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~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~Silent Horror - Patterns II (DVSM 2013) ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~


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Posted : Aug 4, 2013 21:00:41

*Special thanks to Alex ‘Kiriyama’ , who together with Jigar ‘Silent Horror’ Shah founded the DVSM collective some 10 years ago(!!!).. SO…most psychedelic congratulations on to both of you for joining in your forces, bringing out your creations, sharing your energies and providing only musical gems throughout the years... Happy anniversary, family! You are doing a great job , great job! I am more than happy, pleased and privileged to share my thoughts&visions alike with you on this psyreal pattern and journey.
*Artwork by: Rusty Psyflyart

~~~Silent Horror – Patterns II (2013)~~~

Mastered by Dimitri 'Dark elf' Santas, Written and produced by Jigar Shah, Silent Horror is back and sending us through the next voyage of sound waves into the vast ocean of psychedelic trance music. Another Patterns’ series - a sound particle so finely tuned into the obscure,dark nature of the psychoactive human mind . A journey carefully navigated by the DVSM collective & engineered by Jigar Shah, the man who is responsible for this mind altering spaceship of a project Silent Horror, cruising & patterning into the night forest of the human mind – a place , also known as a maze of intricate paths, where the irrational often takes over the rational. Silent Horror project surely consolidated this trademark vibes of intensive , strictly night-time oriented dark psychedelic ‘trance’ music while sending yet another shockwave throughout the psychedelic scene. It is another seance of patterns. Obscure, gloomy, spooky, dark , heavy and most of all trippy night time psychedelia

Variables of patterns. The introductory pattern of this second voyage, is a seance just by itself. Spirals, spirals,spirals kicking off already in the very first minute here. Each of the three tracks on this EP tells a story of its own. Rattling, intensive drum beating, way more compressed variables of patterns building up and peaking psychedelically in a totally rhythmic and chaotic symphony. This is massage for the brain, although indeed more likely it is a seance into the ocean of (sub)consciousness. And when the voyager is ready, the engineer will appear. Yet while I cannot find any resemblance with the 1st Patterns EP,whcih by the way were released in 2oo9, this track kind of reminds me Silent Horror’s most recent ‘Seance’ album . It does sound like an upgraded , advanced, compressed version of the whole Seance part. What a journey….New , vast horizons of psychedelically algorhythmic patterns. that bear a sudden shift of gear UP ~ first half of the second minute and presents a completely new arrangement and composition – only some outwardly feeling and sensation in the way that Silent horror builds his production up and may be something akin to the first series of patterns, yet entirely upgraded.Short break a moment later and Right about the 4 th minute appear the dark fairies& magical pixies , singing & dancing (P)symphonically altogether, on forest frequencies, spooky synths & gloomy patterns..very sophisticated forms of patterns. The nature of Silent horror is so invariably trippy and psychedelic for it projects what cannot be seen. What is (p)sylent and still. What is barely heard, but yet what could certainly be strongly felt as a kind of presence- in the silence between the vibes, the cords, where lies the only invariable pattern is that of the mystic, the wonder, the stillness .. expanding, varying, ascending, awaking… energizing.

Pan’d Labyrinth
The second pattern of this chapter leads into the so called ‘pan’d ‘ labyrhythm. It is a a very good excersice to keep the body and mind in(t)act I reckon . A steady bassline starts kicking around by the first 30 seconds @ 0:25. In the next minute, its already knitting and entangling various intertwined plasmic sound particles,strictly Silent Horror trademark vibes that lead the listener straight into the labyrinth pattern-from a state of confusion into the higher state of cosmic consciousness. Into the age of imagination and sound poetry, 5th dimension and perhaps even higher. Not all those who wander are lost, as the renowned writer has put it. Not all that glitters is gold. And So ‘The ghosts in the darkness’ comes at the beginning of 3rd minute …. And this is the moment when the sonicscape starts vibrating & illuminating all sorts of ideas coming out of the darkness, ground breaking and space shaking frequencies engineered and crafted with great precision entangle us on a heavy journey throughout the Pan’d labyrinth. . Already 4:25 and cosmic synths are manipulating and trance-porting labyrinth like patterns. It is a heavy rollercoaster in labyriland – travelling along the sonic patterns one shall be prepared to sink into the depth of this labyrhythm till one feels its warmth, until getting lost & profound. The pattern starts echoing through the pads of labyrhythms right next to the 5th min …. It is filled with intense, dynamic, compressed, pumping, bubbling, acid twisting and soul mystics psychedelia …Yet another great work with trademark Silent Horror vibes by one of the most well established engineers among these psychedelic circuits!

Silent Horror – Atomic Structure
This is what makes artists like Silent Horror big in this game– there is a distinctive, highly psychedelic, original in content, rich interweaving sound layers, all sorts of knobs & effects spiraling in and out, overall rich in flavor, depth, warmth, texture and content this horror of silence leaves us really very quiet. While creating stories that are only up to one’s very own imagination, Silent Horror leaves us in that silent place where the mind is so still. You may choose to decide to fly with it and spiral out of the darkness, escape the trap of confusion created by the illusion of separation. Atomic structure, first of all I don’t know how to describe the kind of association that this title brings to my mind while listening to the actual track. Heavily blasting kicks combined with fat bassline…. It is a real intense one! Structurally, starts in the first minute and an half already with very intense drum kicks/ beats…percussions. While the vibe keeps accelerating us into this sonic vortex of an atomic structure, we are at the same time driven by the drums. I must say this somehow reminds me of Dark Elf , besides the highly characteristic Silent Horror style sonic presentation, Dimitri ‘Dark Elf’ has done a pretty remarkable job in here in terms of mastering. Perhaps because I also reviewed his most recently released work not so long ago, but these drums somehow leave me with such associations. For sure, great effects and levels are reached here in terms of ideas. It took me a while to finish this review because it is essential for me to dive into the story/bass line and frequency/pattern. This last pattern leaves us gazing into the maze of atomic structures, escalating,building up, dropping and spiraling out… peaking… and drum kicking by the 3rd minute . I love what starts around 4th minute, whise starts like an intense subatomic division…….4:33 ...this combination with the drums is too good. So powerful leads around the next 5th min, this track is surreal. It is a massively built-up and brilliantly engineered atomic structure of a sound particle which goes beyond any description. Like the tales of the inexpressible, it is such a rollercoaster. Very very surreal …
Grab it from our Band Camp page:

          " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings "

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Posted : Aug 5, 2013 15:37
final editor's notes: i realized after the time of writing that its an upcoming anniversary of DVSM celebrating 10 years since its creation ... must be nxt year,as its still 2013 ! ) hehe Yet, my congratulations to you both in advance!:) And hope its a curious read...           " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings "
Silent Horror

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Posted : Aug 22, 2013 03:34
Many thanks for the review Nidopsog           ------------------------------

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Posted : Aug 24, 2013 15:52

On 2013-08-22 03:34, insane wrote:
Many thanks for the review Nidopsog

Thank you for the unsane music It was a big pleasure of mine           " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings "
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