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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - TALPA - Art of being non (Sundance )
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TALPA - Art of being non (Sundance )

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 20, 2003 02:19
I did a party this year in Sydney, Australia with Infected Mushroom and Franny djed after their live set.. and played some talpa.. fucking hell !! i still dont know who had the better music that night.. franny and his talpa stash or infected ?

good luck franny and talpa from the yakandyeti crew in sydney..
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Posted : Nov 20, 2003 04:55

On 2003-11-18 21:34, hod gavriel wrote:
i don't think it's a shame... he made talpa very famous!

Live set from Transplant 10 made him famous, too.

OK people, just a few words about some tracks that're gonna be on the new album.

2] "My kingom"...ahhhh.....Simply a killer! Starting at 14:00 till 20:35 in live set. Great idea! I've never such an idea before! This one's gonna get you deeply into trance, lot of emotions envolved here! Simply a masterpiece from Talpa! Higher level of trance music! Those synth patterns and background melodies are gonna make you wonder who made Talpa so angry when he was creating this track haha A culmination is just awesome, I just can't use poor words that people use to describe the energy present in this track.

5] "No place to hide" - Starting at 7:23, ending at 13:59 in live set (somebody correct, I am not sure about the exact beggining of this track in set from Transplant). It starts with great female singing, a lot of twists and turns, interesting idea, which changes through the track. Some buildups, too. Some very happy rhythms I can hear, great melodies again and again... Some samples used from cartoons I think hehe. After that, we have one very dark melody followed by....WOOOW! A total madness at the end! Now I know why this track is called "No place to hide". It's like somebody's chasing you aroung, and there's no place to hide! LOL End of this track is just amazing! I heard this thousand times so far, and still, every time I listen to it, it sounds very interesting, and not boring at all... Well, I think it's just my taste, you might not agree about what I wrote. Oh well...

6] "Dragon tail" - The opening track from Transplant live set (00:00 - 7:23), you might have heard it under the name "Infected Mushroom - The beaty and the beat". No comment, who ever did that... It starts slowly, and transforms into a reall dancefloor killer. Nice patterns, great melodies... Some dark moments over here, too. Well, I like production in this track. Amazing... alot of slowdowns and speedups in this track hehe. The end of the track is just fabolous.. What a killer.....OMG! A culmination is at the end, too. Melody that makes you ask yourself: "Is this a heaven's gate or what?" Very emotional end! Can't describe it, just hear this!

8] "The monster" (starting at 27:46, ending at about 33:54 in transplant set.... correct me if I'm wrong about this) - Nice bassline, great vocal effects here. Dark background tune here and there. Female's voice talking about the monster Very dark background, hoho I like it! Good to hear this track!

"People are animals" is gonna be great from what I heard in that sample! Other tracks... I'll have an opinion on those when I hear'em...

I just can't wait to this new album. Way to go Talpa. Greetings from .....

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Posted : Nov 20, 2003 13:22

It seems it's going to take some more time for this album to be released... the release date has been changed again... to early 2004!
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 20, 2003 16:09
it's called a Label's delay.           u can find "Anything U Want" using the search...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 23, 2004 14:46
Any news on the album??

I'm sure it's going to be amazing! Hope it comes out soon!!!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 24, 2004 13:03
Goes to press next week ! just finalising teh art, been stuck on hardrive of sick computer : (

anyway, should be ready very soon!!

Alot of my set in Infected Mushroom party in sydney was also NYSTAGMUS , very talented artist & psy brother of talpa living in Vancouver, Canada

also on sundance!

IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  70
Posts :  2299
Posted : Jan 25, 2004 04:05
great news! I was starting to fear it wasn't going to see the light of day.

Can't wait!!

ps - I liked the Nystagmus tracks I heard.. is there an album in the works??

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Jan 26, 2004 11:02
Good news, yeah!

Can't wait for Talpa's album

Yeah, Nystagmus has some very good music, too.

I liked the whole concept of both Sundance compilations. Hope it won't change.

Keep the psychedelic sound in the underground!

Catch ya later.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 30, 2004 18:34
both these artists stole the show on "Vibraspirit 23" last year. im exfcited to hear of more from them!

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Posted : Feb 4, 2004 09:01
this one is going to be a major hit !!!
one of the new rising stars in the scene !!!
cant wait !!!  - -
Infected Mind
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 4, 2004 09:40
so when is it going to be out??
Kaos Techno

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Posted : Feb 8, 2004 00:56
talpa..hmmm cool
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  70
Posts :  2299
Posted : Feb 15, 2004 18:42
When when when is this album coming out?!? This isn't just music, it's magic!

I'm putting in my advance order to saikosounds as soon as I see it on there!


Started Topics :  3
Posts :  42
Posted : Feb 18, 2004 20:20

I am getting crazy over here waiting for Talpa's album! Can't wait

There's no place to hide in my kingdom

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Feb 18, 2004 22:29
me too me too hahahah : )
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