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Setherian - Postrancepose (Oxygen Records, November 2006)


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Posted : Nov 26, 2006 12:31
Artist: Setherian
Title: Postrancepose
Label: Oxygen Records
Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)
Released: November 2006


Launched in 2005 by DJ's TV and Nem, Oxygen Records has already built a quite good reputation as a morning label, with so far 3 compilations ("Satellite", "Parsec" and "Occurrence") and a full length album by the Portuguese act Spectra. The labels 5th release is by the Brazilian act Setherian, also known as DJ Seth. Setherian has appeared on several compilations on labels like Com.Pact, Midijum, Aeon, Groove Zone, Kagdila, Yellow Sunshine Explosion and of course Oxygen, and 2 years ago he released his debut-album "Multiverse" on Glowing Flame Records. An album I, after listening to some of Setherians later releases, regret that I didn't buy back when it was released.

His 2nd album is called "Postrancepose" and with no less than 10 tracks ranging in BPM from 120 to 145 BPM, I had my hopes up for something special.

01. Klosterfunk [130 BPM]
The album starts with Klosterfunk - now I don't know if Kloster means anything in Portuguese, but in Danish it means Monastery, which gives the title (Monasteryfunk!?) a quite weird touch from my perspective. That being said, it's a really nice laidback opening track with big pads and droning bass that nicely sets the tone for the things to come. Definitely good stuff.

02. Fakin Nathex [127 BPM]
"Fakin Nathex" on the other hand is a completely different track, much more digital and rough than the opener. It has some quite funky grooves, a very sharp kick, lots of strange electro-effects and sadly also some very annoying voice-sample usage. Surely a different kind of tune from a psytrance-artists, but didn’t do much for me.

03. D-Fraktion [130 BPM]
The electro-craze is continued in "D-Fraktion", and this time with even with more edge and power, although still not with a lot of dancefloor appeal. There are some quite distinct acid-influences, and at times the pads provide some well-intentioned smoothness to the rugged base of the track, but overall I can't say that I really liked this one.

04. Diplik [136 BPM]
After a short but very beautiful intro, "Diplik" kicks the album into more straightforward progressive psytrance with a steady 4/4 beat. Sadly there are once again some slightly annoying voice-samples (this time a robotic voice saying "Electricity" a few too many times), but the rest of the tune is actually really good - funky and melodic progressive morning trance.

05. Trodden Fire [140 BPM]
In the 5th track, "Trodden Fire" we get into the 140-BPM territory - it starts out with a quite funky groove for the first half of the track, before escalating with a rolling more full on ish bassline in the last part where it reaches a quite Human Blue-ish peak, apart from the offbeat melodies and a bit more surprising twists and twisted effects. A really nice morning tune - uplifting, but without the cheese.

06. Moving Targets [144 BPM]
"Moving Targets" is a bit more easylistening than the previous tracks, relying not so much on twisted effects, but more on straightforward melodies, bass and pads - again quite much oldschool scando-sounding fused with some full on elements. The brightest track on the album, and another really suitable track for those magical sunrise hours.

07. Critical Overflow [145 BPM]
The intensity rises yet another notch with "Critical Overflow", starting with what sounds like an old movie-sample before introducing a pounding full on sounding bassline. I'm guessing this will be the biggest dancefloor tune on the album - it's a bit more serious and hard-hitting than the rest, and not quite as naively uplifting. Another great track.

08. The Shining [140 BPM]
The last dancefloor track on the album is "The Shining", a deep and very melodic track that again gives some nice flashbacks to older Scandinavian trance. Think something along the lines of S>Range in the "2001"-days with the production-quality of today, and you have a winner of a very dreamy progressive morning-tune. Surely one of the biggest standouts on the album.

09. Reentrant Uperiodic [120 BPM]
The final part of the album starts with "Reentrant Uperiodic". It starts with a quite long beatless intro, which gives the impression of a very laidback ambient track, but surprise surprise - after around 2 minutes we're introduced to some rather squeaky bass and synths, and it does get quite intense along the way.

