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Trance Forum  Forum  Festivals Promotions - Shankra Festival
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Shankra Festival

Sustainable Bass Collective

Posted :  01 Jul, 2017
12-16/07/2017 Sustainable Bass Collective presents:

Shankra Festival


Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) France
Ancient Core (Independent) Romania
Andrew Leung (Strategic Sound) Hong Kong
Argot Digamma (Argot Digamma) Switzerland
Balancé (Moon Dance Records) Portugal
Blue Planet Corporation (Flying Rhino Records) France
Chlorophill (Synchronos Recordings) United States
Code Therapy (Techgnosis Records) Portugal
Cygna (Ultimae Records) France
Dillard (Code 9 Audio/Mindstep) United States
Dubnotic (Visionary Shamanics Records) Macedonia
Emo (Independent) Belgium
Estray (Lump Records) Serbia
Etsaman (Independent) Croatia
Ewan-A (Independent) Spain
Fils des étoiles (Independent) France
Floating Machine (Blind Arc Records) Portugal
Fuluf (Independent) Estonia
Galaxy Drop (Merki Music) Switzerland
Globular (Sofabeats/Shanti Planti Records) England
Green Beats (Nutek Chill Records) Spain
Halfred (Merkaba Music) Italy
Hinkstep (Utopic Vision) Sweden
Instant Euphory (Natural Evolution) United Kingdom
Jaja (Tribal Vision Records) France
Joernson (Green Tara Records) Germany
Johnny Blue (Mikelabella Records) Germany
Kliment (Zenon Records) Bulgaria
Koan (Blue Tunes Records) Russia
Kukan Dub Lagan (Mikelabella Records) Spain
Lab's Cloud (Altar Records) Spain
Le Comte Champêtre (Independent) France
Loopmoon (Zero Gravity Records) Spain
Maiia (Mystic Sound Records) Russia
Maluns (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland
Man Of No Ego (Independent) Bulgaria
Martin Nonstatic (Ultimae Records) Austria
Max Million (Ultimae Records) Greece
Mercury Fall (Moonloop) Switzerland
Miktek (Ultimae Records) Greece
Mission Of Subject (SoundArt) Germany
Nami (Blue Hour Records) Italy
Naturelement (Mystic Sound Records) Greece
Nick Miamis (Cosmicleaf Records) Greece
Nimi (Visionary Shamanics Records) United Kingdom
Ohmar (Digital Whomp Records) Israel
Outland ( Switzerland
Raijin Gaijin (Mikelabella Records) Spain
Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records) Greece
Sorian (Mikelabella Records) Spain
Spiral Hand (Intensive/Trive Of Surya) Switzerland
Terranine (Iboga Records) New Zealand
Tripswitch (Interchill Records) England
Varda Sundown (Badgers Records) Serbia
Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision Records) Sweden
Yestegan chaY (Independent) Israel
Zaftra Morgen (Gaia Psybient Music) Netherland
Zen Baboon (SofaBeats) Portugal

& more!

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Chill Area VJ Deco Eco Friendly Children Zone Workshops/Market Water Access Discounted Presale 

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Trance Forum  Forum  Festivals Promotions - Shankra Festival
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