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Spectraleyes - Hyperdimensional Cartography

Luke Brown

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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 04:57
I'm inviting you all to experience complete synaptic overload, through the portalscape that is ....Some of you may be familiar already with my creative output. But feel free to get the word around. There is a vast archive of entheogenically empowered artworks to explore for an eternity...I appreciate any feedback as well. Thanks, Luke
Luke Brown

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Posted : Mar 6, 2007 05:02
Also another topic...I've been dealing recently with a situation regarding the unlawful use of my art to promote a large 5 day festival in Portugal called Shamanik. They have used one of my paintings to promote the event all over Europe. They seem to be unresponsive to my requests to address the situation with me and either pay me for the artwork, or take it down off the website. If they have budget to pay their DJ's, surely they have budget for promotion?! Any thoughts? If anyone feels compelled to address them personally as well, I would sure appreciate the help...

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Posted : Mar 7, 2007 20:42
Well of course they should be at least as greatfull to pay you. It is really cheap and mean what they did, I just had a look at

On the other hand I think its always a bit problematic with those pictures published in the internet... someone downloads them, sends them to someone else because theyre awesome... and so on untill noone really knows where they come from or who drew them.

But I think they should respect you, so, good luck!

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Posted : Mar 8, 2007 00:16
youre art has been one of my inspirations, from a few years to the current days, and having followed the visual arts paths, i understand you're situation.
i did not knew of this festival till now as i read this. and i was blown up by the massive line up.
and you're right, someone gathering a line up like that should at least ask you permission and pay for it...
it's not the first problem of that kind that's been going on around here, other festivals do the same with logos...

i know some people who are going to play at that festival, so i can try to bring this to the organization's attention.

apart from that keep up the mindblowing work that you do!! what am i saying? i know you will.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 8, 2007 13:17
first of all......your website is one of the best....i've ever saw

your art is amazing.......! 

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Posted : Mar 9, 2007 01:00
yeah right they might be mean but they av got a killah lineup!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 15, 2007 18:39
looks like they got a new flyer.... which is quite cool


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Posted : Mar 29, 2007 18:13
keeping eye on it always.
that situation describes event when artist is pushed to protect work and maybe distort paints, use smaller resolutions (bhee..,).
anyways keep it going, and u'r one of the best. canada rockz! gud luck
Neil Gibson

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Posted : Apr 5, 2007 16:52
that is bullshit, these people need to ask and pay!!
But on the other side, people are using your images freely, it means your pictures have entered the big mind. but I dont agree with what they did.
btw people know your stuff all over the world!

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