10. Aidiemist [120 BPM]
The album concludes with "Aidiemist", and this a real hidden gem. Think very laidback breakbeat fused with deep, minimal techno using some simple, but beautiful uplifting pads and stunning chord stabs. It's definitely not your everyday standard psychillout tune to fill out the last 7 minutes on the CD, and I consider this a real standout track on the album. Would love to hear more of this by Setherian in the future.

Bottom line:

Setherians 2nd album " Postrancepose " certainly stands out from the current giant mass of morning albums in many aspects - it's not an album consisting of only dance-floor tunes, but instead it provide something more and something different, with elements of both full on, progressive psytrance, electro and minimal. Different doesn't always mean good though, and I had a hard time connecting to some of the elements on the album (especially track 2 and 3), but when it works (and for most part it does) it works very, very well.

I'm guessing this won't be an album you'll get at the first listen - some of it surely took some getting used to for me - but if you're really into the melodic morning sound (be it progressive or full on), but is looking for something more diverse and a bit away form the norm - still bright and uplifting, but without all the cheese, this is definitely one of the better releases this year.


1, 5, 6, 7, 8 (!), 10




Oxygen Records:           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 27, 2006 17:24
Congratulations Christian for another great release.

Very creative album.
As usuall, with many influences from Prog and Electro-House.
Thumbs up for that!

Best Regards!


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 29, 2006 12:36
Yep as expected the good 'ol Seth sound is back with the 7-th 8-th track which are my favorites.

Overall it is a solid album, with originality as its strongest side.           @Iono_Music

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Posted : Nov 30, 2006 00:05
nice review profane, thanks.

im glad u are looking forward for more stuff like aidiemist, because it is more or less what im into now .. also a bit faster of course .. but yeah .. my future releases are most likely to be in that way .. even though i still have a few trance tunes in my hard disc hehe ..

also..i would like to apologize to my fans n who it may concern by not following a similar albums seems to always sound like a compilation haha .. what can i say ..           The Devil Is In Detail!
guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Dec 8, 2006 10:35
Hi All !

Oxygen records is releases the 5th release - new album of Mr. Setherian. The album called Postrancepose and released on November 2006. DJ Seth is responsible for some unforgetable tracks on varied compilations before, and now he is ready to explode the world his 2nd album.

01. Klosterfunk 130 BPM
The exprience is start with "Klosterfunk" track. It is almost six minutes of soft introduction with sensitive melodies and deep kicks. A really nice way to prepare the brain for the upcoming events .

02. Fakin Nathex 127 BPM
Seth is taking brake from his stirring style and presents a completely diffrent style - kind of electro-funk. He has the ability to produce a new type of music but still keep the personal touch. I'm not a big fan of electro music, thats why I did not connect to this specific track, but this is a challenge for hallucinate brains .

03. D-Fraktion 130 BPM
The electro vibe is still alive ! "D-Fraktion" track is more complicated and closer to the psychedelic side, despite the clubby atmosphere with all those cheesy elements. Electro-people, this is a gift for you.

04. Diplik 136 BPM
Dear Setherian, it is a pleasure to have you back . "Diplik" is exactly what this album needed this time - new kicking life. A combination of proggy beats with the unique Seth's atmosphere is so uplifting and intersting. Every time, when the track is going down, I know that the next up will take me to sweet places.

05. Trodden Fire 140 BPM
Listeners, please say hello to the Groove factor, it's finally came . After 4 warming tracks, Seth is start shake the dance floor with standart tempo and some of the Brazilian lovely power. This track is always developing for new directions without one second of boring...such an fascinating story. On 04:10 the brake is just force me to wake up and clap hands for the genious beyond this piece of art.

06. Moving Targets 144 BPM
We are enter to the highlight part of this album and the feeling is so good ! "Moving Targets" is what I use to call - brain diging. The track is growing gradually with tons of hallucinate sounds around, which together create a twisted loops sequence. A must exprience for imaginary mood.

