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Trance Forum  Forum  Links - Sports Flooring - Four Specifications Care And Maintenance
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Sports Flooring - Four Specifications Care And Maintenance

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Posted : Aug 19, 2016 06:15:17

In many sports venues found that many users in the use of sports flooring, the simply do not know how to care and maintenance, especially in schools because students love animals, do not pay attention when the naughty situations have occurred. Movable floor caused damage, pollution and other issues universality. So we remind some of the sports and school administrators should be noted that:

1, foot gravel note

Use sports floor room door, the entrance hall is placed a protective mat gravel, sand and gravel into the room to prevent the shoes will scratch the surface of the floor; so that when we enter the venue clean soles greatly reduce the chance of scratching.

2, Material-handling needs attention

When transporting goods, especially in the bottom of the metal and sharp objects, do not drag on the floor, floor to prevent injuries received; especially school students, after all, often handling and younger concerns of small, so when handling a teacher or administrator we must be reminded everyone.

3, pyrotechnic protection note

Although sports flooring is fire retardant grade level (B1 level) floor, the floor does not mean it will not be fireworks burn, so when in use, do not burning cigarette, mosquito coils, charged iron, hot metal objects placed directly in the floor, causing the floor to prevent harm; such cases rarely occur in school, I found that some of the sports which have great hope no smoking signs all learn from it.

4, regular floor maintenance essential

Sports floor cleaning use mild detergent, not using a strong acid or alkaline cleaning agents to clean the floor, do regular cleaning and maintenance work :

a, routine maintenance: the use of clean Jiucheng dry mop to clean the floor, serious pollution to local clean;

b, monthly maintenance: floor cleaning, floor waxing damaged local basis. General floor waxing once a month to address conservation as well; these must regulate them. Write cleaners daily practices inside.

Finally, if these aspects if the enhanced attention, then it will maximize the use of performance sports flooring and life.

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Trance Forum  Forum  Links - Sports Flooring - Four Specifications Care And Maintenance
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