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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Sundial Aeon - Analysis (Impact Studio Records, 2014)
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Sundial Aeon - Analysis (Impact Studio Records, 2014)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 26, 2014 19:53:29
Sundial Aeon - Analysis

Impact Studio Records, 2014

1. Preface
2. Synchronicity
3. Biotransmission
4. Artifact
5. Crystal Genesis
6. Aerospace Labyrinth (Suduaya Remix)
7. Electric Blowing
8. Drifting Radio Frequencies
9. Underwater Railway Station
10. Sleepy Tranquility

In the world of sales there is a commonly know expression that on the day you sign up a client you start losing him. Translated into the realities of the music world, one of the tasks of an artist is to maintain the relationship between the creator and the recipient/listener through further works, so that the interest is not lost. The artists behind Sundial Aeon had the same assumption, thus they gave life to their next full album. The new album entitled "Analysis" shows why it was so easy for this music to become popular not only in Poland, but also beyond the borders of our country.

The first contact with the album is of course the cover. This one is very tasteful and its color and theme evoke vivid shots from the "The Big Blue" movie by Luc Besson. Going on a deeper level we immerse ourselves in familiar areas of the Sundial kingdom. Once again we will be able to feel like a fish in the water, because from the very beginning we meet familiar style that Sundial Aeon have honed over the years of their fruitful activity. The whole album is once again rocking skillfully the listener in vast areas of chillout with occasional trance influences, so that the disc is not only a worthy companion on the hammock or sofa, but also an effective weapon in the fight against trancefloor boredom. The album itself is indeed very flexible when it comes to its execution, so that it proves both a tasty proposal on a hot day, as well as for autumn rainy days. This only adds to the value of the delivered product. Already the beginning of the album is staggeringly beautiful. A dignified and very atmospheric piano intro titled "Preface" morphs in time into familiar electronic sequences, to continue to move smoothly into a world full of thought called "Synchronicity". It is a musical equivalent of deep see travel into the oceanic depths. In "Biotransmission" we slow down a bit, so that we can look closer at what we found at the bottom of the underwater realm. The happy-colored "Artifact" is, in a way, flirting with the listener, provoking him to switch to a more vertical position. His successor in the form of the straightforward track called "Crystal Genesis" will provide an energetic trance boost. Next we have a new take on a familiar tune, the original version of which we have known already on the album "Hypnosis" from 2013. The remixed version of "Aerospace Labyrinth" was done by Louis-David Roquefer a.k.a. Suduaya, a French artist keen on progressive & chillout vibes, associated with releasing his music under the Altar Records banner. Sundial Aeon's colleague provided here a progressive version, which is perfect for outdoor activities at about 8-9 o'clock in the morning, while there is not a single cloud in the sky. "Electric Blowing" and "Drifting Radio Frequencies" fall more under the category of efficient & effective donwtempo sedatives, highly acceptable after their pumping trance predecessors. We get to sit back in the trance-train again with the advent of "Underwater Railway Stadium". These well-illustrated 8 minutes of a track will rise to their feet even the most resistant people. As it goes for the outro we have "Sleepy Tranquility", a relaxing track suitable for closing the whole album.

Counting the years since their very first release, Sundial Aeon maintain the heat between their music and listeners since 2006. Along the way we have had the "Metabasis", "Apotheosis", "Mimesis", "Wolfsberg" (a remix spin-off of its predecessor) and "Hypnosis" albums, as well as the cool & laidback "Chilling Cuts vol. 4" compilation. "Analysis" enriches the whole thing with an atmosphere of continuity, because it perfectly fits into the release tradition not only because of the title, but above all by the high value of the delivered product, which impresses with world-class sounds. Additionally, the CD is charming enough not to suffer the effect of certain repetition. Meanwhile, I suspect that ideas for new material are already blooming and I feel that in 2015 I will be writing about the next album with the "-is" suffix. I'm looking forward to it.  - download for free's 10th anniversary compilation featuring 100% Polish psy-music (goa, prog, dark, full-on, chillout): Artha, Sundial Aeon and many more - Polish psytrance website
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Sundial Aeon - Analysis (Impact Studio Records, 2014)
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