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Trance Forum » » Forum  Second Hand - sell old trance cds - many for 2.5 euro each - part 1
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sell old trance cds - many for 2.5 euro each - part 1


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Posted : Nov 16, 2011 18:54:25
if you see something you want mail me at:, thanks
c'mon help me out

for 2.5 euros each

Various - Tresor Compilation Vol. 7 (CD, Comp) (Tresor)
Various - Twelve (CD, Comp) (TIP.World, TIP.World) 2 support broken pins, otherwise perfect
Various - Ultrapop 2 (CD) (Fabularecords)
Various - Order Odonata Vol 5 (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records)
DJ Bim - High Times - Deep Psychedelic Diving (2xCD, Mixed) (ID&T Music Germany)
DJ Moran Shnitzer & Har-El Prussky - Untitled (CD) (Silence Marketing Company)
Drenan - French Plaisir 2 (CD, Comp) (Iono Music)
Hopefiend - Out Of Know-Ware (CD, Album, Dig) (Plusquam Records)
Ibizarre - The Ambient Collection Vol. 1 (CD, Album) (Warner Strategic Marketing (UK))
Ibizarre - The Ambient Collection Vol. 2 (CD) (Warner Strategic Marketing (UK))
Loopus In Fabula - Fat Ladies Bingo! (CD) (Fabularecords)
James Monro - James Monro EP (CDr, Single, Promo) (Flow Records)
James Monro - Nectar (CD, Mixed, Comp) (Tropical Beats Records)
Perfect Stranger - Free Cloud (CD, Album) (Iboga Records)
Psysex - Hardcore Blastoff (CD, Album) (HOM-Mega Productions, Phonokol)
Ram Dass & Kriece - Cosmix (CD, Album, Enh, Dig) (Waveform Records)
Marcus* - DigitalDJ - 00:00:01 (CD) (Digital Structures)
Magnat - Say Yes (CD, Album) (Qube)
Juno Reactor - Pistolero (CD, Maxi) (VIA Records)
Various - Amalgamated Amalgamation (CD, Comp) (HOM-Mega Productions)
Various - Absolute Threshold (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records)
Various - Download (CD, Comp, Dig) (3D Vision)
Various - LacedMilk Technologies (CD) (Qooki Records)
Various - Kamaflage (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records, Dragonfly Records)
Various - Single Cell Volume Two (CD, Comp) (Atomic Records)
Zodiacyouth* - Fast Forward The Future (CD, Maxi) (Warner Music UK Ltd., Warner Music UK Ltd.)
Tul - Anarchy (CD, Dig) (Tribal Records)
Quirk - The Sound (CD) (Plusquam Records)
S>Range - 2001 (CD, Album, Dig) (Spiral Trax)
Paul Brtschitsch - Memory (CD, Album, Mixed) (Frisbee Tracks)
Pogo (2) - Wingmakers (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records)
Maskalin - Way Of Life (CD, Album, Sli) (HOM-Mega Productions, Phonokol)
COP* - Urban Alien (CD, Album, Dig) (Velvet Inc., Nova Tekk)
Banel* & Emok - Set/5 - Summer Collection (CD, Comp) (Iboga Records)
Beat Bizarre - Pandoras Groove Box (CD, Album) (Iboga Records)
Sun Electric - Kitchen (CD, Album) (R & S Records)
Hardfloor - Respect (CD, Album) (Harthouse)
Krüger & Coyle - Randy Expander (CD, Album) (ACDC)

