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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Spectrum Music-Analyzer Chapter 2 (Analyzed by Atomic Pulse)
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Spectrum Music-Analyzer Chapter 2 (Analyzed by Atomic Pulse)

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 10, 2003 19:13
Me and Tamir from Atomic Pulse along with the guys from PPS Project are in the airport enjoying our breakfast (if pizza can be considered as breakfast lol) when he hands me the new Spectrum compilation Analyzer Chapter 2.I take a glance at the tracklist and i see many familliar names like GMS,Oforia,Silicon Sound and Perplex,fresh full on i said to my self and continued playing with my food while staring at that gorgeous tall blond girl sitting opposite to me.


01.GMS Versus Dj Dede-Whoosh (Remix)
03.Oforia Versus Dj Dede-Mayday
04.S.O.S-Atomic D.M.T
05.Atomic Pulse Versus Dj Dede-I'm Real (GMS Remix)
06.Atomic Silicon-Silicon Valley
07.Pop Stream-Dark Deal
08.Atomic Pulse Featuring Perplex-Stillera
09.Atomic Pulse-Special Offer (Cover)


01)I was very curious to listen to this one,from the one side we have the masters of full on,GMS,and from the other side we have the founder of Spectrum Music,Dj Dede.Straight from the beggining of the track you can understand that GMS are involved in this one,the kick,the bassline and the fx are typical GMS style,while it is easy to figure out when Dede puts his hands on the track from its more morning and soft sounds.For me this track is a preety average one,it will work on the dancefloor for sure but its not what i expected from this collaboration.I have to admit that i am a little dissapointed here.

02)Spectrum is the project of Tamir Uzana from Atomic Pulse and Dj Dede the founder of Spectrum Music,their debut album will be released soon.After its one minute introduction XXX starts hard and groovy and becomes very danceable from its 3rd minute and upwards.After a short pause somewhere in the 4th minute the track becomes again harder but the best part of the track is the last 2 minutes for sure.This is nice for the night time.

03)Oforia needs no introduction since he is one of the greatest Israeli artists of all time,i was very pleased to see that he worked with Dj Dede on this compilation and the Mayday track.This is the best track so far in the Analyzer compilation,it starts very nicely and after 3 minutes it evolves into a great dancefloor hit.Powerfull and energetic this one is a usefull tool for every full on dj.Recommended.

04)S.O.S is the project between Tamir Uzana of Atomic Pulse and the highly acclaimed dj Dimitri Nakov.The track is different from the rest of this compilation and i think that Dimitri shows us clearly his skills here as a producer.The uplifting melodies will turn every party upside down and the beat will make the people dance like crazy.This is a must for every full on lover.Cant wait for the S.O.S album by the end of this year.

05)What we have here is a storming remix from GMS,and believe me this is a good one.Very hard and powerfull designed to destroy everything in its pass,if you are looking for something more innovative then better search somewhere else but if you are interested in finding a killer track for your dj set then this one is the ideal one.GMS fans will much enjoy this remix on I'm Real originally created by Atomic Pulse and Dj Dede.

06)Silicon Valley is a collaboration between Atomic Pulse and Silicon Sound,two artists that share almost the same style and taste in music.The track begins beautifully and then becomes harder with many sound fx that i much enjoyed.After its 3rd minute it becomes very very good and melodic,nice production quality and some clever ideas in it.A morning tune that is highly recommended.I would like to hear more tracks by these two artists together in the future.

07)Pop Stream is Inon Ovad a young and talented artist from Israel that just joined the Spectrum crew and will release very soon his debut album.Dark Deal is the kind of full on music that i like,groovy and atmospheric at the same time.This track is very good in all of its aspects,for sure one of the best tunes in this compilation.I cant wait to listen more of Pop Stream stuff.This one has great potential.

08)Stillera is the product of the collaboration between Atomic Pulse and Perplex done in Brasil.This is a very nice melodic track ideal for the morning hours.Deep atmosphere and backround melodies throughout the whole track.The only part that i didnt liked at all is somewhere in the 5th minute where the track becomes slower and then suddenly gains more bpm,i think that this was not such a good idea to implement here but this is just my humble opinion ofcourse.

09)Well this is the bomb actually.A superb cover mix to one of Offer's greatest tracks ever.I had first heard this track in one of Trance Alliance parties by S Range in the morning hours and i was desperately trying to find it so you can easily understand how happy i am at the moment
This is by far the best track of the compilation and a great hit all over the world.Best Atomic Pulse track i have ever heard.Thumbs up and a special offer greek souvlaki to my good friend Tamir.

Analyzer Chapter 2 is a fine collection of full on music that shouldnt be missed by the fans of this kind of music,not to mention the dj's that respect their self and their crowd.Tamir did a very good job on compiling all these tracks together.I would personally buy this cd even just for the Special Offer cover mix which is trully a superb morning tune.The official release date for this one is the 28th of May.

My favorite tracks are 3,4(!),6,7(!) and 9(!!)

I rate this compilation 7.5/10
          Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
Voice Project

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Posted : May 10, 2003 19:25
this is not a compilation!!! its looks like atomic pulse mini album. every thing sounds the same...

this is bad. 3/10
tom anteater
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 11, 2003 14:08
track nine is incredible! if the rest of the compilation is half as good i have to get it           >>love will tear us apart...<<

Started Topics :  41
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Posted : May 12, 2003 14:24
I like the comp. a lot, specially the Popstream track and the atomic pulse vs silicon sound and atomic pulse vs perplex           The Devil Is In Detail!

Started Topics :  15
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Posted : May 12, 2003 14:34
Great compilation!!!
Track 9 is amazing!!!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 5, 2003 02:01
Tamir just told me that there is also another edition of track number 9.
Cant wait to listen to it           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
Atomic Pulse

Started Topics :  4
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Posted : Jul 25, 2003 14:18
me seliket alot!!!
killer comp every one of the tracks in this album is killer.
new line from atomic gang. cool.
love your music
Fernando G13

Started Topics :  1
Posts :  5
Posted : Aug 14, 2003 21:17
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Spectrum Music-Analyzer Chapter 2 (Analyzed by Atomic Pulse)
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