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[SEA][01/24] Infected Mushroom, Gavin, Kri.. and more!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 15, 2003 23:25
Syndicate Recordings and Lovetribe are proud to present the return of two of the most influential figures in the international psychedelic trance scene. Let's welcome them back for another mind altering, life changing, foot stomping performance!

.: Main Room (Psychedelic Trance) :.

(Universal, BNE Records - Israel)

Infected Mushroom are Erez Aizen and Amit Duvdevani (also known as Duvdev). This duo from Israel has rocked the trance world with each album release. Their "Gathering" album occupies a place in the "most played trance album" list and is the perfect starting point for any new hard psytrance. With the album "BP Empire", they have improvised a new soundscape and shown why they are among the top trance acts ever. The recent release of the Birthday EP (with Barry Sakharof), was only a teaser of their ingenuity and inventiveness with trance music, incorporating guitars and fluid vocals.

With the release of "Converting Vegetarians", this israeli duo go a few steps beyond the standard and cough up not only classical pieces but also a harsh, funky and acidic flavour, making their trance journey an aural blast far surpassing the norm. They create a massively funkadelic atmosphere complete with experimental twangs, twists and ambient noises which play alongside deep bass and frantic beats. add in acidic flavour for another unusual but highly entertaining take on the electronic / trance genre.

(Spectra - New York, NY)

Gavin began DJing in 1998. He was convinced to attend a dance party in Western Massachusetts. After an amazing night of music he ordered turntables and began to collect progressive trance. In December of that same year Gavin organized his first dance party. After a few years of practicing his skills, Gavin began to play out, and also began to play psychedelic trance. In the year 2000, Gavin moved to New York city to continue his DJing and to organize psy-trance events.

By 2002, Gavin was exploring more progressive sounds. He went forward with this style, opting for music with more natural rythms and groovier basslines. Playing alongside some of the masters of the progressive sound was a big influence. Inspired by artists like Son Kite and Vibrasphere, Gavin developed as a DJ and began to travel more frequently for gigs. Gigs in Mexico, Denmark, Germany, and Brazil provided Gavin with some international exposure. Continuing to play in New York and Boston, Gavin looks forward to upcoming gigs in Europe and Morocco.

(T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi - Asheville NC)

Kri is the dj who never ceases to amaze with his ability to tap into the moment and play exactly what is fuckin¹ right. Right, that is, if you like your Trance tracks like a tidal wave, like a werewolf¹s howl, like a sandblaster bursting open your third eye.

As he comes across quiet and somewhat reserved in person, one would not, at first, realize that Kri is on a mission, a serious quest to bring Psychedelic Trance music to the people, and to bring the people to a state of enlightenment in the process. Caught up in the party scene of the 90¹s and gaining a reputation for his skills in mixing breakbeat and scratching, Kri left it all behind to pursue full-time the haunting promise Goa trance laid out for him. Now, he has single handedly created a devout Trance family in a tiny, southern town that had previously never heard of any such thing, orchestrating parties and gatherings whose emphasis is holistic, about the music and the magic, never getting lost in the hype or the egocentrism of the business. Starting to build a body of his own compositions, edgy pieces demanding the listener to recognize Trance¹s primal roots, Kri is showing himself as an incredibly dedicated Goa Trance musician and dj. More and more, his skills are being pursued in places all over the country, and I¹ll venture a reason why.

To listen to Kri play is to remember our legacy as spiritual beings with tumultuous desires, with an innate need to pound our feet into the Earth to raise our prayers to the heaven...on the dance floor that translates to his creating all-consuming, orgiastic rituals of dance where he pushes you past your limits to a place beyond a ³good party² or a ³great time,² but to a place where you can capture a glimpse of a future in which the primal and the technological fuse to bring us a passionate and fulfilling existence on a planet that survives.

(Phantasm, Organix Productions - Vancouver, BC)

Chris has been djing since the age of 13. Starting off in Victoria, doing a punk radio show on CFUV, the local University Radio station. The founding member of Organix. Chris is a no compromise dj, playing full on energy music. Best known for his quirky samples and ridiculous buildups, always rying to take things were you don't expect them to go. He is a label DJ for Phantasm Records and will be playing some of his original tracks (which are created under the name Aya).