07. Critical Overflow 145 BPM
After the brain's big effort, it's time to use the other parts of the body. When Seth is decide to focus on the full on side, he is doing it so smartly with so much power and good vibes. "Critical Overflow" is a smashing morning track with the necessary factors for spread smiles to every direction.

08. The Shining 140 BPM
I'm so addicted to this kind of baselines - calm, easy and groovy. This one is not so "noisey" on compare to the previous tracks, but sure has the magic inside. "The Shining" is deep & melodic tune with emotions and soft beats. On 04:30 there is a positive brake, which sends me to trippi flow in the sky.

09. Reentrant Uperiodic 120 BPM
Now it's time to calm down and follow the slow moves of "Reentrant Uperiodic". This is a down tempo amabient with strong emotionaly power...a very good choice for pass out the serious hang-over after long way of digs and thoughts.

10. Aidiemist 120 BPM
"Aidiemist" is probably the most beautiful ending-track I remmeber for long time. All you need to do is close your eyes and let the worries come out...
This track is almost make me belive that music actually can talk . Thank you Seth for close this jumpy trip on such suitable way.

"Postrancepose" album is definitely not a "regular" cd - each listening brings different reaction with and dicovers new amazing things. Setherian is a colorful artist, which go with his muse and produce the right music style at the specific moment.

You can get this brilliant album here :
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Dec 13, 2006 15:45
My review:

Setherian - Postrancepose ( Oxygen, Nov. 2006 )

Track List:
1. Klosterfunk - 5:51 - 130 bpm
2. Fakin Nathex - 7:25 - 127 bpm
3. D-Fraktion - 7:49 - 130 bpm
4. Diplik - 6:34 - 136 bpm
5. Trodden Fire - 7:16 - 140 bpm
6. Moving Targets - 8:39 - 144 bpm
7. Critical Overflow - 8:00 - 145 bpm
8. The Shining - 8:06 - 140 bpm
9. Reentrant Uperiodic - 6:15 - 120 bpm
10. Aidiemist - 6:47 - 120 bpm

Setherian is one of those few artists who want to make things different, walking his own way whatever it costs. He started to DJ a long time ago, and soon started to create his own music, releasing his first track in 2002. Being one of the most well know artist in Brazil and abroad, in 2004 he launched his own label and released his debut album through another label. Now, after exploring other musical realms, he released his second album through Oxygen Records, a two years old label with 5 releases under their belts. And Oxygen did a good work: I'm pleased to find the bpms to all tracks inside the booklet and an interesting message inside the jewel case: "Copying kill our music, download with intelligence."
The artcover by Mike Comandeer and the mastering by Sonic Vista Studios.

The album begins with Klosterfunk, a joyful ride on the landscapes painted by Seth’s imagination. It’s a journey track, with an excellent flow where each element fits perfectly its place. One of the best tracks here, the only detail is that it could be a little longer. Fakin Natex is the second track, an electro influenced sort of trance at 127 bpm. I like the bass, the second half is better and more danceable, it also has a some interesting elements and a weird sample. With D-Fraktion Setherian clearly shows how to move the dance floor, another electro-influenced track with huge pads and good energy, I want to try this one on the dance floor. But it is only with Diplik that Seth shows us his approach to progressive psytrance. Diplik is an efficient track, and not only that: it is also unpredictable and good to dance. And with that we leave the progressive field and move to realms where the kicks are faster. Trodden Fire does the move, a good morning track with involving atmosphere, strange structure and elements and without cheese melodies. Perfect to sunrise. We’re getting even deeper into the full on style: Moving Targets is the most straight forward full on track on the album, it’s 144 bpm and the powerful ending would even sound out of place if it wasn’t by the characteristic elements that made clear this tune belongs to Seth’s album. I like the samples, but unfortunately can’t understand them. Kicking at 145 bpm, Critical Overflow is the faster track on the album, full on without make breaks and build ups, it does the job and arrives at home early for dinner. And finally we got the last dance floor track: The Shining. Happily enough, it turns out to be one of the best tracks in the album, carefully engineered to make me dance and smile. Monstrous pads and an excellent bass, this is the perfect way to close the album. But wait, the album is not over yet, there are still two tracks at 120 bpm. Reentrant Uperiodic is a weird track, haven’t seem many like this one, but it is good to listen to and contains its own journey and follow its own path. And closing the album there is Aidiemist, a slow track with an interesting minimal approach and excellent stereo work.

