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sell some old trance cds - part 2


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Posted : Nov 16, 2011 18:55:20
if you see something you want mail me at:, thanks

for 15 euros (inlcuding normal shipping + paypal fees)

Various - Orange Compilation (CD, Comp) (TIP Records)
Various - Phosphorescent (CD, Comp) (TIP Records)
Electric Universe - Stardiver (CD, Album, Mixed) (Substance)
Jaïa - Fiction (CD, Album) (Digital Structures)
Spectral - Celtic Alchemy (CD, Maxi) (Blue Room Released)
Morphem - Out Of Focus (CD, Album) (Tunnel Records)
P. Cok - Acid Trooper (CD, Album) (Krembo Records)
Various - Boyd In The Void (CD, Comp) (Distance, Flying Rhino Records)
Various - Blue Compilation (CD, Comp) (TIP Records, TIP Records)
Various - 3D (CD, Comp) (TIP Records)
Various - Re:Evolution II - Time (3xCD, Comp, Mixed, Car + Box) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - Seventh Flight - Elevation (CD, Comp) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - The Eternal Frequency (CD, Comp) (Phantasm Records)
Various - Transient 4 (CD, Comp) (Transient Records)
Various - Transient 5 (CD, Comp) (Transient Records)
X.I.S. - Electric Rites (2xCD, Album) (Nephilim Records, Nova Tekk)
Har-El* - New Pagan World (CD, Album) (Nephilim Records)
Chilling Matenda - Electronic Soul (CD, Album) (Global Phonehead)
DJ Antaro - Global Psychedelic Trance - Compilation Vol. 3 (2xCD, Comp, Dig) (Spirit Zone Recordings)

for 17 euros (inlcuding normal shipping + paypal fees)
Various - Black Rhino (CD, Comp, Mixed, Dig) (Flying Rhino Records)


Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest (CD, MiniAlbum) (Nova Zembla)
Evolution (2) - Oscillating Phenomena (CD, Album) (High Society (3), High Society (3))
Haldolium - Deagua (CD, Album, Dig) (Free Form)
Ibizarre - The Ambient Collection Vol. 5 (CD, Comp) (Warner Music UK Ltd.)
Infinity Project, The - Feeling Weird (CD, Album) (Substance)
Lunar Asylum - Lunar Asylum (CD, Album) (Phantasm Records, Phantasm Records)
Matthew Dear - Leave Luck To Heaven (CD, Album) (Spectral Sound)
Nick Taylor - Feel The Noyze (CD, Mixed, Comp) (Matsuri Productions)
Psyko Disko - Psycho Disco (CD) (Psy-Harmonics)
Shiva Chandra - Spicy Moments (CD, Album, Mixed, Dig) (Spirit Zone Recordings, Spirit Zone Recordings)
Star Sounds Orchestra - Psy*Force (CD, Album, Dig) (Spirit Zone Recordings)
Various - Air-Born (CD, Comp) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - Backroom Beats (CD, Comp) (Twisted Records)
Various - Backroom Beats 2 (CD, Comp) (Backroom Beats)
Various - Beyond Colour (CD, Comp) (TIP Records, TIP Records)
Various - Blue Room Released Vol: 1 - Outside The Reactor (CD, Comp) (Blue Room Released)
Various - Caribbean Eclipse (CD, Comp) (Flying Rhino Freestyle)
Various - Dementertainment (CD, Comp, Enh) (Twisted Records)
Various - Enlightenment (CD, Comp) (Koyote Records (2))
Various - Fifth Flight - Mælstrøm (CD, Comp) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - First Flight (CD, Comp) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - Fourth Flight - Velocity (CD, Comp) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - Limitless (CD, Comp) (Koyote Records (2))
Various - One³ (CD, Comp) (Qube)
Various - The Truth Of Communication (CD, Comp) (Matsuri Productions)
Various - Yellow (CD, Comp) (TIP Records)
X-Dream - The Best 1991-2001 (2xCD, Album, Comp) (Solstice Music Europe)
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