(CybeReaction - Seattle, WA)

"Theory in Motion" is the up and coming Seattle duo born to blow your mind. Consisting of Danny James and Dillin Quent, the two have plans to release their first album this summer 2004. With influences like Violet Vision, Hybrid, and other psychedelic breakbeat masters, these guys are sure to rawk their hometown!!!

.: Simulcast Room (Techno, Breaks, Progressive) :.

During Infected Mushroom's Live and DJ performance, the audio and video from the main room will be simulcast downstairs. Since main room space is limited, we thought that this would be an excellent way for everyone to experience the magic!

Supporting acts include:

(The Collective Conscious, TRWicked - Seattle, WA)

(Stylus Grooves - Eugene, OR)

(Lovetribe - Seattle, WA)

(Seattle, WA)

.: Downbeat Room (Ambient, Experimental) :.

(Obscura - Seattle, WA)

(The Bermuda Triangle - Seattle, WA)

(Open Eye Productions - Seattle, WA)

(Ashland, OR)

.: Chickenhed Coop :.

(Chickenhed - Location Unknown)

today at warp speed the hellalocust swarms invaded my brains and we wiggled our ways to find true effervescence. debbie gibson was there holding on to your bandaids. the master of puppets is us and we are licking our wounds as debbie gibson vaporizez a puddle of grease to reserve her place in heaven.the memory of ourselves is all we have until we forget eachother. the senses is sunburned. stuffed aminal underoos. we the locust eating chicken hed, will devour eachothers love of another. digested within our smells. our colostomy carrion do not fit in the overhead bins so we will arise, over to our all around us is the forgotten technlogies of the chic ghetto and all that it ever blasted. our perpetual exorcism as it were. connected to the pulse or slaphappi maddness and offering so much more than the wiped clean botomlessness of the unborn tomorrows that they all fondle of they cheese monkey epileptic dick yank. fuck em. what's to understand of this? or is it yours to know?

.: Information :.

LOCATION: Washington Hall (The Hall) 153 14th Ave
HOURS: 9 PM to ~5AM
PRICE: $15 LIMITED PRESALE. $20 thereafter. $25 at the door.

INFO LINE: 206-339-POOP (7667)



More information, including purchase outlets will also appear here soon.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 15, 2003 23:27
Here are some pictures from last year:
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  10
Posts :  81
Posted : Dec 16, 2003 23:23
aw cmon i would have hoped to see a response from one of the mods by now
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Dec 17, 2003 02:08
          "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
Apocalypse Now
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 17, 2003 03:39
welcome back Nick.

Nice lineup you put together           Both teams played hard
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Dec 17, 2003 04:20
Nick, sounds like a good time is about to had by all who will be lucky to attend this.           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
future funk
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 17, 2003 05:25
nice pics man
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 17, 2003 09:07

On 2003-12-17 03:39, Apocalypse Now wrote:
welcome back Nick. Nice lineup you put together


sorry for just disappearing.. nice to know i was missed *sniff*
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 17, 2003 09:10

On 2003-12-17 05:25, future funk wrote:
nice pics man

thanks! they were actually taken by the guy who is going to do visuals this time around.

all those effects are done with the camera.. no digital retouching whatsoever.

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Posted : Dec 17, 2003 19:28
Hey Nick,
Good Luck on this...
Looks amazing.. Wish I could be there for this amazing party!
Seen Infected Mushroom 3-4 times now but they always are better and better each show!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 22, 2004 19:16
yes it was a great show last may(props Nick!) and its gonna be a great show this saturday!! i'm super psyched.

btw- i'm really happy its on a saturday this time too...i'm glad it worked out that way

though i suppose it doesnt really matter...IM is playing al over the states this week...they are infecting the continent!! hope all you fellow stateside trancers have/will enjoy!!

peace           gotta have the wiggy AND the wonky
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