I admit it took me a while to really appreciate the album in it's whole extend, and in fact I'm still discovering new things about, but being such a diverse album this is not unexpected. Seth really put a lot of effort in this one, and this reflects on the small details that make a huge difference.

Recommendation: I recommend this album for those who are searching for psychedelic music, the kind that is not restrained by boundaries of style or fashion. The album goes from 120 to 145 bpm, half of it can be considered progressive psytrance, with electro influences that can be heard miles away. The other half is sort of a "full on that's not canned". And there are more than two halves: two slower tracks close the album and they’re very good. So the album delivers 10 previously unreleased tracks packed with a lot of surprises. Really worth checking.

Favorites: 1(!), 3, 4, 5, 8(!), 9, 10.

Buy it here:

Respect!           .
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 15, 2006 13:30
amazing album seth i am looking forward in ur minimal stuff! Personally i like the prog tracks, the fullonish are not my cup of tea. And sth that are genial noizy effects in some tracks, minimal effects rock.

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Posted : Dec 20, 2006 20:11
I've played the album in my car today. Waaaa, what a masterpiece.

When track eight (the shining) is playing, then it's wonderful. Somehow, this track gives me a lot of energy and simultaneously I feel I'm gonna fly, because the energy it gives me is very positive energy, but not like positive energy we have in commercial trance tracks here in Belgium (read cheese), it's rather like a dream, something that would make you crazy on the dance floor and also something that would almost make you cry if you listened to it while relaxing.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 22, 2006 17:14
fucking smashing album,


the first setherian on glowing flame was on another planet,
every single has been top notch!

but now we get this jewel,


thank you for actually making trance, good hypnotic trance,

these tracks wont get old for a while..

always staying one step ahead....

big thanks mate, cant wait to play some of these out

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 22, 2007 22:49
Setherian – Postrancepose

Cover: +

Artist: Setherian (Brazil)
Title: Postrancepose
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Oxygen Records (2006)
Cat. #: OXYCD005
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 24 November 2006

Track listing:

01. 05’50” Klosterfunk
02. 07’25” Fakin Nathex
03. 07’48” D-Fraktion
04. 06’34” Diplik
05. 07’15” Trodden Fire
06. 08’38” Moving Targets
07. 08’00” Critical Overflow
08. 08’06” The Shining
09. 06’14” Reentrant Uperiodic
10. 06’47” Aidiemist

.m3u-playlist: (all tracks!)


Unchartered trance territory…

Oxygen Records, which recently re-located to Spain, is out with its second artist album. This time it’s the second album by Setherian. Christian ‘DJ Seth’ Zahn from from Sao Paulo, Brazil is notorious for his trademark morning trance with rich progressive influences… His first album Multiverse (Glowing Flame/2004) was pretty slick – but recent compilation tracks have been a tad too well-polished for my taste. But let’s give this second album a spin.

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Klosterfunk [130 BPM]
The album opens with a real blast – and by blast, I mean a huuuuuge, epic belter of majestic proportions… This is floating progressive trance with stretched organic pads and hands-in-the-air appeal Ibiza-style… Reminds me a great deal of Sasha’s Xpander.which is one of my fav’e melodic trance tracks ever… Commercial as hell, but still totally sexy and easily one of the best tracks off the album! Too bad it’s not longer…

#02: Fakin Nathex [127 BPM]
The next track takes on a totally different approach – leering heavily on the electro-fad that’s been sweeping thru progressive trance lately… But that’s not all; we also get some pretty lush house-influences here – mixed up with slick morning trance percussion and trance blips. Very different from what we’re used to hearing – and that’s a plus. This is not the best track I’ve ever heard, but it’s charming nonetheless and I really like this original blend of styles that Seth brings forth.

