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Posted : Nov 17, 2009 21:44:56
helo there i am ASh (SUNTRIBE) from Australia Melb , i am comeing to play in Chile and Bolvia to play in this Jan 2010 i would love to play in Brazil. i will be in Chile till end jan so i am looking for more partys to play will be good if i can play for one of ur partys
hope to hear from u soon
EMAIL- (msn)

Suntribe aka Ashok Mohan was born and raised in Madurai -India. ( )
Ashok was blessed with a family that gave him both a deeply spiritual upbringing and the liberty to choose his own creative path. This freedom gave Ash the opertunity to experiment with sounds that were unheard of by people his own age, inside the ancient temple city of Madurai. Soon enough it became obvious to all that Ash was meant for more. Seeking to understand and learn more about music Ashok chose Austrailia or perhaps Austrailia opened its heart and welcomed him.
It was 'down under' that Suntribe came into being. With a kind of psychdelic sound that reflects every atom of Ash personal experiences Suntribe's complex rythms with hypnotic overtones are a sound thats managed to funk up dancefloors on a global scale.
Suntribe has played at events like honto, traincore, bliss, frebase, digital mayhem, and earthcore global carnival 4 years in a row. He has performed with trance artists like gms, rajaram, eskimo, space tribe, electric universe, sesto sento, juno reactor, sun project and infected mushroom.

Now on...

Ashok is colaborating with BANE on a project called Protosun and celebrates the release of this album on Freakquencybuzz Records by kicking of a tour that starts with a new years gig in Chile and then on to Bolivia, Mexico, Europe, The Middle East and finally Asia.


And this my second project Bio

Been missing the electronic vibes, the true electronic sounds, the true essence of electronic music that you witnessed back in the 90s? Most of the authentic electronic sounds that have ruled the scene over the years have been disappearing at a rapid pace from the realms of Electronic music. This deteriorating situation has to come to a stand still. Digital Sun, a project started off by Suntribe, one of the best names in Electronica, venturing into a dark space which is almost gone and has been forgotten brings for you, Universal Sound, the sounds that have come to your ears from the various locations across the globe.

(Intro to Digital Sun)

Universal Sound, the debut artist album by Digital Sun will take you back to those times in the 90s which you have grown listening to. Have you been missing the amazing vocal samples that give an Electronic track its aura? Tracks that constitute the album compose of lots and lots of those amazing vocals sourced from various parts of the globe as suggested by the Album title. These mesmerizing vocals will keep you on your feet with your hands spread high pointing towards the heavens giving you a feeling that you would get when these vocals are dropped in front of you in a club, in a jungle or even at a house party.

Filled to the brim with some of the most amazing psychedelic samples and synths, the tracks want you to be right there in front of the speakers from start to end. Synths that have been used by all the artists in the previous decades to give you the everlasting groovy and jumpy feeling.

Sounds that you are familiar with. Deep House mixed with some amazing Electro effects coupled with amazing vocals, sounds interesting doesn't it? Tailored according to the tastes of the current day music heads, tracks in the album have both the light and the heavy side, giving you the best of both worlds and the sounds that are soothing to your precious ears. Quality here is by far one of the best in the industry, the tracks produced keeping in mind the amazing forms of music in the previous decade which have been fused with the currently sought after modern day electronic sounds, a new experience, a new feeling and the dawn of a new sound. With various forms of electronic music brought together and merged with various effects you get the best of all that Electronic music is about be it House, Deep dark House, Electro, Progressive Tech, Electro and Trance.

In one sentence, this album is the dream of every Electronic music lover getting you everything together that you would expect out of a track bringing together some of the biggest and the most adored sub-genres blended with those amazing effects and vocals, presenting to you the sounds of the past with those of the future created in the present, all in all the word to summarize this beauty would be "Complete".

Revisiting those memorable sounds through the medium of Digital Sun's innumerable years of experience, just sit back, relax and get your dancing shoes on, for Digital Sun is here to take you on a journey to your space, on a journey to that universe that you call electronic music. The Land of Electronica beckons you to the world of the music. Lose yourself and give into the sounds from Digital Sun and witness his Universal Sounds. Are you ready to go Back to those times? To those unending energies? Then you have the right album in your possession.

link for digital sun music
Trance Forum  Forum  Brazil - SUNTRIBE
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