressableĒ front cover looks like then youíve got pretty good idea. White, blue, purple and gray can be identified. The clouds naturally represent the white and the grey. The sky is blue and purple. On the very horizon some warmer colours, such as yellow and orange appear, though they are really faint, almost unidentifyable. I canít see the moon, but Iím sure the fucker is somewhere up there. The sea is looks very peacefull. Thereís no wind whatsoever. Itís very peaceful. No sound, nothing, just me all alone in the night. Iím curled inside the blanket. Only my hands are outside. The laptop is naturally on my lap. There are a few chocolate bars on my right, and naturally a giant on my right hand. Itís by the way slowly burnign away. If my mom would only see me now. My laptops battery, with itís 500mhz Amd K6-2 processor and 192mb ram is 100% charged. Thatís what the Mandrake Linux 9.1 says anyways. As I was climbing I though about the last Taruna album ďWorld FusionĒ. I didnít remember any of the track titles, knew it was lying somewhere in my room though. Must have not been such special, to my taste anyways. So shall we begin?

Track 1. The beginning suits the moment well. Very distant, peacefull, and yes perhaps even a little magical. Itís very Himalayn. Chors, bells, and chants are heard. Also a gong. I by the way am totally waisted, so excuse my bad grammar/spelling. At 01:20 the bells, tinkles, and chants are preparing a beat, which then suddenly becomes a conga fury. We get a solid bpm. 01:45 we get a bassline, which is very trancey. We definetly have a pattern. I wouldnít call this ambient. Then the melody kicks in. Itís very untraditional. The congas are strong, but so is the melody. The bassline canít be forgotten either. 03:25 we have a break. The bassline remains. Itís not going anywhere. I see a cloud that resembles a wizard. Though this guy doesnít have lower body. Isít the giant kicking in? Very strong trance synth is introduced. Well this really isnít exactly my cup of tea. Iím not saying that the track is bad or anything, but itís just too trancey and straight forward to my taste. The style slightly reminds me of some faster Entheogenic tracks. The ending is very chilled and definetly a step into right direction. Itís amazing strings and a flute that are doing the work. Very Chinese! A gong sort of ends it.

Track 2. The beginning is very electric. We get straight down to business with a beat, that getís even deeper down to business after is has existed for 20 seconds or so. 00:45 we get a travelling bouncing synth. Very joyful bleeps! The wizard cloud has a giant on itís right hand! A groove? No not really, but sort of. The bouncy synth is behind it. Are we still at the Himalayas? Have I heard that melody before? Also that female chanter sounds familiar. Sheís singing and I ofcourse donít understand a single word. We have all sorts of stuff on both the fore- and the background. All in all very groovy, still fast sort of trance with out those strong kicks. Some jazz influences are also present. 04:10 we get some kind of finger picked instrument. The drums arenít going any where. I kind a wish they very. They are way too Talvin Singh/Tala Matrix like and I really am not too keen on them. Maybe I should close my eyes? Huge smile on my face! Itís definetly better eyes closed! Much better.

Track 3. Thunder begins it. Thereís also a future/space spoken sample thingy. Once again very fast yet soft bpm. This is a new trance genre! Too bad thatís not what Iím seeking. Hmm, actually it reminds me of that ďCeltic CrossĒ album, and the last track on it. Thereís a violin like instrument in this. FLUTE! I heard a flute! I definetly heard a flute. YES! A step into right direction again. 03:15 we get some congas. They are very soft. Spanish like groove follows. Once again the closing eyes trick does the job. Behind closed eyelids everything is different. Well, once again not exactly my cup of tea. Too organic, while itís not really organic at all. Difficult to explain.

Track 4. Waveeeeeees. ďWhat you are is the result of a certain kind of program being run on a certain kind of hardware the hardware the sub molecular structures that move ?? through themselves and out of an ambient chemical medium select building blocks which are then put together create a 3 dimensional object which has the quality of life.Ē Thatís the sample that begins this track. The speaker has robotic voice. In the middle of it we get a kick that grows stronger. 00:45 thereís pure hell going on. Once again something totally unambient. Crows? Hellís gates opening? Very symbolic. Nice SYNTH! But I donít like the general feeling. The giant is wearing off. Or not. Iím so fucking twisted. 02:20 that must be Raja Ram chanting. =) I wonder what heís saying. Violin, the 4x4 hell, the astrix bassline, it all blends in rather nice. 03:23 thereís a ďBrave heartĒ uplifter. Very indian athmosphere, which the flute nicely blends in. If I wouldnít have been expecting ambient album I would most likely now be dancing or something. But I gotta admit that Iím a little dissapointed. But, thereís really nothing wrong with this track either. Reminds me of earlier Hallucinogen tracks actually. Yes, definetly old school. For those who are missing that feeling long gone. Listen to this! 06:20 the synth is still doing the melody. Yes, I said melody. 06:35 itís time to go back to the hill billy ďviolinĒ. All in all, pure nostalgia here. I would rather enjoy hearing this track next summer at Samothraki. That would be NICEY NICE!

