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SLUM release NEW TRACK! (Earthquake Charity)

Sunflowers of Today records

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Posted : May 10, 2011 14:13:12

Slum / Let's Meet One Of These Days (Original) 2011 Release

would like to express my deepest and most sincere sympathy to the victims and their families of the earthquake and tsunami.

The circumstances of March 11th, 2011, suddenly changed our lives. Following the incident, I have been receiving messages from friends, acquaintances, record labels, artists, and many people from across the world.

The severe damage caused by the disaster in the northeastern region of Japan, where I live in Tokyo is nothing in comparison, but the footages and news released by the media across the globe must have been truly shocking for people to see.

I thought to myself, “What can we do as people in the dance music entertainment industry?”
I started to think, why not use the online shop, internet downloading system, and the network we already have with the artists to collect donations for the cause.

Some might say or think, “There’s no need to call it a charity when you can just simply make a donation!”, and they may be absolutely right.

But, one of the reasons for organizing this charity compilation project was, “to confirm our unity and bond as minorities in this scene.”
Rather than an individual simply resolving an issue with money, I felt that by “artists having the same feelings in common” gave meaning to salvation and hope.

I would like to take this time to express my appreciation to all of the artists, who willingly offered their music and supported the cause.

Also, please take this opportunity to listen to the music from Japanese artists.
I hope that they will play an active part in the music scene, in Japan’s recovery, in the driving force for hope, and making listeners all over the world happy through their music.


Slum has been started by Shuji from Japan, one of the members of "Phi"(2001-2004) who appeared 2004, acted as their pleases and now are on indefinite break. So Shuji begins again carrying his own project "Slum" with thirst and desire for music.
Slum's debut album "Make Rainbow In Your Slum" came out in January 2006. presented new sounds and the album was charted in the top 10 of dance/club music selling chart at major CD stores in Japan. The album also made worldwide success and still keep having wonderful sales as an Japanese-made trance album. With having the album, SLUM aka PHI did a tour in Europe and was praised highly in Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Czech, and former Yugoslavia , and thai Australia. SLUM is often invited to big festivals- Summer Arcade in Japan, Earthcore Global Carnival in Australia etc. and Old hippies Commune etc almost every week.
SLUM also contributed a track on the some various album "Far East Psytrance League 2005" which was compiled by DJ TSUYOSHI and was released 2005 summer.
SHUJI, the representative of trance new generation, started listening Psychedelic Rock music when he was very young, then formed a punk/hardcore/emo rock band and released CDs, and stepped in to psy-trance field. He travels all over the world and visits unexplored regions, holy places, ghettos, and refugee camps.
Yes, SLUM's music is for everybody, an anthem of life. Characterized by uplifting bass lines, aggressive riffs, and speedy sound,
His new Album "sunflowers of today" will be released at the beginning of May. The music is characterised by uplifting bass-lines, aggressive riffs and speedy strong sound. Furthermore Shuji plays freestyle dj-set like rock, fusion, dub and works with other artists together.2008 MAY 07 [SUNFLOWERS OF TODAY] Release.


the daleks

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Posted : Jun 7, 2011 09:50
good on ya bro!           Gamma Riders EP out now on iTunes and!

The Daleks :
A-Boys :
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