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Trance Forum » » Forum  Brazil - SOULVISION FESTIVAL - 20 to 25 de february 2009
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SOULVISION FESTIVAL - 20 to 25 de february 2009

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 24, 2008 03:35:56
Vale das Grutas - Altinopolis/SP - Brasil


:: LIVES ::

220v (Phantasm Records/Trade Sound) Br
2Hi (Neurobiotic Records) Br
Audio X (Trade Sound) Br
Cosmonet (Trade Sound) Br
E-Fact (Vision Quest) Br
Felguk (Wild Artists) Br
Gabe (Carambola) Br
Kronic (Innertia) Br
Life Style (Crash) Br
Mad Hatter (Wired Music) Br
O 13 (Under Tech) Br
Phantazma (Under Tech) Br
Scrovinsky (Soulvision) Br
Single Dose (Medusa Records) Br
Trindade (Vision Quest) Br
Wrecked Machines (Carambola) Br
Absolum (3d Vision) Spain
Audio Jack (Trade Sound) UK
Dino Psaras (Trade Sound) UK
Dual Core (H2O Records) ISRAEL
Electrixxx (Stereoanagement) Germany
Gaz James (Bruk/Under Tech) UK
Jorgensen (Progressive Management) Holland
Joti Sidhu (Neurobiotic) UK
Kanio (Novakane/Under Tech) UK
Klopfgeister (IONO MUSIC) Germany
M-Theory (Alchemy Records) UK
Neelix (Spin Twist) Germany
Noir (Noir Music) Denamark
Onyx (BNE) Israel
Pixel (Hommega/Carambola) Israel
Polaris (Neurobiotic) Spain
Quantize (Iboga Records) Israel
Rinkadink (Alchemy Records) UK
Sensifeel (Domo/YSE) France
Slider (Yoyo/BNE) Israel
Symphonix (Blue Tunes) Germany
Timelock (Yoyo/BNE) Israel
Xerox & Illumination (Hommega/Carambola) Israel

:: DJs ::
Boteon (Vertigo Rec.) Br
Du Serena (Hommega/Carambola) Br
Dual Crusher (Eubiose) Br
Flow & Zeo (Tropical Beats) Br
Glen (Under Rec.) Br
Gui (Hadra/Nexus-Media) Br
Jaen (Punto Beat) Mexico
James Monro (Tropical Beats) UK
Janczur & Paulinha (4am) Br
JR (H2O Team/SoulVision) Br
Kastah (Sank.ara) Br
Leo Lacerda & Rizoma (Phonokol/Brasil Beats)Br
Luciano & Lukas (Brasil Beats) Br
Majnun & Catanante (Trancelebra) Br
Marcelo V.O.R (Neurobiotic) Br
Matera (Tropical Beats) Br
Matheus (4elements) Br
Miague (Planet Ben/Samsara) Br
Michel & Dudu (Brasil Beats)
Mol (Suicide Robot) Br
Musatti (Innertia) Br
Naked Tourist (Parvati Rec.) Germany
Neutron (4elements) Br
PHM (Connection/SoulVision) Br
Shamamix (Wild Artists) BR
Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records/Wild Artists) UK


A.Z. (Auddio)
Ale Dantas (SoulVision)
Alexandre Ferreira (Moving)
Bonatini (Trends)
Diego Salgado (Ayuasca)
Douglas Devlin (Playhou5)
Emanuel Abelha (Dub Music)
Fabiano (Munchem)
Fabiano S. (Zenith)
Fabio Leal (Sukha)
Felix Nagorski (Timelock/Techno Set)
G.G.G. (Vibe Project)
Galo (Sank.ara)
Gu Morum (SoulVision)
Irajá (Trancelebra)
Jessé (SoulVision)
João Camilo (Sounds to Sunrise/Eubiose)
Joti Sidhu (Techno Set)
JP Guerra (Samsara)
Laui (Tertrance)
Leando Ruiz (Grow U. U. D. Music)
Lorena Diniz (Eubiose)
Lynkin (Mandala Rec.)
Marcelo BPM (Freaklip)
Max Grillo (Label)
Neto (Under Tech)
Numb3rs LIVE (SoulVision)
Pedro Siqueira (SoulVision)
Pixel (Techno Set)
Rafael & Pasck (Solida Lab)
Rui Martiniano (Franca)
Slave (Inpulse/Moondala)
Tex (SoulVision)
Thiago Vilhena (Techno Lab)
Twisted Mind LIVE (SoulVision)

Date: 20 to 25 de february 2009
place: Hotel Fazenda Vale das Grutas, Altinópolis – SP


20/02/2008 Friday
10:00h – opening Camping
12:00h – opening alternative stage

21/02/2008 Saturday
08:00h – opening mainfloor

00:00h – closing of the mainfloor
06:00h – closing of the Alternative floor
18:00h – closing of the Festival

more infos go to:

::Stay tunned::
*Is express forbidden to enter with alcoholic beverages and energy, cutting glasses, objects, weapons and drugs in the festival, the fiscalization will be extremely rigorous in such a way in the entrance as during all the event, it respects to prevent upheavals.
* extremely forbidden to the spreading of events with graphical material inside it Festival.
* forbidden the entrance of motions with the goal to fortify the security.
* express forbidden the entrance of minors of 18 years.
it will be charged in the real parking the value of R$60,00. it will be allowed the entrance of 5L (five liters) of water for person. all the drinks found during the magazine, “will be apprehended and not returned”, therefore it prevents upheavals does not bring drunk.


• 1º pack - (limited to 1000 tkts) : R$ 190,00 Validity: 20 December the 10 of January or while it will have available ingressions.
• 2º pack - (limited to 1000 tkts): R$ 230,00 Validity: 11 the 31 of January or while it will have available tkts.
• 3º pack - (limited to 1000 tkts) Value: R$ 260,00 Validity: of 1 the 19 of February or while it will have available tkts.
• It would carry - 500 tkts Value: R$ 290,00 Validity: While it will have availability.
**When some pack is over one it crowds automatically initiates the sales of the following lot.

::Comments and Tips for a safe purchase::
> It only acquires its invitation in the authorized Points of Sales. In case that some of the lots of tkts if depletes before the date has limited of validity, it will start to immediately be valid the value of the subsequent lot. The total number of available ingressions is of 3500 therefore, it does not leave stops later. It guarantees its ingression soon.

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Posted : Jan 20, 2009 13:36
niceeee festival
here we goooo
good luck to all!
big boom to all Soulvisiom Crew           ========= DemonizZ and DuoPhonix =========
Trance Forum » » Forum  Brazil - SOULVISION FESTIVAL - 20 to 25 de february 2009
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