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Skulptor - "Natural" ( Wired Music - 2007)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 16, 2007 17:03
Artist: Skulptor
Type: Álbum
Name: Natural
Label : Wired Music
Release date: Jan/2007
Case Type: Jewel
Mastering: Sonic Vista Studios(Ibiza)


1.-The Strings (8:13)
2.-The Great Escape (11:37)
3.-Sonic Boom (8:09)
4.-Northern Lights (8:30)
5.-Force of Gravity (8:38)
6.-The degrees of Freedom (8:30)
7.-Scream 4 Life (8:06)
8.-Beautiful (8:53)
9.-Soaring (8:31)


“Natural” is Lipe Forbes´s second album. After some sucess releases as a High End Records former, he moved to Wired Music.
For those who knows his music, this album shows a more mature style from Skulptor. From massive techno leads, throught electro groove to pop vocals:it´s still here mixed with trance music. But much more well structured, and with a finest and very singular sound quality. I don´t know for sure the BPM`s, but as fas as I remember the range here is from 142 to 146. I can say it´s a full on album, but expect something different...
Skulptor brings here two great guitar players also. Roberto Votta is a classic music player, and gave a smooth feelling , with flamenco influences. Eduardo Foo is from rock and metal music, and gave the power from the chords and tripping solos.
And I´m very glad to have a colaboration here, finishing the album.

Review track by track:

1.- The Strings: maybe my favourite track. I love the bassline here. Starts with a sample from a scientist who made “The String Theory”-awesome theory btw. This a groovy track, starts with some lead layers, to become a great melodic tune! At the break the first guitar touch with Roberto Votta, then Eduardo with his solo. And the after break is fu**ing groove, at least for me who loves power offbeat bassline. Expect the typical Skulptor´s chords and fx´s.

2.-The Great Escape: the hit of the album. With vocals from BT, this track is a big epic trance track. Starts with the lyric, some pianos and violins. The track starts in a experimental way. The bassline sounds “squared” at the begg, and then the famous sine bassline; also some freak fx´s. But this is pure trance music: melodies, chords, vocals, mixed with some twisted leads. The track has a big break, full of vocals, and the climax shows the typical K-BBB transposed bassline. A big hit for sure!

3.-Sonic Boom: imo this is the twisted track of the album. A lot of sample work, and the Skulptor´s tecnoish leads. The track changes itself a lot... I like the after break when the music is at climax with a massive bassline changes to a powerfull groove one!

4.-Northern Lights: here psy trance mixed with uplifting trance. The tracks starts with a great buildbup, with pads, effects and melodies. At the middle of the track, a change, and a epic melody shows the style of the track. The power K-BBB bassline after the break for sure can make a lot of ppl dance.

5.-Force of Gravity: one more track with BT samples, here other fav for me. It has the same trance touch from The Great Escape, but here the music is much more minimal. And also the lyrics here sound great! Nothing much to add, awesome smooth track!

6.-The Degrees of Freedom: My fav trackname here... lol... It´s a full on tune. Nice leads and fx´s, with a great break buildup-I like the melody mood here. For sure the powerfull break of the album. Kick-Bass-Melody really “in tha face”.

7.-Scream 4 Live: Again Lipe with a more experimental track. Groove bassline, smooth melodies, and nice guitar touch at the beggining. Eduardo Foo starts with some notes, but at the break an awesome and inspired solo! And I say inspired, cause the guitar solo(from 4.23 to 5.40) is the real first take without solo-structure briefing or sample work after recorded . It´s 100% Foo´s trip.The track here becomes massive, with more layers, and when u think the track is over, it changes to a powerfull full on.

8.-Beautiful: Mixing BT´s vocals and twisted background, here Lipe made a massive track. U can hear he can change the track a lot, and it does not sound wrong. Progressive melody, trance lead, psy trance bassline, pop vocals... It´s all here!

9.-Soaring: To finish the album the track that I made with Lipe and Roberto Votta. After bunch of complex music, this tracks sounds very minimal imo. Straight bassline, a lot of fx´s but not so much melodies layers together. Playing some flamenco influenced guitar, Roberto gives the touch for the epic break. Maybe it´s my track, but I really liked how the melodies fits each other after the break.

Conclusion: Very solid album. If u read the review u can think this is one more full on album, with vocals, “high tech” production, guitars and all this progressive influences.... But it´s not! Skulptor´s style is really unique. I think I can´t say any artist that could sound similar to his style or sound.

Reviewer order of preference: 1(!!), 5(!!), 9(!!), 6(!), 7(!), 3, 2, 4, 8.

