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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - SOURCE SYNC :: Sept 14-16 :: NorCal Forest :: Derango, Ghreg On Earth, Arahat, Dai, Catalyx...
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SOURCE SYNC :: Sept 14-16 :: NorCal Forest :: Derango, Ghreg On Earth, Arahat, Dai, Catalyx...


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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 22:43
What a truly psychedelic event this was. Thank you Mindfull , Greentrees, the artists and of course everyone who believed and came out to support and participate in creating a very important and magical experience.

Musically, this party left me completely satisfied.
Greentrees Films

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Posted : Sep 19, 2007 07:27
A Very Big Thank You to all that came out, supported, helped out, enjoyed, shared, danced and cared.

This was indeed an amazing event, moment in time and connection opportunity to Mamma Nature, Awesome PsyTrance and each other.

Most importantly thanks to all the Talented Artists & Mindfull Productions.

-Warmest, Jack

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Posted : Sep 19, 2007 20:42

Great times at "Source Sync"! Quality music all the way, break-through decorations (go Mindfull!), welcoming hosts, super zula with Riko, comforting fire, friendly faces, freaky creatures, cold and hot beverages, joyous wiggles!

Boy, did I have fun in the forest...

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Shaman Films Records

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Posted : Sep 19, 2007 21:12
yes thanks for the party mindfull and all artists involved!
completely satisfied from start to end musically..
and riko's corner thanks for food as always
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Posted : Sep 19, 2007 22:06
First and foremost, HUGE thank you to Aaron and Jack for making this amazing and sorely needed gathering possible.

It was either this or imminent structural failure and meltdown. What a release!

As noted, the music was excellent overall. Everyone tore it up and no one seemed reserved about throwing the kitchen sink. I couldn't imagine a trippier, more mental set than GoE before Derango and Loke played some pretty nasty stuff before the sun crept in.

The fire made a big difference and was certainly necessary as temperatures dropped below 40 at times. Even the chicken roasting on a stick seemed to be doing just fine with it.... though it was creepy to look at.

Great experience, great crowd, great music and great location! Thank you again.


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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 05:12
thank you thank you, the organiser's. . party was absolutly divine. beautiful beautiful location, mental tunes. . and crystal vibes. my first US outdoor, a total psy experience. hope more killeaaar parties in store.
boom shiva !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 07:55
derango was spiritual, one of the best ever sets!! and ghreg was simply smashing, out of this fucking world...good job everyone involved!

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 11:14
Ditto to what everyone else said! Absolutely one of the best locations I have ever been, besides all the bugs that I encountered. The trees surrounding this open meadow helped to amplify the sound right back to the dance floor. The sound was so amazingly crisp and clear that I practically melted when I head Ghreg on Earth go on, followed by Derango and Loke. I have to say that my favorite sets were Arahat's and Ghreg on Earth's.

I feel so honored to have been a part of this wonderful gathering! Thank you to Jack and Aaron, Rico, Psylotus for the amazing deco, XLR8R for keeping us warm with a safe fire, and everyone else who danced the trance this weekend.
Mistress of Evil
Mistress Of Evil Records

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 19:59
I just have to say once more: DERANGO ROCKS.
Seriously, so warm, organic, squishy, trippy, sexy, layered, adventurous, liquidy music so full of love it just radiates out of the speakers.
The combination of heat from the fire against my skin and Derango's music was simply divine
I really loved Loke's set as well, it was the purrrfect follow up to Derango.
thanks mindfull and everyone who helped, and everyone who danced.           Bringing Dreams to Life!

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 20:03
Yeah Loke ripped it up last time I was out in Cali...superb skillz and track selection.

Dammnit I wish I was able to have made it out for this party, sounds like it was quite very psychedlicious....
the dog of tears
the dog of tears

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 20:32
Loke has never played in Cali before now as far as i know.
you may be thinking of the pharsyde records loke from britain that psytribe brought out.
this Norwegian Loke plays much nastier music

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Posted : Sep 20, 2007 20:36
@ dog, you are correct suh!

my mistake, didnt know there were two - The loke I heard was a brit for sure...

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 22, 2007 07:30
Derango were great great. So were Dog of tears (I think that is who they were...)
some photos

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 28, 2007 05:25
nobody has any videos??
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 28, 2007 16:37

....there might be a few more on there if you search around.

Just wanted to say thanks to Mindfull for such a great party. It was so great to be in California again- and getting to the party location was an adventure in itself! Such a beautiful space! My favorites were Ghreg on Earth and Arahat as well as the progressive set during the day while I was chilling- not sure who this was....

Can't wait to visit again!           ~gOa ist nicht nur musik sondern auch eine lebenseinstellung~
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - SOURCE SYNC :: Sept 14-16 :: NorCal Forest :: Derango, Ghreg On Earth, Arahat, Dai, Catalyx...
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