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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Spirallianz - Blast Food
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Spirallianz - Blast Food

Old Forum Member
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Posted : Jul 20, 2001 05:36:46
ya i know this album is old... but its just great!

i saw this album long time ago sit in the recored
store but it just didnt attrect me inof to hear it...
sow after few months i dicided to hear it, and i just was amazed!!!!
this album rock!!!!!!!!!
i love the fat and hard bass drum with the spical fx and the crazy bass line!
when i hear this cd in full volume i just can stop my self from dancing in my room!!!!

in every track you just feel the dark atmosphere!
its start slowly and after 30 secs - BOOM!!!
Its Just Go Crazy!!!!!

favorities tracks
4.blast food way ltd.

Old Forum Member
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Posted : Jul 20, 2001 15:19:09
Great Great Great !!! :)

a brilliant album indeed, great music they have those guys... :)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 13, 2008 20:30
One of my favourite albums ever. what an amazing ride from start to finish except mj problem and run to the sun which are ok. very few dull moments overall. i think they took it easy towards the end because obviously didnt want people to get blown out of their wits

This shit is built for the morning dancefloor. nothing like a phatt tech trance set while the sun is rising , holding a big blunt dancing away to the pounding drum.

Go spirallianz , we want some more blast food.

9/10           missing plug-in

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Posted : Sep 19, 2008 17:03
epic album.
superb minimalistic arrangement together with this soft 808-like kickdrums result in wonderfull bass energys which sound very massively but not stressfully.
anyway it changed my point of view back in the days dramatically and since then i slowly found for myself that trance is a state of mind that does not need a special formular as long as it is following an hypnotic and mindtriggering concept.

edit: the extrawelt debut album will be out on october the 10th on cocoon as far as i have seen.

Martian Arts

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Posted : Sep 19, 2008 23:55
One way ltd is one of my favourite trance tunes of all time. proper dark and psychedelic.
no pissing about with edits and production tricks...devastatingly simple and absolutely slammin'.  

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Posted : Sep 20, 2008 23:14
Hmmm...thanks for reminding me of this brilliant piece...haven't listened to it in ages!           Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!

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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 17:10
classic! b00m!
Minimal Monster
Minimal Monster

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Posted : Sep 24, 2008 03:21
very good album, especially #4 Blast Food which is one of my fav tunes till today!!!

and just for the record, Stereo Park doesnt see it from meter

La Magica Boutique

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Posted : Oct 7, 2008 15:58
I agrre with you RajaRan.. It's years that I don't listen to this album.. but still I remember track no 4..
Great that somebody took away the dust that i had on this album.. one of the first deep progz and funky tunes!


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Posted : Oct 8, 2008 00:21
...its blasting! 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 9, 2008 01:37
everybody should be forced to listen to this stuff           "The dedication to repetition the search for nirvana in a single held tone or an endlessly cycling rhythm is one of electronic music's noblest gestures."
Minimal Monster
Minimal Monster

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Posted : Oct 11, 2008 18:05
Damn Right!!!

and i even prefer new Spirallianz music than Extrawelt music.. 

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Posted : Oct 12, 2008 13:03
Classic!!! In my CD player now )
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