Track 5. Finally part 2? Begin of the chillage village? All we had to do was to enter that hell gate thingy? Oh no! Once again we get strong drums. No variation whatsoever. Oh but OH MY. We get more traditional beat on top of the conga/tabla work. Chiller? Yes, definetly. Typing this behind closed eyelids so there might be many misspells. Evil spells =). 01:40 we have blisfull melody. That chant is nice! Oh familiar chant! From Ottís ďBlumenkfartĒ album? Ye, I think so. Not important, but Iíve definetly heard that before! The woman and man chanter are definetly having a conversation. Thereís definetly some magic in those congas. This is I guess a little more downbeatish work. Very twisted in a way. Scratching! Havenít heard that in a ďtranceĒ track before! Very nice build up going on somewhere around 05:00. Flute is in again. Very complete work here. No doubt the best track this far.

Track 6. Mystical beginning. Floating soundscape. Once again very spacey. Not that thereís any space in it, but the space feeling is definetly all around the place. Very cool spoken sample at one minute mark. Then itís time to dive into bakcroom beat world. Chanters seem to be there too. Very strong beat. The bass is a monster. CHILLEEER! =) Getting break beatier. Flute is here. Whatís missing? Perhaps a nice flocky melody? Yes, something like that would be nice. 03:12 we get one of those Asia instruments. 04:35 itís time for the Talvin Singh/Tala Matrix conga stuff. Way too fast to my taste. I just really donít find anything interesting in conga beat that repeats it self over and over again. No variation what so ever. Drum n bassih. About to hit the skip button on my md. Yes, I will. No thanks. Not my cup of tea.

Track 7. Once again we get old school influences. I just smoked a cigarette. The sun is rising. Itís now 3 oíclock or something. Well once again we have a down beat track, which unfortunelately I donít find too interesting. Feels like this is made for the masses. Maybe Iím just too tired. Ah yes, that might be it. BUT, in my opinion good music doesnít let you fall asleep. Structures. Formulas. All the stuff I despise is here. Slightly, very sligly reminds me of the Entheogenic style again. We can see the prohets. Thatís what a sample says. His voice is very sympathetic.

Track 8. Could be a classical track. The very beginning anyways. That option dissapears once the effects kicks in. I hear rain and forest noise on the background. Beautiful beginning all in all. Dreamy, makes you wonder what is to follow. 01:10 something starts. Could be very epic. You never know. But NO! 4x4 carbage is once again upon. Chillage part just before 03:00. As the name suggests. Itís just regular ďhey lets make musicĒ music. Nothing special really.

Track 9. Dreamy beginning again. But my hopes arenít high at all. 01:13 itís still chill. Well still quite promising at 01:50. Chilly stuff all over the place still at 2 minute mark. This could be good. Beleve it or not but still at 03:30 it sounds really nice! Better than nice actually. 05:48 thatís more like it! We have a melody, beat that has major variation. Melodies over melodies. YES! Over.

Track 10. It all ends in a soundscape..

So? All in all huge dissapointment. But I did see it coming. What goes for my location. I was just fucking with you. I was thinking about going to this mountain, but decided to save the experience for the next Shpongle studio album (I hope it will be released @ summer time =) ). So I was all along in my homeís basement. Writing this stuff. Anyways, if you liked the first one Iím sure youíll also like this one. Otherwise. You should atleast prelisten this before buying. Mmkay? This is probably one of those albums that you either love or hate. I donít love it, but still a lot better than the regular stuff thatís released these days..

for samples and cover art please vŪsit my webpage..
          "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven

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Posted : May 28, 2003 14:05
Good call on the entheogenic on speed 'similarity'. Indeed this is a bit more uplifting than the regular chillout stuff but more tribal than trancy imo. Sonic Fusion comes to mind. The etnic influences reminded me of Suns of Arqa. Ah, well.

I fell in love with this album after spinning 'Rainbowmothers First' and 'Biosphere Terra Gaia' at the end of a chillout set last week (for a cafee no party)...The few people that were there started moving, the bartenders gave a thump up and immediately 2 people came up to ask wtf it was what I just played.

What makes it so good? Its the flow I guess...Take the best track ''Biosphere Terra Gaia'... After 2 minutes of upbeat percussion a guy starts singing in arabian...then halfway a spacy break...instrument solo's...a 303 synth mixes itself dominantly through the track and starts to go mad...More percussion towards the end...

Not a dull moment and somehow quite experimental...Rich in sound with several climaxes in each track. After a few listens it all falls together and for me this has the same addictiveness as last years Entheogenic masterpiece although the French duo win on points for being a tad more edgy.

Don't miss it...its special...

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Posted : May 31, 2003 16:22
it's a really great album.
ethnic influence all over the album, bring U a very nice emotional vibes  - -

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Posted : Jun 2, 2003 01:25
wow .... now we know where it is coming from ...
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