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Sports wood floor maintenance notes

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Posted : Sep 6, 2016 06:17:41

1, the first favorable external conditions is the basis for the maintenance of wooden floors, wooden floors usually must have a moisture-proof, leak-proof and environmental temperature and humidity conditions are more appropriate, avoid floor surface bumps, scratches, not in wood hard object on the floor and drag, and scroll to prevent surface damage.

2, sports flooring for sports competitions and training specifically designed, so to set up special care, non-staff prohibited from entering. Usually when open space, the museum must change anyone sneakers, temporary staff approach must also wear flannel shoe covers before entering.

3, non-staple and gravel with wear hard soled shoes into the wood floor space, the entrance should be set by the end of shoe pads, shoe covers or other backup facilities to prevent floor damage.

4, the museum should be four seasons usually remain relatively balanced humidity. Solid wood flooring suitable indoor humidity should be maintained at around 40-60%, the room temperature should be controlled at between -5 íŠ -30 íŠ. To try to make wood flooring for the environment, in the dry season, when the open air must be humidified hot air, or the humidity is very different too large damage to the floor, resulting in a large area of ??floor cracks. In the rainy season should pay attention to ventilation drying and prevent leaking windows and doors, to prevent personnel soles, rain gear and other floor with water. Floor absolutely not allowed to be immersed in water, you should always check.

5, if the floor is often used, should be soaked mop wipe kerosene daily, in general, the week just use kerosene or oil professional floor wipe once. Mop Wipe the wood floor surface must not be used with water during use, when there is water on the wooden floor must be promptly removed. If when the stain, apply the right amount of detergent to clean

6, the residual gum on the floor, can be used after the ice sufficiently cooled, gently scrape with a blade technology.

7, wood flooring should avoid long-term exposure exceeds its tolerance range of weights. Equipment, heavy equipment and other non-hard-line drag on the floor, should Qingtai light.

8, wood floor should stay away from any form of liquids, especially corrosive liquid acid, alkali and salt.

9, wood flooring should avoid strong light and artificial light irradiation prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

10, regularly check the ventilation holes and exposed joints, can not be blocked by debris, dust cleaned regularly.

11, the roof must be checked regularly, or at the periphery of the floor above the floor of the water pipes, plumbing fittings for water leakage. Are leaking measures must be taken in a timely manner

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Trance Forum ╗ ╗ Forum  Links - Sports wood floor maintenance notes
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