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Sonic Downloads Japan

Sonic Traveler Magazine

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Posted : Mar 7, 2008 13:11:20
The Digital Download Revolution has arrived in the land of the rising sun!!!

Japan's CD market has died; but out of the ashes, the first pure electronic music download site has been born...

This site is suipported by Sonic Traveler Magazine Japan and offers Wav and Mp3 320kbps downloads!!! 1.30 euro trax and 7.80 euro full albums!!! Listen to complete track samples!!!

Check it out here:

Attached is the first newslatter translated into English.

Below is the English translation of our first newsletter:

This is the first Sonic Traveler Digital Downloads (STDD) newsletter. We hope to point you to the good tunes out of all the crap that is being released recently. In a way, it comes at an appropriate time as Damion has officially retired. We will miss him and hope to carry the torch through these dark times.

We are very proud to have the Solstice Music catalog on STDD. Solstice Music is Japan”Ēs biggest and most respected label. There are top line quality artist”Ēs albums like Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra and X-Dream - The Best 1991-2001, some great compilations and a real gem that is a must get... Crunchy Punch - Maximum Velocity.

Oxygen Records is also a high quality label we would like to recommend. It doesn”Ēt possess the big name artists like other labels but has the highest quality music... Especially check out V/A - Pulsar, V/A - Parsec and V/A - Satellite with huge tracks from Audialize - Full on chaos magic and Freakulizer - Are we there?

Dacru Records have 2 classics V/A - Orientation 1 and V/A Orientation 2 with highlight tracks Alternative Control vs Bishop - Anaxadora and Digicult - In the river and Aquila - Destructive Ends.

Other labels featured in the psytrance section include our own label Sonic Traveler Music with V/A - Earth Energy, Vapovent with the mindblowing music of Chromatone, Sanskara from Sth. Africa with quality releases V/A - Dexterity in Motion with the seriously funky Corona - Black Sirius and powerful debut album from label owners Hydraglyph - Kinetic. Maia Records has the high quality albums from Mexican legend D-tek - Earth Technologies & Broken Disk, with the beautifully crafted sounds of Atma - Beyond Good & Evil, ITP Music with ITP - Lose Your Illusion, one of the best full-on releases of 2007! Mandala Records with V/A - Energy, Morphonic Records with V/A - Psychofluid 1 & 2 and the great debut album from Swiss duo Rumble Pack - Packed and Ready, Par-2 Productions has a quality release in V/A - Mainspring Motion that has a techno edge to the sound. Proton Records from Brazil has big name artists and big sounds on its V/A - Positive Prototype and V/A - Highlights. Some nice full-on sounds from German label Psytropic Records and Austrian based 24/7 Media, Space Boogie Productions from Finland certainly is a rising star with debut releases from artists Vishnudata - Dreamforce and Astroschnautzer - The Debut

Iboga Records has a biggest presence in our progressive category so far with beautiful releases from Sun Control Species - Scienza Nuova, Antix - Wandering Remixes and Twin Coast Discovery, Ace Ventura - Rebirth and lots more.

24/7 Records has a great progressive debut album from Roomnoise Project - Light Sensitivity.

Oxygen Records shows the diversity of its compilations and catalog with Soundfield - Audio Surfin and some quality progressive tracks from its compilations like Setherian & Hypersonic Whomen - Floripa Sunshine.

Sonic Traveler Music has a selection of unreleased tracks from new Australian progressive sensation Tristan Boyle.

Meta - Ekstasis from is a ”Čdark but not dark”É powerful and groovey album, taking Dark music to another level.

Trishula Records has Olien - Sounded Paratronic. Leading Japanese darkpsy crew Brainbusters has its first release V/A - Goods Carier.

Leading Japanese Dark label Yabai Records has their complete catalog with killer releases like Toxic - Sabotage, V/A - Manga with Azax Syndrome vs Shift - How do you stop it (remix), V/A - Ministry of Chaos with Digital Talk - Acid Test.

Seahorse Transform - Dust from a trip is from Iboga”Ēs chill out label Sofa Beats, a beautiful musical journey of ethnic tribal influences and instruments with an electric undercurrent. Krusseldorf - Smoker”Ēs Lounge is another high standard release from Sofa Beats

Khooman - Is a flexible liquid from Ajana Records is quality ambient music with soundscapes and textures that make you drift off into your imagination.

The complete albums we put for download at STDD are what we consider as a complete experience. A album that all the tracks are of high quality and work together to give the listener a true journey. Something you would put on in the car on the way to a party and listen to from start to finish.

In our albums download section you”Ēll find:
Sun Control Species - Scienza Nuova (Iboga Records), ITP - Lose Your Illusion (ITP Music), Antix - Twin Coast Discovery (Iboga Records), Seahorse Transform - Dust from a trip (Sofa Beats), V/A - Earth Energy: Resolution (Sonic Traveler Music)
X-Dream - The Best 1991 - 1995, X-Dream - The Best 1996 - 2001

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 8, 2008 11:18
Great to see the shop is online now, good luck Ken!

Sonic Traveler Magazine

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Posted : Mar 9, 2008 18:19
Thanks for the support Mouka!

Its a nice start. The site got 674 unique visitors on the first day and 490 yesterday. I'm sure things will build as people take notice of the high quality selection of music we have on the site!

Interchill catalog of CDs arrived today so they'll go up into the chill section soon... all beautifully produced quality chill trax!!!

Support the artists and labels that make the music you love!!!
UP Records

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Posted : Mar 10, 2008 01:16
Hope to jump on board, Loving your work Ken
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 10, 2008 04:45
More online shops always welcome

Goodluck friends

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