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Trance Forum  Forum  Festivals Promotions - Spirit Base Festival 2009
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Spirit Base Festival 2009

spirit base festival

Posted :  19 Jan, 2009
10-14/06/2009 spirit base festival presents:

Spirit Base Festival 2009
near Vienna / Rauchenwarth





SPACE CAT (Hommega Rec.) Isr.

PSYSEX (Hommega Rec.) Isr.

NAKED TOURIST (Parvati Rec.) Ger.

ATRIOHM (Parvati Rec.) - MK.

PERPLEX (Spun Records) Isr.

ROCKY (Chemical Crew) Isr.

DELYSID (Noize Conspiracy) Braz.

COMBINATIONS - (Groove Criminals Rec.) Isr/At.

DUCA (Tribal Vision) Ser.

SYMPHONIX (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ger.

HALDOLIUM (Plusquam Records) Ger.

IBOJIMA (Millenium Rec.) Swe.

AEROSPACE (Spintwist Rec.) Isr.

NEELIX (Millenium Rec.) Ger.

SHIVA SHANDRA (Spintwist Rec.) Ger.



AFTERMATH (Noize Conspiracy) Braz.

RITMO (Iono Music) Isr.

PHAXE (Iono Music) Den.

MAGNETRIXX (Spintwist Rec.) Ger.

AUDIOMATIC (Spintwist Rec.) Ger.

AUDIOMATRIX (Spintwist Rec.) Ger.

SUNTREE (Iono Music) Isr.

ZYCE (Synergetic Rec.) Ser.


KAJOLA (Zero Gravity Rec.) At.


Montagu & Golkonda ( blue tunes rec.) Ger.

B52 (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ch.

Shybe (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ch.

Fabio (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ger.

Aerospace (Spintwist Rec.) Isr.

Perplex (Spun Records) Isr.

Rocky (Chemical Crew) Isr.


Dj Murus (Iono Music) Ger.

Dj Slater (Tribal Vision Rec.) Cz

Dj EL Fabio (Midijum Records) Ger.

Dj ACAN (Synergetic Rec.) At.

Dj Manoo (Zero Gravity Rec.) At.

Dj Horizon (Cosmixed Society) USA.

Dj PROGRESSOR (Psylence) At.

Dj Goad (Profusion) At.

Dj 8ZACK (United Fraggles) At.

Dj CRAZY FRAGGLE (United Fraggles) At.

Dj ROTAMA - Groove Criminals

Dj THE DREAMING ALCHEMIST (Bass Island, Psytasia) At.

Dj T-Plax (Progressive Club) At.

Dj Micl (Progressive Club) At.

Dj George Van Hoovek (Spirit Base) At.

Djane LEILA 604 (movement) At.

Dj Nono (movement) At.

Dj Goagnom (pirate tribe) At.

Dj TOMMES (unisono) At.

Dj TOMI (Spacelords) At.

Dj DA RAY (Supersane Collective) At.

Dj GOANDI (Next Time Production) At.

Dj FADE FX (Supersane Collektive) At.

More Info:

