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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Summer fest near NY?
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Summer fest near NY?

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 15, 2003 21:46
anyone have any info about a festival happening near NY in June with Penta, djAnti, srange etc?
Mammoth Hunter

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Posted : Apr 15, 2003 22:55
It's a festival organized by NYC promoter Omnitribe on June 14-16. They will soon have a site up at

You can buy tickets online at

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 15, 2003 23:43
aaah !!!

the summer is beginning to sound so so much better .. this looks like it should be an incredible party - is it a three day festival, the site's down at the moment ..

          paagal power ..
Mammoth Hunter

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Posted : Apr 15, 2003 23:50
Also, Gaian Mind just released their line-up and it includes Magnetrixx, Hux Flux and Oliver, formerly of Reefer Decree. Indeed it should be a nice summer!
Apocalypse Now
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 16, 2003 05:29
damn. two festivals in two weeks. I won't be able to make it to this one but it looks great. Noma, S-Range, Anti, Penta and etc. Not too bad.           Both teams played hard
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 30, 2003 23:20

On 2003-04-15 22:55, Mammoth Hunter wrote:
It's a festival organized by NYC promoter Omnitribe on June 14-16. They will soon have a site up at

the site isn't up just yet, but there is an online teaser for the party and line-up @ .. looks like a hell of a weekend!


Summer 2003 ~ Thursday night June 13th - Monday Early morning June 17 ~ once in a lifetime event!

Open~air festival in all its richness and variety is coming to New York. This one is for creative minds, electronic music lovers, camping enthusiasts, summer vacationists, searchers for something different ~ out of control ~ out of town experience...

You are being invited to become part of the history, to support the movement of freedom and to enjoy the real outdoor party experience - of this kind for the first time in the USA. Totally legal, totally unleashed with live performances and DJ acts from international, domestic and local NY artists; with fire allowed camping; dance floors by the lake, chill out floor in the woods, second dance in between; live video mixing, light show, interactive environment...

we are bringing Chillout, Stage 1 and Stage 2

Confirmed line-up for 3 stages { performer name ~ residency ~ affiliated with ~ act } :::

Anti ~ Sweden ~ Spiral Trax, Acid Casualties ~ dj
Bim ~ Germany ~ Midijum [previously Medium] Records ~ dj
Silent Sphere ~ Switzerland ~ Midijum Records, Com.pact Records ~ live
Noma ~ Sweden ~ Spiral Trax, Dragonfly, Medium, Hadshot ~ live & dj
S>Range ~ Sweden ~ Spiral Trax, Agitato, Flow, Spirit Zone, Flying Rhino ~ live
Penta ~ San Francisco, CA ~ Spectral Concepts ~ live & dj
Initialization String ~ Fort Worth, TX ~ Subtle
Distortion Records ~ live
Psy-Clone Toronto, Canada ~ R351570R, Double-Agent Records ~ dj
Influx ~ NYC/Brazil ~ Dreamcatcher ~ dj
Mist ~ Tx ~ Misctical Productions ~ live & dj
FX Mike ~ NYC/Russia ~ Omni Tribe ~ dj & live
Dutch ~ San Francisco, CA ~ Thump Radio ~ dj
Gavin ~ NYC ~ Spectra ~ dj
David Marks ~ Toronto, Canada ~ Rare Zoo Babies ~ live @ chillout
Gift Culture ~ Fort Worth, TX ~ the chilldryn, Subtle Distortion, Aumkara, SLSK ~ live @ chillout
Sh.I.K.I.D ~ NYC/Israel/Russia ~ Omni Tribe ~ dj
Kife ~ NYC/Russia ~ Omni Tribe ~ dj & live
D-Space ~ FL, CT ~ Soular Records ~ live
Liran ~ NYC/Israel ~ Hom-mega Records ~ dj
Jason Sanachan ~ NYC ~ Subtlechaos ~ dj
Dam ~ Toronto, Canada ~ Deep Sea Fish ~ dj
Erth ~ ~ live
Onnomon ~ NY/PA ~ Soular records ~ live
Binary ~ Boston ~ Sonicbeating ~ dj
Allen ~ Philadelphia ~ Gaian Mind, Metropolis Records ~ dj
Dr. Zinnober & Nikto ~ NYC ~ ~ live & dj
Indra ~ Stony Brook, NY/Kiev,Ukraine ~ Alphatrance, Omni Tribe ~ dj
Leshiy ~ NYC ~ omni tribe ~ dj
Stas ~ NYC/Russia ~ omni tribe ~ dj
Dima ~ Neponsit ~ omni tribe ~ dj
Angeles ~ NYC/Chile ~ Chiletrance, 6TH Element ~ dj
Stefan ~ NYC ~ Decompression ~ dj
Steve-O ~ NYC ~ GoaBabies, Spectra ~ dj
Electric mayhem ~ Pittsburgh ~ Sidetrakkt ~ dj
Psyphon ~ Pittsburgh ~ Sidetrakkt ~ dj
Serge ~ NYC ~ digital circuitry ~ dj
Vitalik ~ NYC/Russia ~ Omni Tribe, Midijum Records USA ~ dj

Dance stages deco by Severyn (NYC)
Main Dance stage Visual Effects by Ben Light-o-Matic (NYC)
Multiple Projection by several teams from NYC/Boston
Chillout by Dark Styles (NYC)

updates will follow; exact time-slots for all 3 stages to be announced at the day of the festival;

Ticket Sale @
Price: $120USD at the door {} Limited Advance Tix
$40USD available now {}
$50USD in mid May (with "all sales are final - no returns / no refunds" note)

Please buy now to save some cash and to support our efforts. This way we'll be able to do more of the little things that will help with the overall success, plus 40$ tickets come with "3 weeks before the festival money back guarantee".

Direct link to purchase:

This is RAIN OR SHINE event.

Pine forest professionally developed for
international scale festival: with decent 21st centuring conveniences, Restaurant, alcohol-reach bar.

Ishtarbuck's Chai ~ a combination of chai shop, clothing stall, and children's area ~ soothing hot chai and other revitalizing herbal teas, plus light fare, such as hot oatmeal for breakfast and vegetarian wraps for lunch...

You are encouraged to bring food, drinks etc. with you.

Directions::: (2.5 hrs drive from Brooklyn):
Take "New York Through Way" to exit 21... the rest to be released soon ...The location is 2 exits north from the famous Woodstock. Note that the parking lot is built for 14,000 vehicles.

Brought to you by Omni Tribe Crew with help from:
BuringElf (NYC)
Spectra (NYC)
Killin Floor (Boston)
Double~Agent Records (Toronto)
Deep Sea Fish (Toronto)
Dreamcatcher (NYC)
DarkStyles (NYC)
Subtle Chaos (NYC)

Organizers History:::::: This is our second in a row festival. Small one last year and now we are getting seriously ready.
Omni Tribe started summer 2001, with free open-air parties by the bay here in Brooklyn and free parties by the Washington Bridge. Keeping the underground vibe, we did many commercial events at warehouses around the city, private lofts and NYC clubs
(Limelight, Speeed/Shelter, Mundo). Invited artists such as Bitmonx, Mahasuka(, LLopis, Emok (, Factor-D, Pena
(, Son Kite, Peter Didjital (, Anix
(, SBK/Tarsis, Sangeet (, Noma, Human Blue (, Mino (, Caribace (; Haldolium, Timetech, Buzz; DJ Bim (

Links:::: ,,

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  21
Posts :  276
Posted : May 3, 2003 06:51
half of ppl are dj Vanja, Vasya, Dima - all the names sound familiar ;-) 
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