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Trance Forum  Forum  Japan - SoundMute on Japan tour may 30 - Jun 9 2008
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SoundMute on Japan tour may 30 - Jun 9 2008

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 28, 2008 23:40:55
Party schedule:

Friday, may 30, club Cube 326, Tokyo Japan
OPSY live
/ Serbia

Saturday may 31, Club Ageha, Tokyo Japan
OPSY live
/ Serbia

Saturday jun 7, NAMESAWA Campground, Yamanashi Japan
/ Serbia

KANC COVER DJ Set (ambient)
/ Serbia

Behind the OPSY project is Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover (1979) from Cacak/Belgrade, Serbia, the man who is in projects called X-Raything, Goasia. Was also member of Tech House project Dirty Cover. Newly formed project OPSY (founded in 2006) is in fact a mixture of night psy sound with the eventual mechanical motives expressed in the form of ambient FXs and with tech groove. In all kind of his production you can hear mostly tech loops no matter is it ambient, down tempo or 4x4 track. For his music Opsy say that is Psy Night Progress techno trance music. Most of track is more like deep techno. Usual beat per minutes of Opsy tracks is from 125 to 140 bpm. Opsy releases till now are VA Yan da Yin, Trinity vol.2 for Divinebalance records, VA Black Clouds & VA Supermarket for Ultiva records and next planed release will be on next VA on Mechanical Dragon records and EP for Ultiva records. The place where consumers of tech trance & night progressive music could hard sets of Opsy till now was Croatia, Serbia, Japan, Russia & Macedonia and this time in Japan he will play World premiere Live act first time ever.

Its good to say that Goasia project exist since year 2000. Become more activity on trance scene after 3-4 years, since Kanc Cover aka OPSY came in to a project and join in to Balint Tihamer. Bunch of studio equipments directed to sound represented trough the tracks, get results on many worlds releases at various labels. So, for example we can mention some of first releases that came on Suntrip, Cosmicleaf, Kagdila rec, Unicorn Music, Usta rec etc etc..
In year 2006 Goasia published collaboration album with greek goa trance artist Omegahertz on Unicorn Music. After that release and few more singles on other labels, at the end of 2007, in November, this project made they first solo album under the name "From Other Spaces" and published for goa trance label "Suntrip records" from Belgium, and become official Suntrip artist.
Excellent vibes and reviews of this release, open to Goasia new offers for promoting they music. After gigs in Europe and Japan, Goasia come in to Japan again, this time in case of promotion a new solo album.
So see ya all at party!!!

This is about Kanc Cover, a DJ & producer from Serbia. He started amateurish with music production in 1995. First formed project was X-Raything. In 1997 he started with first releases for radio show "Fractal" Technokratia (Sound Galaxy). In 2002/03 Kanc released two demos with ambient sound, under the names "SloWaves" & "Nature Forme" and year after he released many ambient singles. Serious work on parties, Kanc acquires in the year 2000. First biggest performance was in 2004 on big club festival "Transplant" under the organization Technokratia and "Organica 2005" New Year festival under the production by Organic Landscape community. After he joined the Goasia project, he played on international festival "EXIT" episode 5 in Novi Sad, Serbia. After that performance and headstrong managing of "" artists? community headchief, Lara Krumpl, Kanc continues with performing in former Yugoslavian republic (Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia...). In the beginning of 2006, he signed for ambiental record label "" record and during the 2006, under the influence of variability in electronic music, he founded his night-tech-progress project "Orbital Psy" also known as "OPSY". 2007 brings him a world tour, where he presented his new work and long time experience. He performed in Hungary, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Japan... As artist, he also signed for "", "", "","Mechanical Dragon" and "" who released Goasia new album "From Other Spaces", with his project colleague, Balint Tihamer. He cooperate with project as Prosper, Manibus, ManMadeMan, Talpa, Zero Cult, Psychomental, , Magnetik, Koan, Liquid Flow, Vox, Jikooha, Oscuro, Trimada, SUN Project, Barby, La Saboteur, Phasetech, Ectima etc...
Dr Cisma

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Posted : Mar 29, 2008 20:52
OMG! OMG! OMG! This is what i want!!!
Trance Forum  Forum  Japan - SoundMute on Japan tour may 30 - Jun 9 2008
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