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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Solead - "Murmure" EP (Tree Hand april 08)
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Solead - "Murmure" EP (Tree Hand april 08)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 1, 2008 00:16:20
Artist : Solead
Title : Murmure EP
Label : Tree Hand
Format : digital EP and 12’
Release date : april 08

1.Murmure (original mix)
2. Room 10 rmx
3. Mike Wall rmx
4. Sebastian Herre rmx

The French duo Solead, pioneers in engineering forward thinking techno and experimental electronica releases more material at their label Tree Hand from their sonic arsenal and this stealth bomber is aptly titled “Murmure”. Their top-of-the class curriculum vitae having been recently expounded in these columns, they need no further introduction. But let me take you throught the tracks : this EP is made of an new track from Charles & Vincent which gets three remixes signed by predominantly German Minimal and Techno producers, but also from their friend Room 10.

“Murmure” - original mix (126 bpm)
This rather ambitious and lengthy piece starts with a quite long intro which rapidly stages a soft kick and some looming sounds halfway between scratch flourishes and distant gurgles. Then, some nostalgic bluesy synth chords drop in a few notes strongly reminiscent of Minilogue. This prelude stages the introduction of a discreet tech-housy rhythmic combo which then leads the dance and serves up a brilliant array of sounds appearing like quicksilver, delivering beautiful succinct harmonies, underlaid by a complex, filtered cymbal drive and rimshot/clap punctuation. The outro symmetricaly closes the piece, leaving the strong impression of a stunning demonstration of sound production and state-of-the-art orchestration. Brilliant!

Room 10 rmx (126 bpm)
Room 10 is the musical project of Hector Pizarro and DJ Guet, the latter being one of France’s best kept secrets as a demanding old-time underground DJ, radio show host and now minimal techno producer. Their rework of the rhythmic combo unsurprisingly reassembles elements from the seminal composition into a new blend of classic minimal orchestration (crackling and rattles, scratches and hissing vocal snippets). The Duo’s love for jazz is evident in their accentuation of the jazzy streak from the original by the addition of a chabada cymbal drive. The break reverts to miniloguish floating harmonies until the restrained yet driving desconstructed blend of jazzy and tech-house rhythms returns. Interesting all the way.

Mike Wall rmx (127 bpm)
German Minimal/Techno producer Mike Wall is on rmx duty for the next piece. He keeps a good amount of material from the seminal track. The rhythmic combo is signficantly accentuated by additional claps and deep, gurgling synth lines conversing with a spooky motif that could have been taken from a horror movie. The complexity of the original is put aside to priviledge a more ominous atmosphere and straightforward dance floor drive. Nice job in any case.

Sebastian Herre rmx (125 bpm)
The last rmx is conducted by another German minimal/techno producer, Sebastian Herre, also head of his own Produkt records. He takes the music in another direction : his deep bass resonates with the aquatic, dubby influence of techno and creates a darker atmosphere, smartly contrasting with the distinct luminous lead from the original, but fusing elegantly with the nostalgic interlude of the break. Another good rmx, charting a deeper territory, complementary to the other three.

Bottom line
Quality-laden release all the way. It’s hard to surpass the original’s beauties and subtelties. As a dj tool Mike Wall’s rmx is also convincing. Room 10 and Seb Herre proved their mastery of the minimal and dub-tech repertoire & tricks. Maybe they could have given a more personal expression? But that’s a minor qualification if there need be any.


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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 2, 2008 06:07
Another wicked release on Tree Hand... killer stuff indeed. All the remixes are great, but i like the original and room10 remixes best. Bass baby!

          Open Records, Australia
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