#03: D-Fraktion [130 BPM]
This next track is like a mix of the two previous. It has electro-clash weird progressive trance bits as well as the uplifting, commercial trance bits – with emphasis on the prior. So yeah, Seth is still very experimental here, but the novelty is starting to wear off… It’s still a pretty decent track, but not as great as the previous two...

#04: Diplik [136 BPM]
With Diplik Seth ventures into progressive morning trance territory with heaps of sunshine, reverbs and lush percussion… The trance-bits are nothing out of the ordinary, but the added nifty little electro quirks add flavour… A nice little track, which could have used a little more edge though…

#05: Trodden Fire [140 BPM]
Seth takes it up a notch on the next track which is a wholesome piece of progressive sci-fi trance complete with laser stabs, rolling full-on basslines and old-fashioned groove… I’m not too keen on the formulated basslines at first, but the rest is pretty slick – especially the wide spanning melodic pads of the second half of the track… And the last couple of quirky minutes are pure bliss. This turns out to be a brilliant track!

#06: Moving Targets [144 BPM]
“It is dawn. The moment of amnesia […] when dreams become confused with reality!” This track sees Seth push the tempo in search of the sunrise… We’re deeply drenched in uplifting, fast-paced morning trance now and though Seth still manages to incorporate his funny little electronica titbits into the mix, this is where it gets a little too clubby for my taste…

#07: Critical Overflow [145 BPM]
Luckily the next track takes is bereft of the most obvious cheese pitfalls, and this is where Seth really caters for the trance floors around the world… It’s the fastest track on the album, and it really kicks ass… Fusing the best of progressive trance and psytrance, this is an epic track reaching unchartered trance territories… Pretty fucking amazing! =)

#08: The Shining [140 BPM]
After the dancefloor bombshell, it’s time to work on the comedown…But do not despair, this is still very upbeat… We’re treated to an abundance of lush reverbs, stretched harmonic pads and some really, really sexy percussion… Thrown in some synths and some Swedish progressive trance elements and you’ve got a winner… The middle bridge gets a little too cheesy for a while, but luckily it picks up (and makes up for it) towards the blissful final couple of minutes. Lovely.

#09: Reentrant Uperiodic [120 BPM]
I have no idea whatsoever what the hell the title means, but what I do know is that we entering more subtle electronica now… Pitched down musica that lingers somewhere between progressive trance and experiMENTAL downbeat… I like the subtle IDM-influences here and generally this sounds nice.

#10: Aidiemist [120 BPM]
The final track closes with some real fine electronica… Digitally tribal grooves are fused with icy-cold ambience and sharp percussion… It has a minimal, polished and almost sterile sound which is very different from the rest of the album… And it’s another testament to Seths versatile musical talent.

As with Setherian’s first album Multiverse (Glowing Flame/2004) this is a very diverse, immensely well-produced album that simply reeks quality all the way through… But what Multiverse lacked in stand-out tracks, Postrancepose makes up for. The artwork is up to par with the usual hi-quality Oxygen Records quality and its harmless appearance doesn’t take focus away from the music.

Seth is an extremely gifted producer and his talent has really matured a lot… I like this album for its great production and more-so for its sheer versatility. Sure, a couple of the tracks are leaning too much towards the dreaded club-trance, but luckily they’re easily outnumbered by the many great, non-conformist tracks here.

Going as far as calling this album essential is pushing it though. For me it still needs that little something extra, but it’s definitely a great album and with Seth’s rapidly evolving talent I’d be surprised if the next one didn’t turn out to be fantastic. However, this is an album I’d recommend to fans of eclectic, versatile morning trance with more than a few surprises in stock. Enjoy.

Favourites: 1(!!), 2, 5, 7(!!), 8


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