more infos soon under

Time Table

14.00uhr-15.30 uhr 8Zack dj set
15.30uhr-17.00 uhr Progressor dj set
17.00uhr-18.15 uhr Kaularis live live
18.15uhr-20.15 uhr Murus live set
20.15uhr-21.15 uhr Kajola live
21.15uhr-22.30 uhr Manoo dj set
22.30uhr-23.45 uhr Rotama dj set
23.45uhr-01.00 uhr Noize Hunter live set
01.00uhr-02.30 uhr Don Ziggy dj set
02.30uhr-04.00 uhr Jam dj set
04.00uhr-06.00 uhr Space Cat live dj set
06.00uhr-07.30 uhr Goa andi dj set
07.30uhr-09.30 uhr Alternative Controle live dj set
09.30uhr-11.30 uhr Fabio dj set
11.30uhr-13.30 uhr Haldolium live dj set
13.30uhr-15.30 uhr Da Ray dj set
15.30uhr-18.30 uhr
18.30uhr-20.30 uhr Phaxe live dj set
20.30uhr-22.00 uhr The Dreaming Alchemist dj set
22.00uhr-23.30 uhr Horizon dj set
23.30uhr-01.00 uhr Crazy Fraggle dj set
01.00uhr-02.30 uhr Iken dj set
02.30uhr-04.15 uhr Nono dj set
04.15uhr-06.15 uhr Iguana dj set
06.15uhr-08.15 uhr Ibojima live dj set
08.15uhr-09.30 uhr Magnetrixx live set
09.30uhr-10.45 uhr Audiomatic live set
10.45uhr-12.00 uhr Audiomatrix live set
12.00uhr-14.00 uhr Slater dj set
14.00uhr-16.00 uhr Freaquelizer dj set
16.00uhr-18.00 uhr B52 dj set
18.00uhr-20.00 uhr Shybe dj set
20.00uhr-21.45 uhr El Fabio dj set
21.45uhr-23.30 uhr Rocky live dj set
23.30uhr-00.45 uhr Combination live set
00.45uhr-02.00 uhr Naked Tourist live set
02.00uhr-04.00 uhr Atriohm live dj set
04.00uhr-05.30 uhr Goagnom dj set
05.30uhr-07.00 uhr Tomi dj set
07.00uhr-08.30 uhr Tommes dj set
08.30uhr-10.00 uhr Goad dj set
10.00uhr-11.15 uhr Neelix live set
11.15uhr-12.30 uhr Aftermath live
12.30uhr-13.00 uhr George Van Hoovek dj set
14.30uhr-16.30 uhr Montagu u Golkonda dj set
16.30uhr-18.30 uhr Ritmo live u dj set
18.30uhr-20.30 uhr Aerospace live u dj set
20.30uhr-22.30 uhr Acan dj set
22.30uhr-00.30 uhr PTX live dj
00.30uhr-02.30 uhr Psysex live dj
02.30uhr-04.30 uhr Delisyd live u dj set
04.30uhr-06.30 uhr Perplex live dj set
06.30uhr-08.00 uhr Vibetribe live
08.00uhr-09.30 uhr Danny K dj set
09.30uhr-11.30 uhr Shiva Shandra live dj set
11.30uhr-12.45 uhr Symphonix live set
12.45uhr-14.45 uhr Suntree live dj set
14.45uhr-16.00 uhr T-Plax dj set
16.00uhr-17.15 uhr Micl dj set
17.15uhr-18.30 uhr Goaran dj set


Free Parking Chill Area VJ Deco Workshops/Market Water Access Discounted Presale 

IsraMembers Party List: kajola ,Soth_MfK ,Audiomatic ,thefunnyastronaut
Coming?   + 4
Inactive User

Started Topics :  54
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Posted : Jan 21, 2009 11:25
im sorry but
the place totally sucks , you should make it on another place imho
i really wonder if there is any other area like this in the hole Austria, imean everywhere is forests and trees and there is only dust and industrial desert lol (im laughing now but was very disappointed last year)
... my2c

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Feb 8, 2009 09:01
goodluck with your party guys.

best of luck from extra cheese music family


Started Topics :  74
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Posted : Mar 1, 2009 19:05

Alternative control
Alternative Control

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : Mar 17, 2009 12:05
Looking forward again to visit this one ! Indeed was dusty a bit , but the vibe on the floor was not bad at all


Started Topics :  74
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Posted : Mar 31, 2009 10:46

On 2009-03-17 12:05, Alternative control wrote:
Looking forward again to visit this one ! Indeed was dusty a bit , but the vibe on the floor was not bad at all


yepp u are right..always good vibe there..

presale started by the way at the homepage...

Alternative control
Alternative Control

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : May 7, 2009 13:43
Hey bro ..your inbox qouta is full , if you can email me pleaseee or call me , need just to make sure of certain things !

Thnx !

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  13
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Posted : May 9, 2009 01:12
killer line-up!!
electric stimulation

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Jun 8, 2009 23:43
all the best to this one ...
100% pure plesure
Karpatherian law of mystical experiments

Started Topics :  74
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Posted : Jun 9, 2009 15:21
so ...24h to go!! weather looks nice to!
so cu all there! 

Started Topics :  5
Posts :  81
Posted : Jun 11, 2009 21:49
i want to be there... please invent the TRANCEPORT to festival
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