Note from the reviewer: U realise that I know Lipe, and been at his studio a lot of times during this album making. I hope I made a critic review, but it´s a fact I like his music.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 18, 2007 03:04
a good surprise for me

The Strings, Northern Lights are best tracks !
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jan 18, 2007 19:21
Well produced stuff, as one can expect from Skulptor.

I heard the samples, and except for the excess of guitars I like it. I'd like to see more psychedelic (really twisted) tunes from him.

The album sounds perfect for home listening, in this point the "not heavy" guitars are positive.

I think Soaring is my favorite here, but I need to listen more.

Can anyone please post the lyrics to The Great Escape and Force of Gravity, and also tell me what BT means. (Am I as clueless as I'm feeling I am right now?)
Respect!           .
...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 18, 2007 20:07
BT is Brian Transeau. His project is Emotional Technology and "The Great Escape" vocals are from Caroline Lavelle.

Here are the lyrics:

You talk to me
With the language of the sea
Of sand hot in the sun

With the cries of night creatures
I dimly understand...
In your great escape
In your great escape
It's your chance to take
Make your great escape

Your binary words
Glow in my darkness
Your darling hangs in the air
And in me chemicals run
in my blood just by looking
You take my free will and throw it away

And I feel your warmth
As the sparks fly upwards
From the burning of all of your bridges

In your great escape
In your great escape
It's your chance to take
Make your great escape

I really love the first part of this track although i dont like this style.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 19, 2007 01:39
Just a little correction... BT is indeed Brian Transeau, but Emotional Technology is the name of one of his albuns. All samples from Skulptor´s album is from this cd. BT is also known as one of the inventors of trance music.

And the lyrics for "Force of Gravity":

"Remember the words we use to speak
The promises made have turned to all apologies
The weight of the storm of memories
Still you’re flying to fight the force of gravity

Do you cry your eyes asleep?
Is it peace you seek at night when your body's weak?
Did it leave you with the scars, of a war-torn ravaged heart?
Do you cry your eyes asleep"           LOADING...
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jan 20, 2007 20:01
Since the melodies of "The Strings" stayed on my mind, I had to listen the album one more time.

Really exceptional stuff for home listening.

Also I can predict it works very well on the dance floors, since the end of each track is intense, with a musically correct, good sounding, well-crafted bass/synth work.

Also I forget to mention your review, SMS. It's good to have a review with "tecnical notes", I payed much more attention to the K-BBB bass lines and to the solo of Scream 4 Life now. Also thanks for the lyrics (thanks also to survey1).
Respect!           .
...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 22, 2007 16:55
listening to it now... nice music! thanx for review           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.
Koan / Vacuum Stalkers

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Posted : Jan 22, 2007 19:58
Bravo Sculptor!
Very big surprise.
Addictive Elements
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 29, 2007 17:51
im not a review specialist ... n im not into the technical aspect of psytrance / trance (both of which im a fan of)...but this album has gotten me excited .... not for long since liquid sunshine's promo album and XSI's album (warning zone ) has ne morning artist caught my fancy and 10000% interest like this dude skulptor...
he has SUCCESSFULLY combined both aspects of psytrance and trance and vocals all in each song of the album...beutiful epic vocals , melodies nethin u want its here....its a sure stomper right from goa to ibiza ... from home lissenin to clubs to outdoor parties ...newhere....SKULPTOR u rock man.... UVE GOT ME FLOORED!!!!!!!!!!!
my favs : track 1 , 2 , 5....wat the heck ALL OF THEM
Addictive Elements
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 29, 2007 18:03
ohhh yeah and how could i forget to mention the guitar work in the traccks....not cheese aggro guitar playin like skazi is a mix of accoustic classical guitarss and soothing melodies even with the electric guitars...fullon!

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Posted : Jan 31, 2007 00:01
Yes, nice popmusic for home or car listening...            Signature

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Posted : Feb 8, 2007 22:17
ok the album is great and the guitar in some of the tracks is very nice and not to crazy, I loved it, specially because the melody of the guitar is kind of spanish and calm.

my favourite track is The Strings.
loved the album.
Fernanda Skulptor Bookings

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Posted : Feb 14, 2007 21:29
To see Skulptor in action and listen the songs of the album, watch these videos on you tube:

The Great Scape:

Sonic Boom:

Scream for Life:

The Dregrees of freedom:

Force of gravity:

And there's the hit track "you have to be mine" also:

Too se more videos just search for skulptor on youtube!

Hope you enjoy!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 14, 2007 14:50
first skulptor music ever for me. definately a gr8 artist well i like south american artist good mellow sounds wid lot off mellow guitars & other instruments..
good catch for non-professional use but should definately work on dance floors also..
gr8 music,
bom bom
>< we follow and preach ><
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