for 3.5 euros each

Element - Full Moon (CD, Album, Dig) (Spirit Zone Recordings, Spirit Zone Recordings)
Element - Transform (CD, Album, Dig) (Liquid Audio Soundz)
Johann Bley - Signs And Signals (CD, Album) (Sector, GTN (Global Trance Network))
Josh Wink - Profound Sounds Vol. 3 (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) (Thrive Records)
Maitreya - .74 (CD, Album, Dig) (Council Of Nine)
Maitreya - From The Mothership (CD, Album) (Council Of Nine)
Various - FX (CD, Comp) (Iboga Records)
B(if)tek - Sub-Vocal Theme Park (Acid Unravelled) (CD, Album) (Nephilim Records)
Acidrockers* - Mind Set (CD, Album) (Blue Room Released)
Various - Bubbled Up On Dub Vol One: Natural Progression (CD, Comp) (Gliss, Gliss)
Various - Chaishop 001 (CD, Comp) (Aries Tunes)
Various - Earthjuice - Volume 1 (CD, Comp) (Waveform Records)
Various - The Holotropic Mind (CD, Comp) (Nephilim Records)
Various - Touchin' Bass (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records)
Cwithe - Illegal (CD, Album) (Blue Room Released)
Ibizarre - The Winter Ambient Collection (CD, Album, Mixed) (Xtravaganza Recordings)
Various - Boa Trance - Vol.2 The Sha Ka Ree (CD, Comp) (BTM - Bochumer Ton Manufaktur)
Various - Magnox (CD, Comp) (Atomic Reactor)
Various - Neo Trance (2xCD, Comp) (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)

for 5 euros each

Space Tribe Continuum Vol.1 (2cd) SpaceTribeMusic
Space Tribe Continuum Vol.2 (2cd) SpaceTribeMusic
VA - Goa Classics 1 (1cd) Tip
Dj Slater* & Kaa* - Cabaret (CD, Comp) (Tribal Vision)
Aligning Minds - Universal Automation (CD, Album) (Beats & Pieces)
Acidlab - Route 303 (CD, Album) (Adodisc, Adodisc)
Eat Static - Implant (CD, Album) (Planet Dog, Planet Dog)
Elysium - Voodoo Witch (CD) (Nova Zembla)
Hallucinogen - In Dub - Live (CD, Album) (Twisted Records)
Genetic - We Are...Genetic (CD, Album) (Dragonfly Records)
Emok & Banel* - Nuance (CD, Comp) (Iboga Records, Iboga Records)
Menis - Temporary Insanity (CD, Album) (Koyote Records (2))
Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt - Panorama (CD, Album) (Terminal M)
Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt - Passengers (CD) (Terminal M)
MOS* - Drive (CD, Album) (d.Drum, Nova Tekk)
Psychopod - Dreampod (CD, Single) (TIP Records)
Various - A Better Life Through Chemistry (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records)
Various - Acid Flash Vol. III (2xCD, Comp) (Sub Terranean, Sub Terranean)
Matenda - Tunnel Vision (CD, Album) (Flow Records)
Tribal Tul - Inspired (CD, Album) (Tribal Records)
Various - Score (CD, Comp) (Aurinko Records)
Various - Therapy (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records)
Vibrasphere - Landmark (CD, Maxi) (Digital Structures)
Voodeux - The Paranormal (CD, Album) (Mothership)
Yuli Fershtat - Set/4 - Essentials (CD, Comp) (Iboga Records)
MOS* - Drive (CD, Album) (d.Drum, Nova Tekk)
Various - Order Odonata - The Technical Use Of Sound In Magick (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records)
Various - Order Odonata 4 (CD) (Dragonfly Records)
Various - Black Hole (CD, Comp) (Nephilim Records)
Various - Made On Earth (2xCD, Comp) (Blue Room Americas)
Various - Myosotis - Ambient Collection (CD, Comp, Dig) (Peyote Records)
Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Shamanic Trance - Dada Funk Mix By Tsuyoshi Suzuki (CD, Mixed) (Return To The Source, Volume)
Pathaan's Ibiza Playlist (1cd) 2010

