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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Stop the RAVE Act now!
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Stop the RAVE Act now!


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Posted : Apr 10, 2003 07:01

Late on Tuesday, April 8, a Senate and House Conference Committee,
without a hearing, public notice or a debate in Congress, attached
the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (formerly known as the RAVE
Act) to the Amber Alert Bill (a child abduction bill).

It is not too late to stop the bill - Fax your senators. The main
floor fight is likely to take place in the Senate in the next 12-24
hours so do it NOW

Representatives John Conyers (D-MI) and Bobby Scott (D-VA) valiantly
opposed this sneaky effort to pass controversial legislation.
Unfortunately they were outvoted and RAVE Act provisions did become
part of the bill. These provisions make it clear that "crackhouse
laws" apply to temporary events, such as concerts, dances or
festivals, and add civil penalties of up to $250,000 to the
statute. If passed, property owners can be punished for any drug
offense that their customers commit - even if they work hard to stop
such offenses. This is likely to deter nightclub and stadium owners
from holding events.

On a more positive note, the word "rave" and an earlier "findings"
section that implied that water, glow sticks and other legal items
could be construed as evidence of drug use have been removed from the
bill. We hope that this will ensure that nightclub and other property
owners will not be prosecuted for having these legal items available
to customers. Your faxes achieved this!

With your help we will continue to fight to remove the RAVE Act
provisions from the AMBER Alert legislation, even if the Senate and
House act and the President signs the bill into law. We urge you to
take immediate action.

Fax your two Senators to let them know that you oppose the inclusion
of RAVE Act provisions in the AMBER Alert Bill. The main floor fight
is likely to take place in the Senate in the next 12-24 hours

Let Representatives John Conyers and Bobby Scott know that you
appreciate their fight. Write a thank you note, card, postcard, or e-

Representative John Conyers
669 Federal Office Building
231 West Lafayette Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226

Representative Bobby Scott
The Jackson Center
501 N Second Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Thank you to everyone who responded to our earlier e-mail alerts, and
to the hard work of all of our coalition partners in the electronic
dance, beverage and hotel industries, along with freedom of speech
and public health organizations. We especially wish to thank those
people who responded to our sign-on letter - Representative Conyers
read parts of it to the Conference Committee.

Finally, we want you to know that regardless of whether these
provisions pass or not, Drug Policy Alliance and our coalition
partners will work with you to mobilize to protect property owners
and prevent the further criminalization of dance or music events. We
will scrutinize law enforcement raids of clubs and properties. We
will work to find ways to help property owners, hotel owners,
nightclub owners and others to keep their customers safe. Finally we
will continue to advocate for legislation that helps ensure the
safety and free speech of the dance and music community and of all
people who are affected by this law.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 10, 2003 21:34
Most ravers in the U.S. go to raves to get high and take drugs. I will say 95% of all ravers take drugs in a rave. The ravers should enjoy the music and stop taking drugs. I was in several raves in the U.S. and saw 15 kids experimenting with heavy drugs.

If 95% or even 60% of ravers were to go to parties to enjoy the music and the atmosphire without drugs ( it is possible) than you had a case. The U.S. government won't stop the act from passing as long as the numbers remain as they are. You want to stop it, try to teach people to love the music not the durgs and the music that comes with it.

I wish you luck, but I know the U.S. government won't stop it.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2003 02:19
I agree with u I.D.a.N

The people need to listen & enjoy music without Drugs!!

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Apr 11, 2003 07:46
This was throughly discussed already....           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."

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Posted : Apr 11, 2003 22:45
thank god our trance scene is drug free
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 13, 2003 00:43
and sadly, the RAVE Act has already passed... now it only needs Dubya's signature to become law (which he WILL approve). the only thing left that can be done @ this point is to let AG Ashcroft know that you don't want to see this piece of legislation abused, although considering his record on civil liberties issues, it will probably fall on deaf ears..

not that it will probably make to much of a difference @ this point, but a friend of mine sent this to me... figured that is was worth sharing.


RAVE Act Passes - Tell Ashcroft Not to Abuse It

Late on Thursday, April 10, 2003, the Senate and House the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (formerly known as the RAVE Act) as an attachment to the Amber Alert Bill (a child abduction bill). The bill is likely to be signed into law by the President in the next few weeks. Fax Attorney General Ashcroft right now! Urge him and President Bush to make clear and careful enforcement decisions that uphold our freedom of speech, right to peacefully assemble, and our right to dance! We thank our supporters for their faxes and encouragement. We will continue to work in coalition to fix this dangerous law.           michael
Fungus Mungus
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 13, 2003 04:12
Psysex - Amphitamaniac
1200 Mics - LSD

ect ect

no its about the music its all about the music........

lol, dont get me wrong i love trance but come on guys. i dont use drugs often*** either. Face it.           -=Keep it Spiritual=-

And Beyond
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Stop the RAVE Act now!
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