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Samsara Festival 2010

Lexvib Productions

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Posted : Jul 21, 2010 03:48:19
- Samsara Festival 2010 -
03,04,05,06 e 07 de Setembro
Fazenda Cabeceira do Lobo
Br 452 Km 150
Uberlândia - Minas Gerais


28 (Vagalume Records)
Altruism (Vagalume Records)
Analog Drink (Vagalume Records)
Avalon (Nano Records)
Burn in Noise (Alchemy Records)
Counter Culture (Free Spirit Records)
Day Din (Spintwist Records)
Dopped (Cosmic Conspiracy Records)
Dreads Control (Mind Tweakers Records)
E.V.P (Wild Things Records)
Fungoloyds (Ayauma Records)
Hypernoise (MBR Artists Management)
Jumpers (Vagalume Records)
Kriminal Groove (Cosmic Conspiracy Records)
Kronic (24/7 Media/Free Spirit Records)
Labirinto (Vagalume Records)
Minimal Criminal (Cosmic Conspiracy Records)
Reality Grid (Wild Things Records)
Smoke Ship (Mind Funk Records)
Stereografic (Mind Funk Records)
Sychotria (Bootshwara Records)
Swarup's Brain (Vagalume Records)
Tacit (Planet BEN Records)
Telepatic (Antu Records)
The First Stone (Vagalume Records)
Whiptongue (Looney Moon Records)
Will O'Wisp (Dark Prisma Records)
Xpiral (Vagalume Records)



Ahdi (PsyUfo-D.F)
Aseel (Spectrohmarts)
Azyz (Vagalume Records)
Boteon (Noise Poison/Antimateria Records)
Caramashi (Fiction-G.O)
Chicodelico (Flipout-D.F)
Ekanta (Vagalume Records)
Deustch (4 a.m)
Diego Salgado (Ayauma Records)
Fábio Leal (Zenon Records)
Giaco (Flipout/Samsara)
Gui (Hadra Records)
Ine vs. Korpse (Rebirth-S.P)
Janczur (Auraquake Records)
Kali (Sounds Of Earth)
Magnori (Mind Tweakers Records)
Matt (MMD Records)
Max Grillo (Vagalume Records)
Miague (Psyrev/Samsara)
Moya (Ayauma Records)
Neuronom (Ayauma Records)
Neto (Factory/Undertech)
Pateta (Vagalume Records)
Pin (Planet BEN Records)
Pancho (Free Spirit Records)
Pedrão (Vagalume Records)
Rodrigo Prado (Spectrohmarts)
Ronaldo (Samsara)
Shove (Alchemy Records )
Sutemi (Temple Twisted Records)
Thatha (Vagalume Records)
Udama (Ayauma Records)
Vinney (Mind Tweakers Records)
Vinnixx (Free Spirit Records/ FFT)
Sarto (Antu Records)
Swarup (Vagalume Records)
Wolf (Ayauma Records/Samsara)
Xamã (Vagalume Records)
Xorex (Ayauma Records)
Zumbi (Vagalume Records)
.:: VINNIX ::.

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Posted : Jul 21, 2010 14:24
Can’t wait to back to Samsara again... last year was amazing, so this year it won’t be different… My best wishes for this one!!           Dj Vinnix (Brasil).
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 30, 2010 03:35
Lets see if they do something fresh this year.

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Posted : Aug 4, 2010 19:30
samsara festival...its saving psytrance scene in our area...keep psychedelic!!!
all the best for lexvibe productions..and samsara crew..
waiting for..
LETS BLAST.           Working with difficult psychedelic night expreriences.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 25, 2010 00:02
will rock miagueeeee i wish u the best and i hope see u soon i will go to brasil in october i hope see u there big hugs amigo

all the best


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Posted : Aug 26, 2010 22:30
Best of luck to Samsara Crew!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 9, 2010 20:22
Yes! This looks like it will be a very special gathering indeed           {':' }Deep Fryer/Squirmtronix{ ':'}
["0,c]Global DAT/Adama Recs/Esoteric Gen[c,0"]

Started Topics :  193
Posts :  3858
Posted : Sep 12, 2010 01:32
You meant this in the past right?

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