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Trance Forum » » Forum  Greece - * Sat. 24 Sept. GrooveStar Fest 2011 - LIQUID SOUL - KRAMA - VAISHIYAS - FABIO+MOON
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* Sat. 24 Sept. GrooveStar Fest 2011 - LIQUID SOUL - KRAMA - VAISHIYAS - FABIO+MOON

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 10, 2011 09:00:48
*** Saturday 24 September 2011 CamoFlash proudly presenst. ***

---- GROOVESTAR fest 2011 4 international live act 3 locals dj s ----

----- at Mylos Apothiki Thessaloniki Adreoou Georgiou 56 (Sfageia Area) -----

--> 4 International Live acts

---- LIQUID SOUL ----

---- Live & dj set -----

---- Iboga records ----

About Liquid Soul:
Nicola Capobianco, based in switzerland, became already at an early age addicted to the magic of electronic music. He started playing progressive trance in the end of 1993. After many years of djing and producing, he has played and performed on big raves next to people like Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren etc. etc. In 2001, he decided to start a new project and Liquid Soul was born.
After many releases on top labels and playing in brasil, japan, mexico, uk, germany, greece, israel, portugal, belgium, austria, hungary, italy...., the long awaited debut album of Liquid Soul, released on Iboga Records, hits the street in 2006 and was the best selling album in the progressive scene in this year. With perfectly produced pumping tunes he rocked the progressive dance floors all over the globe. It’s a milestone in the Iboga records catalogue.
In the same year he started together with his friend martin the company mikrokosmos. They running now an online shop for progressive trance and chillout music ((mikrokosmos-music)) and also a record label ((mikrokosmos-records)).

------- KRAMA ---------

-------- Live -----------

-- Spintwist records --

About Krama :
Behind Krama Project are Greek duo Dimitris Violitzis and Elias Garanis. They start producing progressive trance music in 2001 after a lot of experiments in various styles, including experimental, i.d.m., classical etc. Dimitris Violitzis is music technologist,sound designer,and programmer and also running his solo downtempo experimental project Tau.T.C. and progressive house project Randay. Elias Garanis has various studies in music theory. Since the age of 9 he's on accordeon and piano playing and from the age of 16 he has start to compose his own concerts. Both known each other at high school where they met the electronic music world and start experiment. Krama's main vision is to create another style of music accessible to every ear, independently of his music background. The word Krama is Greek and means the mix of two metals which we translate as two different opinions that can be mixed to give one unique result that you can hear in the most known labels of Trance scene such Zillion Mental Anarchy, Yellow Sunshine Explotion, Spitwist Records, Vertikal Records, Savva Records and Midijum Records. Their debut album "Terra Nova" released in summer 08 from Vertikal Records.
The second album "After the Rain" is out now from Spin Twist Records!

------ VAISHIYAS ---------

--------- Live -----------

-- Spintwist records --

About Vaishiyas:
It was 1999. With a proper portion of guitar music in his back, Hannes Klitta suddenly discovered a new passion: Producing electronic dance music. His sudden enthusiasm was triggered by the hypnotic crunch of that certain rocking chair: The track Schaukelstuhl perfectly represented the bouncing and extremely creative sound of the “Hamburg school”, which became a major influence. Just one year later a first Vaishiyas release hit the scene. The fact, that this one was nothing less than a full length album which was released on the renowned Progressive Trance label Jum Jam Records gave a meaningful hint about the creative potential of this artist. And so it is no surprise that Vaishiyas nowadays is regarded as a guarantor for intelligent and pushing Progressive Trance of simply highest quality.

----- FABIO & MOON ------

--------- Live ----------

-- Spintwist records --

About Fabio & Moon :

--> 3 locals djs acts

------- KREON ---------

------- Dj set ----------

---- CamoFlash -------

About Kreon :
Leading member of CamoFlash crew,started his career mixing at parties in Thessaloniki since 1998 .Very soon he was known as one of the most famous DJs in Greece due to his ability of mixing tracks with a very special style,KREON is the half part of the newcoming project ‘NEOMATIC’ most known in countries like Denmark,Germany,Sweden where he has perfomed several time as a DJ

------ DJANE ZOI --------

------- Dj set ----------

---- free frequency -----

About Djane Zoi:
Djane Zoi grew up and lives in Thessaloniki-GR. Over some years ago she had an undeniable love for music. She took that passion and began to collect electronica music!! During her studies in Business administration & International Marketing she was involved in many events-festivals around Greece as promotional manager-stage manager-bookings etc.Her work and dedication led her to promote her own events. Free Frequency was founded in Nov. 2004 with strictly progressive trance style. Free Frequency events had and continue to have great success hosting various artists from prog. trance scene. Having perfected the art of rocking parties, Zoi used to mix for fun...but 2 years now she got more in to it and found a way to express all the energy she has inside. She counts several gigs beside famous artists of our scene. Her sets are a variety of soft vs hard progressive trance tunes that get more aggressive after hours...Her motto is plug-in prOgress...plug-in life!! In 2010 she become part of Tesseract Studio!!

-------- TASH ---------

------- Dj set --------

---- Movement rec -----

About Tash:
Tassos Papagiannoulis aka Tash has been one of the main representatives progressive sounds of Greece.. Born & raised in Veria (GR) in 1984, he grew up surrounded by music and art-forms in general. He spinned his first vinyl in the late ‘90s and since ’00 he’s been rocking from dancefloors of the major events & top clubs in Greece and other European countries like Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Kosovo, to big dance music festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), Aurora Festival (GR), Butterfly Dance Festival (GR), SeeMe (BG), Baracuda Openair (KS), ao.. In 2004 he launched DJ Movement Productions!/tash-music

More Info:

- doors open 00:o0
- Sound by DSound
- robotics light & lazer show
- visuals show by D-Sound team
- Presale ticket fee 20
- Presale points
* NO MORE D.Gounari 23 Nauarino
* BUBBLEGUM A.Papandreou 147 Neapoli
-Entrance fee at the door 25 EURO
-30 kw JBL sound system
-no under 18
-two Bar Spots
-Friendly Security
-1200 People Capacity



IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 10, 2011 09:02

IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  55
Posts :  295
Posted : Sep 10, 2011 09:04

Free Frequency
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 12, 2011 01:25
Kilaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!           Djane Zoi
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 20, 2011 12:44

Trance Forum » » Forum  Greece - * Sat. 24 Sept. GrooveStar Fest 2011 - LIQUID SOUL - KRAMA - VAISHIYAS - FABIO+MOON
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