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Trance Forum » » Forum  Greece - Sat.11 February -- TIME IN MOTION -- GAUDIUM -- MIDIMAL-- Mylos Apothiki
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Sat.11 February -- TIME IN MOTION -- GAUDIUM -- MIDIMAL-- Mylos Apothiki

Free Frequency
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 22, 2012 00:26:10
SATURDAY 11.2.2012 Free Frequency & Camoflash join forces and proudly present

-> 3 International Live acts


------ live & dj set ------

------ Iono Music -------

About Time In Motion:
The danish progressive project Time in Motion, was created in 2008, and have since the begining pushed themselves to the limit to produce some atmospheric, melodic, punping progressive tracks, that have gained peoples attention arround the world. In 2009 Time in Motion was on the list of the hottest new progressive names on the scene, which opened the door to the future, following up with many successful releases and live performances. After releasing their first digital Ep "Audio Gigolo" it was clear that the project was a name to look out for in the future. Since they started performing their live set in 2009, they have performed at many great events from small private partys to big events like, Fusion Festival - Psy. Circus - Aurora - VuuV - Hadra Festival - Solstice Festival - Atmosphere festival - Elektronisk Karneval Copenhagen - Schwarzlichtmilieu, etc. Further more they have had great success traveling around in Brazil on tours and played at amazing event's and festival's like, Universo Paralello - Kaballah - Alien Trip - Mandallah - Alliance - Prog Vision, etc. The two brothers from Time in Motion (Leslie & Thomas Cowan) are now ready with a brand new studio, in which they will focus on creating their long awaited album, aswell as many other compilations and EP releases, in the near future.

------- GAUDIUM -------

------ live & dj set ------

-----Iboga Records ----

About Gaudium:
2004 was the year that two old friends, Andreas and Denis, decided to hit the studio to have some fun. After a couple of days the first tune was created and they were both very happy with the result. They decided to continue making music together and so Gaudium was born. Gaudium is the Latin word for satisfaction which is basically what music should be to the ears.
The year after the album was released turned out to be a very productive time for Gaudium and they released tracks on labels like Flow, Plusquam, Sinn-Tech and Yellow Sunshine Explosion. Remixes on tracks by artists like Ace Ventura, Sensifeel, Visua and Symphonix were also made.
Gaudium creates music that can be described as progressive psychedelic trance with elements of both house and techno. This attracts an audience that is used to the sounds of Spiral Trax, Iboga and Digital Structures as well as the crowd that are more familiar with harder progressive house such as Marc O’Tool and Krüger & Coyle.
In 2006 after the sad news that Spiral Trax label group stopped existing Gaudium went back to the studio to focus on not going down with the ship. A new album started to take shape and a record deal with the highly respected Danish label Iboga was made.

------- MIDIMAL --------

------ live & dj set ------

--- Echoes Records ----

About Midimal:
Music is one of the greatest passions in Christian Merkis life. At a very young age the raw talent of this Swiss native is quickly revealed and he goes on to study the secrets of classical music education. At around 16 years of age, Chris discovers the electronic beat and starts exploring the digital art of music. Soon he begins buying vinyl records and embarks on a mixing journey as dj. In no time he gets noticed by promoters and plays in the biggest national clubs and spectacular festivals attended by thousands of people.
Midimal has an impressive chain of releases on labels like Neurobiotic, BlueTunes, Synergetic, Daam, Yellow Sunshine Explosions, Room 31, Moonloop. Besides his main project, Christian’s most recent side projects include the slick progressive act “Next” (BlueTunes ) and the psychedelic-trance act “Lucy” ( FrakaSound). He has played in many countries, sofar in Mexico, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Italy just to name a few. Currently he is signed with Echoes Records and is preparing his second artist album, due in 2009.

--> 3 locals djs acts

------- KREON ---------

------- Dj set ----------

---- CamoFlash -------

About Kreon :
Leading member of CamoFlash crew,started his career mixing at parties in Thessaloniki since 1998 .Very soon he was known as one of the most famous DJs in Greece due to his ability of mixing tracks with a very special style,KREON is the half part of the newcoming project NEOMATIC most known in countries like Denmark,Germany,Sweden where he has perfomed several time as a DJ

------ DJANE ZOI --------

------- Dj set ----------

---- free frequency -----

About Djane Zoi:
Djane Zoi grew up and lives in Thessaloniki-GR. Over some years ago she had an undeniable love for music. She took that passion and began to collect electronica music!! During her studies in Business administration & International Marketing she was involved in many events-festivals around Greece as promotional manager-stage manager-bookings etc.Her work and dedication led her to promote her own events. Free Frequency was founded in Nov. 2004 with strictly progressive trance style. Free Frequency events had and continue to have great success hosting various artists from prog. trance scene. Having perfected the art of rocking parties, Zoi used to mix for fun...but 2 years now she got more in to it and found a way to express all the energy she has inside. She counts several gigs beside famous artists of our scene. Her sets are a variety of soft vs hard progressive trance tunes that get more aggressive after hours...Her motto is plug-in prOgress...plug-in life!! In 2010 she become part of Tesseract Studio!!

------- NEXON -------

------- Dj set ---------

---- Iono records ---

About Nexon:
He has always been passionate with music and at young age he discovered trance music and the scene.After a short bedroom dj career, he started playing in big and small indoor and outdoor parties & festivals His sets offer a mixture of psygroove and progressive sounds ... During this period he is playing as a label dj for IONO music (based in Germany) and at the same time he is getting ready for his first steps in his own music production under the name Headshell.Also he is writing reviews for the most well known magazine in electronic music in Greece ( FREEZE ) about upcoming releases in the word of progressive trance ... In November 2007, dj Nexon compiled his first compilation in Headstick rec., VA Gourmet Vol.2 and in july 2009 he compiled his second compilation, VA Genetic Drift in IONO music !!!

--------- GOIU ----------

--------- Dj set ----------

---- free frequency -----

About Goiu:

----- NEWMAN -----

------- Dj set -------

---- CamoFlash ----

About Newman:

- doors open 00:00
- Sound by DSound
- robotics light & lazer show
- visuals show by D-Sound team
- Presale ticket fee 15 euro !!!!!!!!!!
- Presale points
* NO MORE D.Gounari 23 Nauarino
* BUBBLEGUM A.Papandreou 147 Neapoli
- Entrance fee at the door 20 euro
- 40 kw AudioPerfomance sound system
- no under 18
- two Bar Spots
- 1200 People Capacity



----------------------- We Are The PPL Of The DAWN ----------------------------
          Djane Zoi

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Posted : Jan 25, 2012 09:34
Time in Motion? yeaaa!! 
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 31, 2012 22:52
we are the ppl of the dawn 

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Posted : Jan 31, 2012 22:56
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 11, 2012 10:23
‎Good day to all the big day for the this great event had come so everythink is ready to welcome ---- We Are The PPL Of The Dawn ----
** -Sound -Deco -Visual and more
Noone miss this great audiovisual openair experience
*** TONIGHT Sat 11 February -- TIME IN MOTION -- GAUDIUM -- MIDIMAL -- at Block 33

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