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Trance Forum  Forum  Electronica - Solead | Mola EP - Metroline Ltd - out now !!
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Solead | Mola EP - Metroline Ltd - out now !!


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Posted : Sep 28, 2009 18:04:17
Hello fellows,
we're glad to announce the release of 5 tracks "Solead - Mola EP on London based record label Metroline Limited.
This digital EP brings 5 tracks with tropical flavours, Latino tribal grooves and horn acoustic atmospheres of jazzy and mambo.
An invitation to a journey though sunny islands and summer's perfume

Solead - Ice Cream
Solead - Les Capitales
Solead - Mola Mola
Solead & Tonio Clutch - Moonlight
Solead - Oasis

Feedbacks & Supports

*Coyu:* Mola Mola and Les Capitales for me. Funny tracks. Will play it.

*Matt Masters (Freerange):* Really feeling this guys. Will try and
include in the next show

Elon:* Great EP !!! on my playlist.

*Nico De Ceglia:* Nice EP, I like most of the track.'

*Davide Squillace*: Support!

*Italoboyz:* Ice Cream is great!

*Mr Statik*: Hey this is a really nice ep, very well structured and
quirky! Personal best here is Les Capitales!

*Miguel Tutera:* ice cream, moonlight and oasis are my favourites.
perfect ep: 3.5/5.

*Safir:* very nice five tracker...YES!

*Danny Fiddo: *Amazing Ep! Long time since I found anything which gives
me so much like this...Congratulations!! Full support Danny

*Yoshitaca**:* Oasis is a great track! it was fused organic and shady
well. i will play heavy.

*Jun Akimoto**:* Mola Mola is sper track i really love it!!! play for sure!

*Joseph Capriati**:* nice release!

*Angel Molina:* hey there, tracks 3 & 4 are very useful, thankss!

*Mabaan Soul:* Oasis is a great track, full support!!

*Terry Francis:* Support

*Rico Casazza:* the ep is a bomb.. 4 nice well done tracks, especially
i like a lot oasis. and mola mola, which is super sexy

*Roual Galloway:* les capitales is the one from me on this one

*Franck Amertume:* very nice EP, emotionnal, groovy, tribalistic and tropical. Top quality production as always. A must have for tek house lovers !If i had to chose one i would take oasis and ask for a nice Mojito !

*Kasey Taylor:* Sounds very nice !

and more...

Download on Beatport :

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Posted : Sep 28, 2009 19:12
Tracks description :
It might be best served cold, but the synths in Ice Cream are as warm as
they get - saurated with sweetness. Throw in perfectly pitched kicks,
energetic percussion and a P-Funk bassline in there and it's time for
whiskey and cigars on the dancefloor.

Les Capitales brings freeform jazz to carnival funk. Razor sharp claps
and a street party bassline give the tune a rolling groove around which
perfectly orchestrated noise glides likes a dangerous snake.

The street party continues with Mola Mola. Timbales roll, claps snap and
kick drums pound. Trumpets punch the air and, occasionally, the sound of
the jungle around you cuts through the mix. A tune for a hot summer night.

Moonlight is just as you'd expect it to be - ethereal and moody.
Percussion elements combine to build a surging rhythm for acid-sharp
synths and creepy vocals to hang on to.

Oasis treads a more minimalist path until water is found and the
celebrations start. Jubilant chanting flows over the rock-solid groove
that just grows and grows.

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Posted : Oct 1, 2009 12:19
full support wicked release!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 1, 2009 15:32
Good Luck to Vincent & Charles

Waiting to have a listen and i'm sure its a quality release

Cheers           "The external world became changed as in a dream and colors became more glowing.When the eyes were closed,colored pictures flashed past in a quickly changing kaleidoscope.what had caused this condition?"
Albert Hofmann Laboratory Notes (1943)

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Posted : Oct 1, 2009 16:05
thx for your feedbacks guys, deeply appreciate !

We've got a very warm welcome from Minilogue, thx to Seb : "I've been listening to your EP many times the last days and I REALLY like it and will definitely play Les Capitales and Mola Mola in my sets. Thanks a lot for that."

Also Charles (Holeg Spies): "Quality music as always... very classy ! bravo !"

you can listen straight here


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Posted : Oct 6, 2009 10:35
here is a downtempo re-edit of Solead | Oasis
you can download it via Soundcloud

cheers !
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