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Sidhartha - Bio Rhythm

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 26, 2008 16:36:04
Artist: Sidhartha
Title: Bio-Rhythm
Label: Fractal Records
Release: June, 2008

1. Heartbeat (7:15)
2. Mind Warp (7:28)
3. Highpnosys (Phonic Request Remix) (7:40)
4. Alien Plasma (9:05)
5. Divine Justice (7:14) w/Khopat
6. Chemical Percussors (7:06)
7. Lysergic Trip (7:22)
8. Day Dream (8:08) w/Tryon
9. Biorhythm (8:50)
10. Celebrate The Life (9:12) w/Adrop

Sidhartha is Nuno Francisco Santos from Portugal here with his 2nd full length album. His first, Reverse Mode, was released in 2005 on Metatron records and produced some insane tracks. Psychotic Behaviour, No Worries, Physical Forms, and Deep Sonar all were absolute smashers in my eyes. His music tends toward the darker side of trance without being darkpsy. He also released an album called Versus Galaxy (review on the way) collaborating with numerous artists on every track. Think of Menog's Tribe Remixes. Nuno's compilation work as of late has also been quite strong, putting out even more storming tracks. I would classify his music in the same vein as Killer Buds and various South African artists as powerful, danceable, and melodic psy. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time, so let's get to it!

Heartbeat- It isn't long before the traces of acid set my mind afire, as the track builds right out of the gate. The synths are thick and engaging right into a change of tempo. The cool thing here is that even with the change in tempo, he creates another equally powerful groove. Seamless transition brings us back to where we started with wispy tufts of acid. The thick synths also return driving the point home. Very good track!

Mind Warp-
The beat here seams heavier, more tangible. Groovy, for sure, as a tormented synth lead dances in search of release. More leads join the fray, each jockeying for position. I like the "psychedelic experiences" sample as it is short and sweet. This is a good track, though not as good as the previous one.

Highpnosys (Phonic Request Remix)- Phonic Request gives the remix treatment here of a Sidhartha track from the compilation Brain Chemistry. A rambling bass line amidst a sundry of effects takes center stage. There is a computerized sample saying "electrobeatt" that I don't really care for, but it is brief and non-obtrusive. The break is soothing, albeit short with another unnecessary sample. This track really didn't hold anything new for me and I don't see myself giving it another listen.

Alien Plasma- What is Alien Plasma? I dunno, but they are two cool words put together. Very science fiction. A muted bass drum pounds the temples as spacey synths arc skyward above a distorted sample. Oooh, I can feel this one starting to pick up and get nasty. The acid returns as the track rises, with synth stabs carrying the groove. After the break a scratchy "darkpsy" lead forces it's way amidst lasers and even more heavy synths. Nice. Best track on the album so far.

Divine Justice- This is a team-up with Khopat. I haven't heard a lot of his music so I am unfamiliar with his sound. I do know that the beat instantly grabs me and forces me underwater. Just when I think I can't breathe another breath, I am lifted up. Lasers and acid batter me from all sides as I struggle to regain my footing. Cover is hard to find, but I do what I can. As quickly as it appeared the pursuit vanishes and I look for means to escape. I find a light cycle and am weaving amidst new acid barrages. This track is pedal to the medal Portuguese/South African insanity. Bee Yootiful!

Chemical Percussors- This CD is moving along nicely now. More acid stabs and 303 riffs assault my senses above a simple one note bass line. The feel is slightly goa, without the nice sunshine. The break further reinforces that theory, as a definite goa lead dances sublimely above my head. I grab hold, as the 303s buffer my flight. Twists, turns, but careful not to fly too high. The Hindu Gods give me an audience, and show me things that I could never have known. Great track with a great feeling!

Lysergic Trip- Once again, without delay I am thrust into the guardrails of a streaming bass line. A filtered synth grows in intensity, and is rapidly joined by some of its brethren. The tempo changes out of a short break, but not for long. The acid is here as well, but I feel this track is lacking a lot of the emotion and power of the previous tracks. It's ok, but nothing to write home about.

Day Dream- Tryon is a DJ from Portugal, but has worked with Sidhartha before on Gaia-Tek and Versus Galaxy. With a slight break beat start, I have a funky beat complete with acid stabs before the thumping bass line begins. The acid splatters but I don't get any on me. But its intent is clear. The track begins to threaten and rise up, but doesn't strike yet. I feel like a rat in front of a snake as it dances a macabre dance and plays with its food. A stuttering synth slams the door shut on any chance of escape and I am now cornered. The beat pounds on and just that quick, the attack comes. Thick synths smash my ribs as acid stabs go for the eyes. Pretty good track with great layering.

Bio-Rhythm- Another muted beat moves past me, trailing eerie sounds. I look down and realize the acid is pooling about my feet. I start to run and avoid a nasty demise. I head for the forest, though it is dark. Alien beings draw down on me as concentrated bursts of acid whirl past my head. I find cover behind a boulder and reach for my weapon. As arpeggiated leads swarm the canopy above I fire off salvos of my own but to no effect. The track continues to rise as the aliens begin to redouble their efforts. I reach a new hiding place just as sticky tendrils crush the boulder I was hiding behind. This track as you can tell was a very good mover.

Celebrate the Life-
This is wth Adrop and they bring a Sitar to do battle. The stings force my eyes heavenward as the percussion steadies me. The breakbeat rhythm is groovy, a welcome rest after what I have endured. Nimble synths dance before my eyes, always out of reach. They thicken and I feel coated. This track allows the heart to come back down to normal levels while retaining its ethereal quality. Good track!

Conclusion: This was worth the wait. High powered, acid laden insanity is what this is. Some great tracks here and some very good tracks. He continues to produce quality work that is great for the day but mostly the night. I would have no problem recommending this to anyone. There are definite similarities between him and Killer Buds music but also as I mentioned before several South African acts. Keep up the great work! 8.9/10


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Posted : Jul 31, 2008 01:39
Nuno has tht special magic in his music. To bring a smile to everybodys face and to make everybody dance like mad. So much melody and power in his music. PErfect for those early sunny mornings!

All the best bro!

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Aug 4, 2008 12:42
divine justice, alien plasma, bio rhythm are the picks for the crunchier sounds. other tunes are some well crafted heavy morning blasters. dug the phonic request rmx a little. all the best to sidhartha and hypergate - looking forward to the tryon album .
Phonic Request

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Posted : Sep 14, 2008 14:08

Very good album in the style full on at night.

Very good job on the Versus Tryon and Versus Khopat.

the rest is also very good


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Posted : Oct 13, 2008 13:26
Killlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! !           PsYcHeDeLiC music!!!! -==-=--==
HaVe FuN - PeAcE!!

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Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 17, 2008 22:32
very strong cd in a good old psychedelic manner. tracks aró more morning then night but always with a great kick and bunch of nice sounds & effects mostly on twisted side. better then previous album that has its moments for sure. i liked hartbeat, mind warp and track of phonic request most of all.           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.
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