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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Sacred Earth Open-Air 2013 ** June 7, 8, 9 ** Wisconsin USA
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Sacred Earth Open-Air 2013 ** June 7, 8, 9 ** Wisconsin USA

The Chilluminati

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Posted : Apr 10, 2013 17:51:35
The Chilluminati Present, in our 8th year:

Sacred Earth Open-Air 2013


June 7th, 8th and 9th 2013 in Central Wisconsin
Sacred Earth is created as a Cosmic Condensate in which our Music, Motion, Light and Love form a sacred structure in space and Time... a microcosmic celebration of the Infinite.

We invite all to come dance, relax, join our community workshops and explore the wonder under the sun, moon and stars for 3 days and 2 nights.

We provide 2 stages of sound and light, 525 acres of natural beauty for a weekend-long retreat in addition to a 5 acre spring fed lake, 2 campground areas in woodlands and meadows, running water, bathrooms, hot showers, and full vending.

Featuring Live Music from:

Tron (Mexico) - Liquid Records

Chromatone (Australia) - Nano Records

Aligning Mind (NC/MD) Gravitas Records

Kabayun (NY) - Looney Moon Records

Justincaseboy (DJ Mist) (TX)

Smoke (NY) - Flappers Records &

Primordial Ooze (WI/IL) AntiShanti/ D.A.R.K Records

Grapheme (IL)

West Town Massive (IL)

Spycht (IA)

Aktif (IA)

Dfectv (WI)

El Chill (MN)

Ascension (CO)

Live Visual Performances:
The Paka Paka Lightshow
VJ eNdo (CO) Stimulate Productions
VJ Julee Wooley (IL)

With DJ Sets from:

Krikett (NC)
Xipil (CA)
Mayur (NY)
Paradigm (CO)
Sinestalien (AR)
Alexander (CO)
Kataphasis (TX)
Tinnitus (TX)
Lotus Sutra (TX)
Intertg - (CO)
Destro (WI)
Amritaji (WI)
Chemical Psynapse (IL)
Dark Jesus (MN)
Jagno Gaia (MN)
JunJuar (IL)
Kurt Johnson (MN)
Luminous Samael (WI)
Samyaza (MN)
The Gimp (WI)
Wyatt Agard (WI)
Energon (IL)
Holographic by Nature (WI)
Koru (IL)
Machi (WI)
ProPsyLes (WI)
PsychoHazzard (IL)
Shai (MI)

WE PROVIDE: 2 stages of sound and light, 3 days of camping in a beautiful natural environment (rain or shine), running water, bathrooms and hot showers, full vending (including alcohol for those 21+).

YOU PROVIDE: a tent, enough food and beverages for the weekend (or some cash - food and beverages will be available for sale), NO GLASS, NO DRUGS, NO PETS, NO FIREWOOD (firewood can be purchased on-site). Please respect the venue by keeping the grounds free of litter. **This is a LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT** (yes, this includes beverage containers and cigarette butts!) Become part of the community. Help the planet, and help us. Pick up after yourself. Leave the site, and our reputation as a community, better than you found it.
Get Involved! Chilluminati member Koru will be organizing workshops at this event! Please join the discussion
Come join with us this year by helping us to invoke the Five Elements:

Earth - our beautiful new party location near Black River Falls is known and loved by many

Air - The Music, both Psychedelic Trance and Chill/Downtempo/Ambient, is the air we breathe

Fire - Deco in three Dimensions: Art, Light, Projection. As well as Fire and Kinetic performances.

Water - Healers, the psychedelic people, the ambiance, community, the beautiful something that you can't put your finger on...

Spirit - the Unseen, the Energy Field, Imaginal Realm Manifest


-Fire and dance performances
-Close encounters of the first, second, and third kinds
-Mindblowing UV deco installations both on stage... and off...
-Growth workshops; commune with your fellow psy-goers and learn something in the process!
-Interstellar space travel
-Much, much, more!

June 7, 8, 9 RAIN or SHINE; gate opens at NOON on Friday (no registrations can be accepted before that time).

We've secured a beautiful, new venue located near Pigeon Falls, Wisconsin. Please help us respect the land, its owners, and the community by leaving the venue in the same (if not better) condition than we found it. Venue details will be released closer to the event.

Sacred Earth Open-Air 2013 is *NOT* taking place at Camp NCN.

Sacred Earth Open-Air is a LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT.

Visit to purchase pre-sales

The Chilluminati

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Posted : Apr 10, 2013 17:52
Mighty-Quinn Rec
Mighty Quinn Rec

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Posted : Apr 11, 2013 13:50
Ola Scot n Igor, whats up bros!!! long time no see!! How are you chilluminating???
get in touch amigosss!!!! BamBam 
V/A "Eye of the Beholder" - Out Now!
V/A "Back to the Mothership" - Out Now!

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Posted : Apr 17, 2013 06:59
Any carpools from Atlanta?
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Sacred Earth Open-Air 2013 ** June 7, 8, 9 ** Wisconsin USA
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