for 7 euros

Biot - Saturation (CD, Album) (BTM - Bochumer Ton Manufaktur)
Eddie Mis - Rabbit Dream (CD, Album, Dig) (Acix Recordings)
Evan Marc - Emotional Ecology (CD, Album) (PsyBooty)
Maitreya - Telluric Waves (CD, Album, Dig) (Council Of Nine)
Prometheus - Robot.O.Chan (CD, Album) (Twisted Records)
Mark Allen - Trancentral Five - A Sonic Initiation (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) (Kickin Records)
Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Trancentral Four - A Trip To Goa (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) (Kickin Records)
Tarsis - Vacuum (CD, Album, Dig) (Spirit Zone Recordings)
Tegma - Encoded / Decoded (CD, Album) (Digital Structures)
Phony Orphants - Symphony (CD, Album) (Iboga Records)
Various - All Boundaries Are Illusion (CD, Comp) (21-3 Records)
Various - Another Taste Of Transient (2xCD, Comp)
Various - Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 1 (CD, Comp) (Interchill Records)
Various - Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 2 (CD, Comp) (Interchill Records)
Various - Halluci-Nations (CD, Comp, Dig) (TIP.World)
Various - Cornwall Eclipse - Shepherds Warning (CD, Comp) (Flying Rhino Freestyle)
X-Dream - The Frog (CD, Maxi) (Blue Room Released)
Various - Forever Psychedelic (CD, Comp) (Matsuri Productions)
Various - Re:Evolution IV - Essence (2xCD, Comp, Mixed, Dig) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - Infinite Excursions - Softer Psychedelic Sounds (CD, Comp) (TIP Records, TIP Records)
Various - Kiss The Future (CD, Comp) (Atomic Records)
Various - Trance Psyberdelic (CD, Comp) (Moonshine Music)
Nima Gorji - Welt Sounds Vol. 1 (CD, Comp, Mixed) (Ibizarre Records)
Organic Noise - Vacuum Tube (CD, Album) (Liquid Audio Soundz)
Various - Zen Lounge (CD, Comp) (Hypnotic Room)
System 7 / Derrick May - Mysterious Traveller (CD) (A-Wave)
Ticon - I Love You, Who Are You ? (2xCD, Album) (Iboga Records)

10 euros

Digital Sun - The Spiral Of Power (CD, Album) (Polytox Records, Polytox Records)
Etnica - Equator (CD, Album) (Spirit Zone Recordings)
Growling Mad Scientists* - The Growly Family (CD, Album) (TIP Records)
Killing Joke - Wardance - The Remixes (CD, Comp) (Dragonfly Records)
System 7 - Phoenix (CD, Album, Enh) (A-Wave)
Kinetico - Atmosphere (CD, Album) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - 8th Flight - Gravitation (CD, Comp) (Flying Rhino Records)
Solar Sides - Ibiza House Floor (CD, Album) (Immaculate Ibiza Records)
Various - Goa Räume Vol. 1 - A Journey Into Psychedelic Trance (2xCD, Comp) (ID&T Music Germany)
Various - Fill Your Head With Phantasm III - Future Psychedelic Trance (CD, Comp) (Phantasm Records)
Various - Endangered Species (CD, Comp + CD, Comp, Mixed) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - Psychedelic Vibes 2 (CD, Comp) (Trust In Trance Records, Phonokol)
Various - Pulse 7 - The 7th Stage (2xCD, Comp, Dig) (Sub Terranean, Sub Terranean, Sub Terranean)
Various - Sacred Sites (2xCD, Comp + Box) (Return To The Source, Positiva)
Various - Something For The Weekend... ? (CD, Comp + CD, Comp, Mixed) (Flying Rhino Records)
Various - Tantrance 3 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance (2xCD, Comp, Dig) (Sub Terranean, Sub Terranean)
System 7 - Seventh Wave (CD, Album) (A-Wave)
Alien Soap Opera - Second Wave (CD, Album) (Electric M.E.L.T.)
Lenny ibizarre Selected sessions (2cd) - ibizarre records

Trance Forum » » Forum  Second Hand - sell old trance cds - many for 2.5 euro each - part 1
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